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Do you want to establish an IT infrastructure with budget constraints to achieve the efficient performance of business operations? Server Basket is the best platform to choose your required servers based on the business needs. We sell various refurbished and recent servers from popular brands, including IBM, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, etc. The servers provide enhanced and effective business outcomes as they are certified and tested through multiple technologies. You can opt for customized configurations of servers to meet your specific goals. We provide servers that suit running databases and virtualized applications to deliver high availability and uptime without compromising security. The embedded spare parts of servers are also tested through various testing procedures to ensure that they should provide optimum performance. We also facilitate the servers to support private cloud applications that assure data security and zero downtime. You can avail of pre-sales support and technical support services without paying

Choose From New and Refurbished Servers

Server Basket offers a wide range of latest and refurbished servers, such as Dell R620, Dell PowerEdge R840, HP ProLiant DL385 Gen10, IBM M3 Tower server, etc. The refurbished servers undergo multiple rigorous testing methodologies and are available at feasible costs with increased performances. The new servers are readily configured and dispatched once you order your required server.

Customize Configurations Based on Your Requirement

At Server Basket, you can purchase all kinds of servers, including rack, tower, and blades with customized configurations. Every business requires specific needs like resource capacity and performance level that may change with time. We provide customized solutions for both new and existing servers at affordable prices to meet the business activities and achieve the goals effectively.

Suitable Options for Virtualization and Database Applications

We facilitate the servers that are the ideal choice for database and VDI applications. They provide high-end performance with reliability and 100% uptime. These servers are hosting on the data centres to ensure security and network connectivity. We assure you that you will experience 100% availability and unlimited bandwidth no matter how many user profiles are included in the VDI systems.

Quality Tested by Certified by SB

Server Basket assures that it sells certified servers from leading brands like IBM, Fujitsu, Dell, HP, etc. Before configuring the servers, we perform multi-level testing processes, including speed, reliability, performance, flexibility, etc. The servers will be added to the list of sales once all tests are cleared completely. We test them once again before delivering them to the destination location.

Configured with Multilevel Tested Spares

Server Basket provides quality products only to provide optimized performance for business applications. We make sure that the servers’ spare parts go through multiple stringent testing procedures. We test the spare parts thoroughly based on different environmental conditions and parameters. Integrating the certified and well-tested spares with the servers provides excellent performance and durability with little maintenance.

Affordable Servers On Premise Private Cloud

Are you looking for servers to store the data applications on the private cloud? You can buy the cloud servers that can be deployed at your premises to ensure maximum security for your data. The in-house private cloud servers can help to retain your business-critical data with security. They deliver power-packed performance to keep running the application without interruptions.

Free Pre Sales & Tech Support

Our pre-sales support team is provided proper technical guidance to choose the right system with scalable and storage requirements. We help in configuring the server in such a way that it should perform well. We offer expert technical support to solve customer queries instantly and efficiently. Our technical team is available 24/7 to assist in ensuring the proper functionality.