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Why Should I Choose an AMD Processor?

The cutting-edge AMD processors carry the potential to revolutionize your data center. These processors can efficiently adapt to both the traditional and emerging workloads. Choosing an AMD processor can elevate your business productivity by providing a performance boost. It offers enhanced security features, and fast performance for HPC, enterprise, and cloud workloads. The new AMD processor has broad ecosystem support that comes at a very cost efficient price.

AMD Processor Price Table:

Processor ModelClock SpeedCoresvCPUsCachePrice
AMD EPYC 74022.8 GHz2448128MB
  • AED. 1,812/-
AMD EPYC 75422.92 GHz3264128MB
  • AED. 3,361/-
AMD EPYC 7351P2.4GHz163264MB
  • AED. 698/-
AMD EPYC 75022.5GHz3264128MB
  • AED. 4,720/-
AMD EPYC 77422.25GHz64128256 MB
  • AED. 10,030/-

Enhanced Performance for Various Workloads

AMD processors provide you with the best return on investment on your IT needs. Within minimum costs, they offer improved I/O performance, more memory, higher bandwidth, and better energy efficiency. The fast processor speed for read/write tasks and accelerated compute density with more cores allow enhanced performance for a wide variety of workloads. It can enable the servers in overcoming performance constraints and provide optimum support for power-hungry workloads.

Acceleration for Business-critical Database Solutions

AMD EPYC processors offer high core density, thus delivering faster time-to-value for the various business-critical databases and applications. With stronger processing capabilities, they provide breakthrough per-core performance. Accelerated computation helps to solve complex tasks, faster. AMD EPYC processors power VMs more robustly and also protect them better against various security threats.

enhanced performance for various workloads
advanced security features

Low Power Consumption

AMD processors can drive greater energy efficiency, presenting a unique opportunity to reduce energy bills. With increased CPU core density, the processor can help the server achieve higher workload volumes to reduce power consumption. Thus, it helps businesses to embrace sustainability and meet efficiency-related goals. AMD is now allowing enterprises to prepare for the future.

Advanced Security Features

AMD secure processors are integrated with secure encrypted virtualization (SEV) to mitigate risks. The end-to-end AMD EPYC security allows your data center to resist sophisticated attacks. So, you can better focus on AI acceleration and HPC workloads without putting your sensitive data at risk. AMD’s advanced security features can help the server defend itself against both external and internal threats. Hence, it will not impact the server’s performance.

Compatibility with Popular Server Brands

AMD processors show much compatibility with the popular server brands. They seamlessly support Dell and HPE servers. The latest lineup in the Dell PowerEdge series, including PowerEdge R7515, PowerEdge R6515, PowerEdge R6525, PowerEdge C6525, and HPE DL385 Gen10 and DL385 Gen10 Plus, among others are embedded with the AMD processors, that allow high-performance clusters with much lower latency.


Support for High-end and Data Center Applications

support for high end and data center applications

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