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certified high quality server spares

Troubled with your server’s functionality? Do you want to buy selective server parts to improve or restore the productivity of your existing servers? Shop online at the most virtuous platform in the whole UAE to buy the server spares you need at reasonable prices. Server Basket has a cluster of numerous server components of all varieties and ranges, with the exact part numbers and capacity you are looking for. We are associated with a fair number of notable brands that avail us of their finest stock. You can find the perfect server part you need no matter whichever generation and model your server is made of.

Server Basket is the epitome of quality. With us, you don’t have to compromise on anything, either performance or cost. We test and certify all our server accessories under the supervision of professional experts and price all of them economically, concerning the existing market value. Contact us through LiveChat, call, or Whatsapp to buy our server accessories that come along with added benefits of free installation and technical support, infallible warranty deals, and superquick delivery to any place in the UAE.

Wide Variety of Server Spares

Are you looking for an attested platform that can avail you of excellent quality server accessories? Server Basket has a unique collection of a wide variety of server spares that include RAM, motherboards, cooling fans, ethernet cardsprocessorsRAID cardsgraphic cardspower supplies, etc., to upgrade or reinstate your servers. We come up with modest prices on all our server accessories. With our easy buying procedures, you can get hold of these amazing spares whenever you want.

Suitable Spares for Top Brands Servers

If you are in search of high-quality spare parts that could comply with your top branded servers, then you can find no place better than the Server Basket in the UAE. We are the most recognized suppliers of relevant and trustworthy hardware parts of all renowned server brands, including Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco, Fujitsu, and many more. Our server spares are one of their kind and are enriched with robustness, rigidity, and adaptability.

Upgrade Server & Increase its Performance

Does your server’s poor performance and slow speed tire you a lot? Don’t let this bother you anymore. Renovate your servers with our certified server accessories to upgrade them with low investments and increase the performance of your workflows tremendously. We have in-stock all the hardware spares with almost all part numbers you desire that could fit right in your server. Each of our server spares will benefit you with a longer life span and much productive performance.

Multilevel Tested and Certified Spares

Server Basket takes extreme care in providing the best to its customers. Every hardware spare you buy from us is put through numerous stringent testing procedures in both normal and pressured conditions to ensure that they can work in all kinds of work environments. Only those parts that have cleared up all the tests will be certified and are stocked in our warehouses. We make sure that you receive the finest server spares from us.

Best Raid Cards for Data Protection

Are you concerned about your data and files you store on your server? Create reliable and authentic backups using our effective RAID cards to protect your data at all costs. These RAID controller cards enhance the performance of your server storage drives and offer them a better tolerance. You can write backups easily, restore your data with minimal downtime, and set up your data redundancy using the eminent RAID cards inclusive of RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, etc.

Highly Efficient Redundant Power Supplies

Save your networks and servers from adventitious shutdown situations and system crashings by affixing your servers with the most redundant power supplies. Employing these efficient power supplies in your servers spares you from worrying about unexpected power supply issues. Our power supplies are highly reliable and allow you to access your applications, data, and other resources every time you need them. They are highly advantageous for the users who work on applications that demand uninterrupted power supplies.

Multi-Core CPUs Available in Stock

Are you in quest of a perfect solution that can tremendously improve the performance of your servers? At Server Basket, you can find leading brand processors like Intel, AMD, etc., at the most reasonable prices. Instate your highly potent servers with our multi-core CPUs to support your tedious multitasking and demanding workflows. We have in-stock numerous processors of a great number of cores starting from 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc., extended to 64 and more.

Choose from SAS, SATA HDDs&SSDs

Increase the scales of your server operations by engineering your servers with the powerful storage drives available at Server Basket. We sell the server storage drives of all models, ranges, and capacities that can suffice your workflows the way you need. These advanced storage solutions support you to reach your targets successfully. Analyzing and accessing your data and files becomes much easier and faster with our SSD and HDD storage drives of both SAS and SATA interfaces.

Certified RAMs for Memory Expansion

Do you want to expand the memory capacity of your servers to keep up with your workloads? Choose among the various capacities of high-end RAM we have for your explicit as well as implicit workflows. You can effortlessly install these RAMs in your servers to expand your server memory that enhances your system performance to a huge extent. You can escalate the processing speed and efficiency of your loaded works with the help of these excellent memory modules.

SB Seller Replacement Warranty

The SB seller replacement warranty is the best service we offer above all. Every server spare we sell will be backed up by an assured warranty plan that promises the uninterrupted functionality of the hardware you buy in the given warranty period. If you face any unexpected functional issue with our spares in this period, under warranty, we will replace all those faulty parts with genuine spares as soon as possible without interrupting your day-to-day workflows.

High-Performance Ethernet Cards

Were you planning to improve the network connections of your servers? Add our top-notch ethernet cards to your servers to offer the ultimate performance for your network connections. Our ethernet cards will make your data and file exchanges extremely easy and fast. Server Basket has ethernet cards of all types and ranges, and we assure the ideal functioning of these highly reliable network cards that allow you to share huge amounts of data as easily as turning on a computer.

Free Remote Tech and Installation Support

Are you uncertain about the installation process of the spares in your servers? To provide our users with installation and technical help, we have hired a team of technical experts who have hands-on experience on all the major server brands. They will help you mount the spares on your servers without any static errors. Our team will be available at all times to resolve any doubts or technical issues you face while using our server components.

Safe & Prompt Secure Delivery Across UAE

Fed up with delayed deliveries and irrelevant packaging? Well, that won’t bother you anymore as Server Basket offers secure, safe, and prompt delivery to any corner of the UAE, inclusive of Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, Fujairah, etc. We pack the ordered server spares in numerous protective layers and seal the package firmly before it is dispatched. Our reliable delivery agents will ensure that you receive your spare parts within 2-3 working days at most.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What Types of Server Spare Parts are Available at Server Basket?

The spare parts like processors, hard drives, memory, RAID controllers, graphics and network cards, cables, tray converters, etc. are available in our catalog. We also provide after-sales service to our customers if necessary.

Are these Accessories Suitable for All Brands of Servers?

Most of the spare parts are suitable for all brands of servers. But it is always recommended that you use brand-specific spare parts to get the best results. But even if you don’t make it brand-specific, you can connect these spares with any server.

When Do I Need to Change the Spares On My Server?

It is always best to change the spare parts from time to time so that your server can work well. If you wait till your spare parts get ruined, it will not be helpful for you. So, you should regularly monitor your server components.

Do You Test These Accessories Before Dispatch?

Yes, we always test the accessories before dispatch to make sure that customers get only high-quality spare parts. So, if you are buying anything from Server Basket, you must know that you are going to get a world-class product.

Are Server Basket's Spares Genuine and Certified?

All the spares sold by Server Basket are genuine and certified. We believe in quality over quantity. So, we always make sure that we provide genuine products to all our customers so that they can be tension-free about durability.

Is there a Replacement Option If the Product is Damaged or Not Functioning?

We have a replacement option under the product warranty cover for damaged or non-functioning products. So, if you feel any need to contact us, you can connect with our 24/7 helpline. We will provide assistance as per your requirement.

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