HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen11 Server

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  • Form Factor: 2U Rack Server
  • Supported Processor: 5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors
  • Total Memory Slots: 32
  • Memory type: HPE DDR5 Smart Memory
  • Max Cores: 16 to 60 core
  • Assured Warranty
  • Instant Shipping
  • 24/7 Technical Support Assistance
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Do you need a feature-rich 2U server for your hybrid cloud workloads at the best discounts? Buy the HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen11 server exclusively from ServerBasket to save up to 30%. Powered by 4th and 5th generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, this server with 2U 2P economics is highly suitable for all demanding applications. Not only this, but also,  with DDR5 memory, PCIe Gen5, and EDSFF drive, it delivers the perfect foundation for virtualized apps, video transcoding, and more. Moreover, it has built-in security and iLO 6 for easy server management. Available for purchase through ServerBasket’s website, you can place your order for the highest savings. We also provide additional benefits on the DL380 Gen11 server, including an easy 7-day return, 3-year warranty, rapid delivery, and free installation help. Get more significant discounts on bulk orders. Purchase now!


Dual-socket Scalable Server with DDR5 Smart Memory for Data Analytics and Hybrid Cloud

HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen11 server is a scalable dual-socket server with a 2U design, offering exceptional computing and memory balance. Supporting up to two latest generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, it has 32 DIMM channels for each, with a maximum of 8TB DDR5 SmartMemory. Moreover, 64 cores and 20 EDSFF drives are the best for data analytics and cloud-based workloads.

24/7 Technical and Remote Setup Support

At ServerBasket, we offer consistent remote support with 24/7 availability. You can get in touch with us for immediate tech or setup support. It ensures you can easily integrate the server and quickly resolve technical challenges, whether network, upgrade, or hardware.

1-week Return Policy

A 7-day return policy backs our HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen11 server. If you are dissatisfied with the product, you can return it within the stipulated period in its original condition. Based on the return policy, we ensure a seamless process as we value your satisfaction and convenience.

Swift Delivery across UAE

ServerBasket has a strong logistics and transportation outreach, ensuring quick delivery across the UAE. Once you place an order and make payment via the desired gateway, we immediately package and dispatch it. We provide shorter transit times for quick doorstep delivery in secure conditions.

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Additional information



Form Factor

2U Rack


5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors & 4th Gen Intel Xeon Processors

Memory Type

HPE DDR5 Smart Memory


8 TB with 256 GB DDR5

Supported Drive


Internal RAID Controllers

HPE Smart Array MR RAID Controllers HPE Smart Array SR RAID Controllers

External RAID Controllers

HPE Smart Array HBA cards HPE Smart Array Advanced SAS controllers

Remote Management


Supported Remote Management

iLO 6


3 Years

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What are the key features of the HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen11 server?

The HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen11 is different from the rest because of its dual-socket architecture that is powered by the 4th and 5th generations of Intel Xeon Scalable processors. With up to 8TB of DDR5 SmartMemory and 32 DIMM slots, as well as PCIe Gen5 for better data transfer rates, the server promises extraordinary computing power. It supports up to 20 EDSFF drives for high performance and iLO 6 to engage your basic operations via mobile application-based remote management, establishing its status as an easy-to-use device for demanding applications including data analytics and hybrid cloud workloads.

What security options does the HPE DL380 Gen11 server include?

The HPE DL380 Gen11 server includes several appealing security features like Secure Boot, Secure Start, and TPM 2.0 Integrity Support built into the system to avoid unauthorized data access. Furthermore, it contains Platform Trust Technology (PTT), which ensures secure booting and encrypted communication alongside Secure erase of NAND/User data, FIPS 140-2 validation, Immutable Silicon Root of Trust, UEFI secure booting, Common Criteria certification, Configurable for PCI DSS compliance, support for Commercial National Security Algorithms (CNSA), and Chassis Intrusion detection option. Another feature that comes with it is iSCSI Software Initiator which guarantees secure network storage access and also HTTP/HTTPS Boot support for secure network booting.

Does the ProLiant DL380 Gen11 server support virtualization?

Yes, the HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen11 server is an ideal platform for virtualization with support for VMware ESXi and Oracle VM backed by powerful 4th and 5th Gen Intel CPUs, high-speed DDR5 memory, and GPU support.
The Gen11 HPE platform consolidates your hardware resources for improved performance, higher utilization, centralized management for a streamlined IT, cutting down expenses, and greater efficiency.

What processor options are available for the HPE DL380 Gen11 server?

The HPE DL380 Gen11 features 4th and 5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs with a maximum of 64 cores and a frequency of 3.9GHz. Businesses can take advantage of these processors to handle demanding workloads efficiently, such as video transcoding, SD storage, and virtualization.
Enhance your business computing power with 5th Generation Intel Xeon - Platinum 64-core 8592V 2.0GHz (PN - P67107-B21), 60-core CPUs 8581V 2.0GHz and 8580 2.0GHz (PNs - P67109-B21 & P67088-B21), 56-core CPUs 8570 2.1GHz (PN - P67087-B21), 48-core 8568Y+ 2.3GHz (PN - P67086-B21), Gold 36-core 6554S 2.2GHz (PN - P67110-B21), 32-core CPUs 6558Q 3.2GHz, 6548N 2.8GHz, and 6548Y+ 2.5GHz (PNs - P67098-B21, P67105-B21, and P67082-B21), 24-core 6542Y 2.9GHz (PN - P67081-B21), 16-core CPUs 6526Y 2.8GHz and 6544Y 3.6GHz (PNs - P67080-B21 and P67084-B21), 8-core CPUs 6534 3.9GHz and 5515+ 3.2GHz (PNs - P67083-B21 and P67079-B21), Silver 24-core 4516Y+ 2.2GHz (PN - P67093-B21), 16-core 4514Y 2.0GHz (PN - P67092-B21), 12-core 4510 2.4GHz (PN - P67091-B21), and 8-core 4509Y 2.6GHz (P67090-B21), Bronze 8-core 3508U 2.1GHz (PN - P67100-B21).
Moreover, the platform also supports 4th Generation Intel Xeon models - Platinum 60-core 8490H 1.9GHz (P/N - P49630-B21), 56-core 8480+ 2.0GHz (P/N - P49607-B21), 52-core CPUs 8470N 1.7GHz, 8470 2.0GHz, and 8470Q 2.1GHz (P/Ns - P49649-B21, P49606-B21, and P49609-B21), 48-core 8468 2.1GHz (P/N - P49605-B21), 44-core 8458P 2.7GHz (P/N - P49632-B21), 40-core 8460Y+ 2.0GHz (P/N - P49604-B21), 36-core 8452Y 2.0GHz (P/N - P49616-B21), and 16-core 8444H 2.9GHz (P/N - P49625-B21), Gold 32-core 6430 2.1GHz, 6438N 2.0GHz, and 6448Y 2.1GHz (P/Ns - P49614-B21, P49638-B21, and P49600-B21), 24-core 6442Y 2.6GHz and 6418H 2.1GHz (P/Ns - P49599-B21 and P49621-B21), 18-core 6416H 2.2GHz (P/N - P49620-B21), 16-core 5416S 2.0GHz and 6426Y 2.5GHz (P/N - P49653-B21 and P49598-B21), 8-core 5415+ 2.9GHz and 6434 3.7GHz (P/N - P49597-B21 and P49601-B21), Silver 20-core 4416+ 2.0GHz (P/N - P49611-B21), 12-core 4410Y 2.0GHz (P/N - P49610-B21), and Bronze 8-core 3408U 1.8GHz (P/N - P49617-B21).

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