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Purchase Universal Rail Kits for Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco, Fujitsu Servers from ServerBasket

Rail Kits for Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco Servers | All Varieties Available

Are you looking to buy an affordable Rail kit that is built especially for your server? Is your existing Rail damaged and are you searching for a reliable online store that offers good options other than OEM rail kits? Whether you want static rail kit or a sliding rail, Server Basket can provide you with any variant as per your requirements. If you need a rail kit that can help you easily access the hardware equipment of the server, select from our range of budget-friendly sliding rail kits made for every server available in the market. Fixed rail kit is the best choice for those who want the server to be locked without scope for extension. If you didn’t get rail kit along with the server you have purchased from other sellers, we would provide the right fit based on your server brand and model. Order any number of Rail Kits you want and get them at a very low price. We ship the Rail Kits on priority to ensure fast delivery anywhere throughout UAE.

Rail Kits for OEM Servers:

Searching for the best alternatives to the OEMs Rail kits? Our exclusive stock includes a variety of Rail Kits for refurbished and brand new servers of leading OEMs like HP, Fujitsu, Cisco, IBM, Supermicro, Dell Etc. If you have any queries about the compatibility or having trouble in finding the compatible Rail kit, contact us immediately so that we will help you in purchasing the exact rail kit depending on your server model.

Suitable for Co-Locating in Any DC:

Have you purchased a server without Rail Kits? Do you need cost-effective Rails for the servers that you bought for co-locating in the data centers? Mount any OEM brand server inside the Rack with our ready to use Rail kits that ensure a secure fit without taking up much space. These rails are made with durable materials, thoroughly tested and can be used with any rack in the data centers. Our vast collection includes fixed rails and sliding rails for rack models, blade as well as tower servers.

Sliding Rail Kits Available:

You can move the servers after installing them in the Rack by using a sliding Rail Kit. Your server can be easily pulled out of the Rack for doing any work. If servers are mounted one above the other in the data center, then sliding rail kits will reduce the burden of unmounting the server whenever there is any servicing work. We provide sliding kits for all OEM servers.

Easy to Perform Maintenance Work:

If you select sliding rail kits for Rack mounting your server, it becomes very easy for you to replace worn out or damaged spare parts and make configuration upgrades whenever required. You never need to remove the server from the Rack to carry out the maintenance work. You can extend your server out of the Rack, which makes it convenient to work on the server hardware.

Shipped All Over UAE:

We pack and send the Rail Kits quickly to your shipping address in UAE. Place your order now and receive it at the given address it within 1-2 days. No matter what is the size of your order, get speedy delivery of the Rail Kits you want to Dubai, Al Ain, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, Al Quwain and any other location in UAE.

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