HP StorageWorks

  • HP Storage Works p4500 g2

    • designed for Server and Client Virtualization
    • Easy to Use Highly Scalable SAN Solutions
    • Fast and Easy Data Recovery
    • Embedded with Redundant Power Supplies
    • Simplifies Data Management for Virtualized Environments
    • Hybrid Cloud Backup for Ultimate Data Protection
    • High Performance and Productivity with Latest SANs
    • Certified Storage Systems with Replacement Warranty
    AED 23,750.00 AED 25,000.00

    HP Storage Works p4500 g2

    AED 23,750.00 AED 25,000.00 Add to cart
  • HP StorageWorks MSA60

    • Multiple OS Compatibility
    • Supports HPE SATA 3G Disk Drives
    • Data Safety with RAID ADG
    • Access Storage Remotely
    • Easy Data Handling
    • Double Domain Capability
    AED 4,620.00 AED 4,860.00

    HP StorageWorks MSA60

    AED 4,620.00 AED 4,860.00 Add to cart
  • HP StorageWorks P2000 G3

    • Affordable SAN Array Solution
    • Comprehensive Data Protection
    • Ideal for Remote or Local Installation
    • Supports SAS & SATA Drives
    • Redundant Hardware
    • Easy Access to Drives & Enclosures
    AED 12,547.00 AED 13,200.00

    HP StorageWorks P2000 G3

    AED 12,547.00 AED 13,200.00 Add to cart


Are you looking for optimum data storage solutions? Do you seek more flexible storage options with scalable configuration? The HP StorageWorks is a one point solution for ample storage of data with better access speed. These are designed to offer desired performance within the enterprise budget. We can create the storage array through our storage units, or the customer can choose a storage area network based upon their requirement. HP StorageWorks provides an efficient option to protect company data at a modest cost regardless of storage needs. The HP StorageWorks expand the organization’s storage capacity to cope with growing application needs. With increased access speed, you get safer data backups for top-notch data security. Our range of StorageWorks are certified and works foremost as per expectations. Get configured storage to cope with varying data storage needs.

HP Storage Servers Pricing Table:

ModelForm FactorNo of Supported DrivesMaximum StorageSupported Raid LevelsPrice
HP StorageWorks MSA602U Rack Mount12 LFF SAS24TB0, 1, 5, 6, 10
  • AED 4,620/-
HP StorageWorks P2000 G32U Rack Mount24 SAS/SATA192TB0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50
  • AED 12,547/-
HP Storage Works P4500 G22U Rack Mount12 LFF SAS/SATA96TB0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 10+1, 10+2
  • AED 23,750/-

Faster and Safer Data Backups

HP StorageWorks are exclusively designed to offer faster backups and restore features. It creates redundant data paths amongst the servers and storage with enhanced disaster tolerance capabilities. With faster restore time and ADG or Advanced Data Guarding, the enterprise data is highly secure. The presence of HP StorageWorks allows you to access quick data backups regardless of the file size.


Multi-Level Tested and Certified Hardware

Are you looking for highly secure storage options with negligible chances of failure? Server Basket offers high-quality hardware which goes through multiple phases of rigorous testing as per specific parameters. We offer certified hardware to ensure that the customer gets the foremost performance to execute complex business tasks with utmost ease.

Customized as per User Specifications

Do you have distinct specification requirements which are not readily available across the market? You don’t have to worry about the desirable specification as we customize the StorageWorks as per user requirements. Get in touch with our team, mention your business requirement, how much storage will be ideal for smooth business running, and get a customized storage configuration. Our team will start working on your configuration the very next moment to cater to your needs within the minimum possible time.

Faster Results with Minimal Maintenance

Are you looking for optimum storage options which can offer faster results? Then you must count on HP StorageWorks. With numerous storage options, including online storage, advanced storage software, nearline storage, and storage networking, get faster results for ongoing tasks. The best part is that all such storage solutions don’t seek high maintenance. So, save huge on maintenance costs by choosing HP StorageWorks.


Configured to Meet Varying Storage Needs

Are you looking for an ideal storage solution for your growing business needs? Well, the range of StorageWorks is precisely designed to meet the varying storage needs of the organization. Build efficient yet straightforward storage infrastructure to your organization and elevate business growth. In addition, it offers storage flexibility for your small to large enterprise at a nominal cost.


Attain Maximum Potential on Every Application

Do you need top-notch storage to run storage eating applications? The sole solution for such storage issues is HP StorageWorks. Get desirable storage and access maximum potential to run heavy and complex enterprise applications. You don’t have to worry about the interrupts or effectiveness of the application with abundant storage options.

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