SATA HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

Buy Best SATA HDD for Storing Large Files

Buy Genuine SATA HDDs at an Offer Price in UAE | Compatible with Dell, HP, IBM and Other Leading Brand Servers.

Are you thinking about remaking your server storage drives? Would you like to buy top-notch SATA HDDs for your servers? Think no more. Server Basket offers a wide range of serial ATA hard disks to add or renovate the storage of your servers. The SATA HDDs are renowned by industry-leading experts for their optimum data transfer rates and excellent storage efficiencies. These HDDs have a simple body and a fine networking cable which allows them to comply with any enterprise-class servers. The SATA drives come with AHCI mode to make use of advanced technologies and they also help in decreasing the heat generated using the increased airflow. Users can improve the connectivity and accessibility of various applications and files with these efficient SATA hard disks. We test all our new and refurbished hard drives to cross-check their credibility. We guarantee the best prices on our SATA HDDs to all our UAE customers. Contact us right away to buy a reliable HDD for your server and reap the benefits of free installation assistance, strict replacement warranty, and prompt delivery schemes.

SATA HDDs for Leading Branded Servers:

Do you wish to own a rich performance storage drive that is compatible with various server brands? In that case, a SATA HDD will be the perfect choice you can opt for. We offer excellent SATA hard drives that are suitable for DellCiscoIBMHPFujitsu, and many other established server brands. You can employ these hard disk drives in any of your servers to improve the transfer speed and accessibility of your server applications.

Add More Storage to Your Server:

Does your server require excessive storage to meet your work needs? Try the industry-level serial ATA hard drives that can increase your storage to run complex workloads with utmost ease and efficiency. Users can add any amounts of storage ranging from 500GB to 8TB and make the best use of these high capacity storage drives. Even by adding the least capacity SATA hard drives, they promote mass connectivity and improve the performance of your servers.

Transfers Data at Higher Speeds:

Tired of slow data transfer rates? It is time to upgrade your server storage with our fast SATA hard disk drives. They have high rotational speeds that improve the data transfer speeds of the servers to great amounts. These SATA HDDs can offer high transmission rates from 150MB/s to 600MB/s. This significantly enhances the interoperability between the server components and reduces the loading times of your files, media, applications, documents, etc.

Multiple Models of SATA HDDs in Stock:

If you are in search of a trustworthy source that can supply numerous SATA HDD models, then you will be amused to know that Server Basket has a huge collection of all SATA HDD models including SATA II, SATA III, ESATA, and MSATA stocked up in our inventory waiting to be deployed. Users can choose an HDD considering their storage necessities as we have both new and refurbished models of hard drives of varying capacities and prices.

Fully Tested and Certified Drives:

Do you want a server hard drive that is in perfect condition? The SATA hard disk drives available at Server Basket are completely authentic and genuine. The HDDs reposed in our warehouses undergo rigorous testing procedures under burn-in conditions to prove their ability to resist any kind of workload. They are highly resilient and are certified for their superior functioning. The SATA drives we sell can efficiently meet your storage requirements with amplified performance.

Best Price in Market:

Are you looking for effective serial ATA HDDs that are priced reasonably? You have stopped at the right page as Server Basket comes up with the finest prices on its reliable SATA hard drives. Compared to other server merchants in the market, we tag the most affordable prices on every HDD we put up for sale. Our team updates the prices on the HDDs frequently to avail the best prices for our customers in the UAE.

Covered Under Replacement Warranty:

Our hard drives are known for their sturdiness and quality. The SATA HDDs you buy at Server Basket comes with an assured replacement warranty. This states that under any circumstances if you encounter any performance issues in the hard disk drives in the specified warranty period, you can claim for a replacement that will be covered by us. We make sure that the HDD is replaced as soon as possible without interrupting your regular workflows.

Free Remote Installation Assistance:

It’s completely fine if you have no technical knowledge that is needed for HDD installation. That is what we are for. Server basket has a team of technical experts who are highly experienced in dealing with HDDs. They will direct you through the whole process alongside explaining how the connections should be done. We ensure that the hard disks are installed properly, and we never charge any money from our customers for the installation assistance we provide.

On Time Delivery Anywhere in UAE:

Are you in desperate need of the SATA hard drives? Server Basket is here for you. We ensure that we deliver the HDDs at your desired pick-up point in not more than 2-3 working days. The hard drive package you receive will be tightly sealed in multiple layers to protect it from external factors during its shipment. Our delivery services are extended in and around the UAE, including Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ajman, etc.

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