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  • DELL 2848 SFP Module

    • DELL 2848 SFP Transceiver Module
    • Device Type: SFP Transceiver Module
    • Compatible With: Networking N2024, N2024P, N2048, N2048P, N3024, N3024F, N3024P, N3048, N3048P, N4032, N4032F, N4064, N4064F, X1018, X1018P, X1026, X1026P, X1052, X1052P, PowerConnect 2824, 2848, 5524, 5524P, 5548, 5548P, 6224, 6224F, 6224P, 6248
    • Cabling Type: 1000Base-LX
    • Form Factor: Plug-in module
    • Instant Shipping
    AED 192 AED 211
  • DELL 6248 SFP Module

    • DELL 6248 SFP+ Transceiver Module
    • Device Type: SFP+ transceiver module
    • Compatible With: Networking N1524, N1548, N2024, N2048, N3024, N3048, N4032, N4064, S3124, S3148, X4012; Dell EMC Networking N2128PX-ON, N3024EF-ON, N3024EP-ON, N3024ET-ON, N3048EP-ON, N3048ET-ON, N3132PX-ON, X1052, X1052P; PowerEdge T130, T330, T430, T630; Networking N2128, N3024, N3048, N3132,
    • Cabling Type: 10GBase-LRM
    • Form Factor: Plug-in module
    • Instant Shipping
    AED 80 AED 88

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