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Do you want an affordable storage server that is cheaper than cloud storage and offers high availability and scalability? Shop Dell Storage servers from the ServerBasket online store at budget-friendly prices. These Dell servers provide high availability, scalability, and improved data efficiency. Various families of Dell storage servers are available with us, including Dell PowerStore, PowerScale, PowerFlex, Dell EMC PowerVault, etc. They support multiple security features and protocols to safeguard data from intruders and offer outstanding I/O capabilities for improved performance. In addition, these Dell storage servers support various operating systems, such as Citrix, Veeam, OpenStack Cinder, Linux, macOS, and Android. Purchase the desired Dell Storage server at a low price from ServerBasket across the UAE. We offer free and fast shipping, a simple return policy, warranty support, and around-the-clock technical and remote installation assistance. Order today to avail yourself of exciting deals on large orders.


Broad Selection of Dell Storage Servers

At ServerBasket, you will find a broad selection of Dell Storage servers, which improves your enterprise performance and productivity. These include models from the Dell PowerStore, PowerFlex, PowerScale, PowerMax, Unity XT, PowerVault, and ECS product families, and SC, PS, MD3, MD, NX, Dell SDS, and FS NAS series. Our store’s storage servers’ prices are lower than the market.


Scalable, Efficient, Data-centric Infrastructure for Growing Data

Dell storage servers deliver a scalable and efficient data-centric infrastructure, catering to the demands of data expansion. These servers, designed to handle growing data volumes, provide a reliable solution for businesses seeking scalable storage options. With their robust architecture, Dell storage servers ensure reliable data management and storage capabilities, supporting the dynamic requirements of evolving enterprises.

Support for Multiple Hard Drive Configurations and Protocols

Buy Dell storage servers with many protocol options and drives that offer great expandability/scalability. Such devices adapt well to diverse drives such as SSD, HDD, SAS, or SATA and support easy plug-and-play functionality to manage large amounts of data intelligently. They also offer support for iSCSI, FC, and S3 API compliant, ensuring optimal server storage based on their need.

Encrypted Data Transmission, Modern Security Features

Protect Dell server data through comprehensive encryption and advanced security capabilities. These servers utilize leading-edge encryption standards to safeguard information from unauthorized access during transfer, validating intactness and privacy. Nonetheless, Dell storage servers provide the most up-to-date security with anti-malicious software, Trusted Boot, and Firmware validation to secure sensitive information from cyber-attacks.


Flexibility to Integrate with Cloud Platforms

Explore Dell storage servers, which are compatible with various cloud platforms – private, public, multi, and hybrid. These servers, With adaptable architecture and robust integration, these servers enable hybrid deployments, simple data migration, and effective management over various cloud infrastructures, ensuring adjustability and flexibility to meet multiple business demands.


Intelligent Systems with Advanced Virtualization Capabilities

Achieve high performance and extensibility from the modern Dell storage servers. They are tailored specifically for the advanced technologies associated with virtualization and utilize smart devices in the data processing procedures. This state-of-art technology optimizes virtualization performance and flexibility. Dell provides high-performing storage solutions with cutting-edge features for organizations of all sizes.

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ServerBasket shipping services are available across the UAE, covering all popular cities, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. We promise fast and secure doorstep delivery no matter where you are. Additionally, we also provide a 7-day return policy.

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Being one of the top suppliers, ServerBasket provides the best warranty support on each server purchase to instill trust in customers. During that period, if you encounter malfunctioning or defects, that would be resolved free of charge, or else replacement will offered.

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In case of an issue or emergency, reach us promptly through call, text, or live chat. ServerBasket’s dedicated technical support team will be available around the clock to help you with encrypted data transfers, Thin/Thick provisioning, shared folder access, etc.

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