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Buy High Quality Refurbished Cisco Servers Online in UAE at Best Price | Avail Customize Configuration

Simplify your IT infrastructure processes with the best Cisco UCS servers in UAE. The refurbished Cisco UCS servers transform the way IT companies do business. With refurbished Cisco UCS servers, you can gift your data center with increased productivity, scalability, and reduced total cost of ownership. The Cisco server delivers business benefits by offering effective communication options, increased operational efficiency, and improved flexibility. With us, you get the option to choose from a range of configuration and form factors. We believe in offering utmost customer satisfaction and so provide the high-end Cisco servers with warranty period and technical assistance. Server Basket is the only retailer in UAE who offers the Cisco UCS servers at higher discounts with free tech support.

Cisco Servers Pricing Tables:

Server PlanCoreRAMStoragePrice
Cisco UCS C220 M424 Core / 48 vCPU64GB DDR42X300GB SAS
  • AED. 3,304/-
Cisco UCS C220 M324 Core / 48 vCPU64GB DDR32X300GB SAS
  • AED. 3492/-
Cisco 240 M3Cisco 240 M324 Core / 48 vCPU64GB DDR32X300GB SAS
  • AED. 3492/-
Cisco UCS C240 M4 2U Rack24 Core / 48 vCPU64GB DDR42X300GB SAS
  • AED. 5644/-
Cisco 240 M516 Core / 32 vCPU64GB DDR42X300GB SAS
  • AED. 12260/-
Cisco UCS C220 M548 Core / 88 vCPU256GB DDR42X480GB SSD / 3X2TB SSD
  • AED. 27783/-

Powerful Portfolio of Cisco UCS Servers:

The Cisco UCS servers combines x86 architecture, industry-standard with storage, and networking access in a single unified system. The Servers have a simplified management system yet can manage heavy and complex workloads with ease and agility. This powerful portfolio of the server that includes Cisco UCS C220 M3, Cisco UCS C220 M4, CISCO UCS C240 M4 server, etc. provides the companies with increased efficiency and productivity.


Enterprise Level Performance:

Cisco UCS servers are specially built to address today’s demand and at the same time, effortlessly accommodate future innovation. The servers come with the capability of accommodating single, 2, or 4 socket processors. The sockets are compatible with the latest technology processors that allow to enhance application performance and thus business productivity.

Value Reliability Guaranteed:

Trust us, whether you buy one or multiple servers, the refurbished Cisco UCS servers we sell are worth the money. They are highly reliable servers that swiftly and effortlessly address all your workload challenges with the best processors, memory, and storage drives.

Custom Built for Your Requirements:

The Cisco servers are configured ready as per different industry standards, this allows us to ship the product instantly. Whether you need a high-end processor, DDR4 memory, or want to choose from SSD or HDD drive, we provide it all. Let us know your business application details, configuration requirement, and budget, and we deliver the best-configured Cisco server at your doorstep in UAE.


Swift Secure Shipping Across UAE:

Our shipping services are extremely straight forward. We leverage the latest technology and best logistics partners so that the refurbished Cisco servers can be delivered at your doorstep within less possible time. With us, you won’t have to pay extra for swift shipping, even though if you are located in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ajman, Fujairah or some remote place of UAE.


Best Price Guarantee:

We fully understand customer needs, budget constraints, and so offer the high-end Cisco servers at a very unimaginable lower price. With us, you receive good value and highly-reliable products. Compare our prices with any of the competitors, and you will know ours is the best price. We offer such a good price that you won’t face the trouble of asking discounts for us.


Backed by Best Warranty:

No matter what model you choose, every refurbished Cisco servers that you purchase from us comes backed by a good warranty period. Our 1-year warranty period on cisco refurbished servers will be valid from the date when you purchase the server from us. If you face any server issues, then you will receive instant repair or replacement services.

24x7 support

24/7 Tech Assistance:

Our technical support team is built with experts and experienced employees. As we are available 24/7, we are flexible to support you in any time zones. We have faster response time, maintain an engineering-driven approach, and provide proactive solutions. With us, your Cisco UCS server issues would be instantly resolved, and you won’t face any downtime issues.


Fast Shipping across UAE:

Server Basket is largely known for its on-time delivery services. Get your Refurb Cisco server delivered right at your doorstep within 2-3 business days by purchasing from Server Basket. We provide delivery services across UAE including all the cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman, Al Gharbia, Dibba, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah etc. Your Cisco server package will reach your location in a safe and secured manner within the estimated delivery date.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Which Cisco Server is Better, Refurbished or Brand New?

The main purpose of a Cisco server is to deliver highly scalable performance. When compared to a new Cisco server, a refurbished Cisco server may not be anyone’s first choice, but it does perform like a brand-new server without disrupting your work.

Are Refurbished Cisco Servers Reliable?

Yes, all the refurbished Cisco servers we are offering through our platform are reliable and offer stability. They use genuine components and deliver great performance for any heavy and demanding activities and applications while reducing new investments.

What types and Brands of Processors Do they Support?

Intel and AMD processors are the most commonly used processors in Cisco servers to accelerate performance. Multiple rounds of testing are performed on the refurbished servers to ensure that they can handle all general-purpose and critical computing tasks.

Can Refurb Cisco Servers Withstand Heavy Workloads?

For all those users who are seeking a server for a significantly heavy workload, a refurb Cisco server can be an ideal solution. They are able to efficiently run any application without any errors or downtime.

What are the Benefits of Buying a Refurb Cisco Server from Server Basket?

You must have many reasons to buy a refurbished server, but with Server Basket, you save lots of money. Other advantages include custom-built refurbished servers to fulfill your company’s needs as per your specifications along with free tech and installation support.

How Long Do You Take to Deliver a Server if I Order Today?

Once you place your order for a refurbished Cisco server, we make sure to deliver the product within 2-3 business days, excellently packaged and with full security. It may take a little extra time if the item is not in stock.

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