Private Cloud

Do you want to get a dedicated IT environment that will help you increase productivity and protect sensitive business information? Server Basket offers the perfect solution: Private Cloud, which allows you to construct your IT infrastructure based on software-defined networking (SDN) and virtual machines (VMs), helping increase resource optimization and protection. Private clouds do not have to be local, utilizing multiple data center sites, or international colocation centers. Some of the options are Virtual Private Clouds, Hosted Private Clouds, Managed Private Clouds (where the cloud provider also manages full operations), and VMware Cloud Foundation (which supports storage, networking, and management). Let Server Basket help you build the perfect private cloud environment that comes with a bundle of excellent services, including, managed services, migration support, on-demand scalability, technical assistance, and much more, to empower your business in the UAE.


Ultimate Protection of Data and Applications

Private Clouds are the best option for the protection of the most important information and applications. With direct control over infrastructure, enterprises can enforce specific security measures which include the use of encryption, firewalls, and access controls, hence reducing the vulnerability of attacks and breaches in a controlled environment with dedicated hardware.

Enhance Your Business with Managed Services and Expert Support

Our private cloud solutions are designed to include comprehensive support packages and managed services so organizations can fully leverage their investments. Among them are deployment, configuration, scalability, maintenance, tuning of services, migration, scheduled and real-time backup, disaster recovery, and performance optimization. We help organizations to easily migrate to the cloud and concentrate on key business goals.


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