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Buy Linux VPS hosting in UAE from ServerBasket, get full root access and 24x7 support.

Are you searching for a secure cloud environment to adapt new technologies to your hosting infrastructure? Get access to high control and flexibility to maintain the websites securely by purchasing Linux Cloud VPS Hosting at Server Basket. We have numerous VPS hosting plans with scalability that helps to upgrade your website with improved performance to meet demanding needs. Our VPS hosting services come with Tier-4 data center infrastructure to provide website access at any time for your users with faster load times and high-end performance. The hosting plan is not restricted to limited bandwidth, which means you can run various applications or websites simultaneously while maintaining heavy web traffic. We facilitate free migration and data backup services with ensured data protection and smooth running of applications or workflows. You can benefit from expert hosting guidance 24/7 for your website maintenance, updates, etc., through chat, phone, or email.

Linux VPS Hosting Plans and Pricing:

PlanCPUMemorySSDOperating System3 Years Plan
VPS14 Core8GB RAM200GBCentOS
  • AED. 89/ Month
VPS26 Core16GB RAM300GBCentOS
  • AED. 119/ Month
VPS38 Core 32GB RAM500GBCentOS
  • AED. 149/ Month
VPS48 Core 48GB RAM650GBCentOS
  • AED. 199/ Month

Host Websites & Apps Securely

Looking for hosting multiple websites or applications for your business? You can use Server Basket’s cloud hosting that ensures higher security than shared or dedicated hosting. The integral multi-layered security mechanism incorporates our cheap cloud VPS plan that secures your data from hacking or malicious or malware attacks.

Scalable VPS Plans

We offer different kinds of VPS plans with managed or unmanaged services. Depending on your business and budget requirements, choose a specific plan at least costs. For example, if your website needs more CPU, RAM, or storage, it can be easier to scale with our VPS plan.

Hosted on Tier 4 Data Center

Server Basket provides hosting services built on Tier-4 Datacenter to ensure quick data access without any hassles. The data centre is equipped with highly redundant power components, secured, and world-class infrastructure. It allows the users to access the website 24/7 with reduced latency and data localization.

Free Data Backups

We provide regular data backups to prevent data loss owing to any hardware failure or external issues. It doesn’t need to pay any extra costs and offers backups monthly or weekly as per your requirement. It ensures data security to overcome the unexpected loss of important data.

Expert VPS Hosting Guidance

Our expert hosting team will always clear your issues or queries relevant to cloud hosting support services. You can contact the team via email, chat, or phone. They provide efficient support services ranging from OS installation to security, account maintenance, updates, and other technical stuff.

Free Migration without any Data Loss

Do you need migration support for your website from an existing hosting provider to a new one? Our hosting team migrates from your hosting to Server Basket without taking any additional charges. The migration service guarantees data protection while allowing the usual running of your websites with high traffic.

Unmetered Bandwidth with 100% Uptime

Unlimited bandwidth is provided under our cloud hosting without compromising the speed and performance. You can upload or download unlimited images and videos that require higher bandwidth. Your website will run without any downtime issues with this hosting while providing faster website load times and improved security.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is the Difference Between Managed and Unmanaged Linux VPS Hosting?

In managed Linux VPS hosting, the service provider takes care of all the server administration duties. If you want less technical responsibility, you must opt for Managed VPS. But, an unmanaged Linux VPS plan comes in handy if you have technical expertise in server management.

Is My Data Secure When Using Linux VPS Cloud Hosting?

Linux VPS cloud hosting is integrated with fault-proof features to ensure comprehensive security. From a firewall to a multi-layered security mechanism, it effectively eliminates malware and ensures that the hosting is fully secure.

Does My Data Back Up Daily With this Hosting Plan?

We offer you an option to customize how regularly you require backups for your hosting plan. Based on whether you choose daily, weekly, or monthly backups for your plan, we will back up your data. An automated data backup option can also be set up.

Does Server Basket Offer Free Migration Assistance?

Yes. Server Basket provides customers with free migration assistance. You can seamlessly migrate the hosting service to SB without additional charges. We also provide complete data protection and ensure that your website does not suffer during migration.

How Do I Contact You if I Have Any Issues with the Hosting Service?

At Server Basket, we are available 24/7 with expert guidance for you. If you have any concerns regarding the hosting services, you can contact us via calls or live chat to solve your queries.

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