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Build your own personalized server with your preferred hardware specifications and features, capable of running your daily IT applications and workloads at peak performance. You visualize it, and we will make it a reality!

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Get the flexibility to choose your hardware specs, operating system, and other configuration settings for your server, based on your IT requirements and boost your business operations.


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How it Works?

You envision your server, we will create it for you. We will build your ideal server according to your specifications.

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    Submit Your Configuration Details

    Tell us about your configuration requirements and we will connect you to our specialist.

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    Get Instant Quote

    Our server specialist instantly assesses your needs and provides a quote with affordable server specs.

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    Remote Testing

    Shortly after you approve the quote, we initiate remote testing for your desired server.

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    Make the payment through any of our payment channels once you’re satisfied with the deal.

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    Get Server Delivered in 24 hours

    That’s it! The server is immediately dispatched and arrives at your location within a day.


Why Choose SB

Server Basket provides phenomenal-quality servers and related services at very affordable pricing. We offer pre-sales assistance to assist you in selecting the best server according to your needs, and active 24x7 tech support to resolve your technical issues. You also get an assured buyback option for the systems you buy from us and complete support for any additional future upgrades.

Assured Buyback

Through our buyback plan, we buy back the products we sell to our customers, relieving you of the burden of obsolete servers. When you want to buy a new server in the future, you can use our assured buyback plan.

Extended warranty & AMC

Our customized servers come with an assured warranty that covers replacement and repairs. Past the expiration of the server's warranty period, we also offer extended warranty and AMC, for seamless service and maintenance of your server.

Direct Purchase vs Custom Purchase

Direct PurchaseCustom Purchase
A pre-designed server that is bought directly comes with a preset configurationYou can personalize the hardware, software and other specifications of your server to meet your specific IT requirements.
A new server will be considerably more expensive, making it an unfavourable alternative for projects that are temporary or short-term.A customized server is less expensive because you just pay for the resources and hardware components you need, and it's ideal for projects of limited duration.
A pre-built server may encounter some trouble executing some of your required applications. You can only get the manufacturer's warranty on such a server.A pre-built server may encounter some trouble executing some of your required applications. You can only get the manufacturer's warranty on such a server.

Why choose Server Basket?

Server Basket offers high-quality servers and related services at affordable prices. We provide pre-sales assistance to help you choose the best server for your needs, and round the clock technical support to resolve your technical issues. There’s more you get an assured buyback option for the systems you purchase from us, and full support for any future upgrades.

why server basket

Need Help? Chat with our product experts to configure the server as per your exact requirement.

Benefits of customized server

Benefits of customized server

  • Suits your application
    A customized server delivers the required performance for your business IT operations.
  • Scalability
    A customized server can be scaled to address your business’s future needs.
  • As per requirement
    Your server is designed to fulfill your IT requirements.
  • As per budget
    Cut down your cost and pay for the components that you require.
  • Plug & play
    Setup and run your server without any additional configuration or alteration.

Run your application

We build your server to deliver optimal performance for all your business demands. The server provides an efficient, secure, and ideal environment for a variety of high-performance computing (HPC) workloads, virtualization operations, artificial intelligence (AI) operations, and video streaming.

Run Your Application In Suitable Configuration

Benefits with ServerBasket

Remote Testing

Remote testing

We have a remote testing service wherein you can be sure of the server's quality before you purchase it. Our server expert will test your server remotely and demonstrate its functioning, so you can be satisfied with its reliability and performance.
price match guarantee

Price match promise

We provide reasonable pricing for our customized service solutions. However, if you find an identical custom server configuration available at a cheaper price from another seller, we promise to match that price for you.
Pre Sales Assistance

Pre sales support

Our pre-sales assistance team will carefully listen to all your requirements and then suggest server solutions for you. They will help you to make the right decision and choose the perfect server configuration that will maximize your business outcomes.
upgrade anytime

Upgrade anytime

We offer appropriate server configuration for your applications and workloads, with the flexibility to scale up in the future. You can update the server components and features at any moment in the future to match your business's growing needs.
Tech Support Available

24x7 Technical Support

We are always active and available to listen to your concerns regarding any of our products and resolve them as soon as possible. Our 24x7 technical support team will provide you with quick solutions if you ever encounter a server issue.



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