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Buy Server Power Supplies from Server Basket at Low Price in UAE

Energy Efficient Power Supplies For Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco Servers

Do you need high-efficiency power supplies that can keep your servers up and running with no downtime? Now take complete control of your server’s power management with the innovatively designed power supplies available at Server Basket. With our exceptional power supplies, you can now eliminate downtimes and ensure business continuity. We have the best power supplies in stock that offer industry-leading power density, 96% efficiency, and superior battery management. We are offering different types of power supplies for various server types and brands. Are you confused about which power supply would best fit your server? Then contact us today to get the most flexible and affordable power supply. Server Basket provides the right power supply that exactly fits in your server and contributes to enhancing your data center performance and reliability. No matter how many power supplies you order, we make prompt deliveries to any location across UAE.

Dell Power Supply Pricing Table:

ModelOutput VoltsWattsPart NumberCompatibilityPrice
Dell 495W +12V/41.25A495W09338DR730XD, R740, R730 Server
  • AED 335/-
Dell 750W +12V/60A750WV1YJ6, 0V1YJ6R630, R640, R730, R740, T630, T640 Servers
  • AED 246/-
Dell 870W +12V/1.5A870WYFG1C, 7NVX8, 3257W, C378K, PT164, VT6G4R710 & T610 Servers
  • AED 581/-
Dell 1100W +12V DC 91.6A1100WPR21CR730xd, R740xd, R720 Server
  • AED 335/-

HP Power Supply Pricing Table:

ModelInput VoltsFrequencyPart NumberCompatibilityPrice
HP 500W 100V – 240V AC50 – 60HZ754377-001HP Gen9 Servers
  • AED. 632/-
HP 750W 100V – 240V AC50 – 60HZ512327-B21 511778-001HP Gen8 and Gen9 Servers
  • AED. 246/-
HP 1200W 100 V - 240 V AC50 – 60HZ570451-101DL380 G6, DL580 G7, DL785 G6, ML350 G6, DL360 G7 Servers
  • AED. 350/-
HP 1600W 200-240V50 – 60HZ830272-B21, 863373-001, 830262-001HP Gen10 Servers
  • AED. 500/-
HP 2400W 200-240V50 – 60HZ500242-001HP BLc7000 Enclosure
  • AED. 500/-

Available for All Leading Brand Servers:

We have the best quality high-end power supplies for all leading Server Brands. The power supplies we offer are compatible with HP, Dell, IBM, Fujitsu, Cisco, etc. No matter if your server is uniquely designed with different dimensions, we have the power supply for you in stock. The power supplies in stock can be installed in rack, tower, and blade server with minimal efforts.

Wide Range of Advanced Power Supplies:

We offer a versatile power supply portfolio that focuses on what you need the most. Get the best power supplies with higher density, efficiency, and redundancy only from Server Basket. Enjoy the optimized set of features that includes both non-redundant and redundant power configurations. Choose from a range of efficiencies like Titanium, Platinum, Gold, and Silver. We offer 490w,1150W and 750W AC power supply.

Run Servers with 100% Uptime:

Round the clock functioning of your servers is very crucial to run your IT operations without any interruptions. Be rest assured while investing in power supplies as our products come with a guarantee of uninterrupted operation and protection against device power supply failures. With our innovatively designed power supplies, you can now run servers with 100% uptime.

High Quality & Reliability:

Business application downtimes result in major monetary and reputation loss. We offer multi-level tested power supplies. Every power supply undergoes stringent testing and verification procedures so that your end customer can access the information and applications without any interruptions.

Redundant PSUs at Low Price:

Power failures cause the entire server to be completely knocked offline. Therefore, you should opt for the redundant power supply units. The redundant PSUs consist of two power supplies, that prevent your server from stopping even if one power supply goes down. Buy the redundant power supply unit for an unimaginably lower cost only from Server Basket and keep your server running 24/7 without any issues.

Reduce Energy Costs:

The more efficient your server power supply is; the less energy it will use. Less energy not only reduces your energy bills but also lowers your total cost of ownership. We offer Titanium power supply with 96% efficiency, platinum PSU with 94% efficiency, and Gold PSU with an efficiency of 92%. These energy efficient power supplies reduce the risk of power failures.

Free Remote Installation Support:

Power Supply is a crucial component of a server. For the power to get delivered on all functional server component, you need to install the unit as per the manufacturer guidelines. Our team is well-versed with all types of servers and power supplies. Server Basket offers free remote PSU installation support so that your server will be up and running always.

90 Day Warranty:

Each power supply we sell is tested rigorously and carries a warranty coverage of a complete 90 days. Our assured warranty allows you to claim replacement if you face any issue with the power supply. In the event of unexpected or sudden failure, we replace the power supply within least possible time.

Shipping Available All Over UAE:

Server Basket provides quick shipping services to any location during the normal and uncertain times. We are associated with top-notch shipping companies that keep you updated from pick up to the final delivery. Our fast delivery services do not include any extra freight charges. Get your power supplies delivered at Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Fujairah, Ras-AI-Khaimah, Ajman, Al Quwain and other cities of UAE within 2-3 business days.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What are Different Types of Power Supplies that Server Basket Offers?

Server Basket offers you the best deals on a wide range of power supplies with either Gold, Silver, Platinum, or Titanium efficiencies. Customize power configuration to either redundant or non-redundant, and choose from 750W, 1150W, or 490W power supplies.

What Does a Redundant Power Supply Mean?

If your server features two or more physical power supplies identical in nature for smooth operation, it is known as a redundant power supply. Thus, if an unforeseen PSU failure occurs, the redundant PSU prevents server downtime.

How Do I Know Which Power Supply is Suitable for My Server?

When selecting the right PSU for your server, take into account your wattage requirements. Consider PSU efficiency, fail-safe architecture, form factor, and cabling preferences to ensure that the power supply is the right fit.

Are these PSUs Energy-Efficient?

Yes, the given catalog of PSUs is highly energy-efficient. A higher efficiency rating leads to lower power loss. Titanium PSU (96% efficiency), Platinum (94%), and Gold (92%) help in minimizing power failure-related risks.

What is the Warranty Period for a Power Supply Unit?

SB deals in extensively tested and certified power supplies. We offer you warranty coverage of 90 days on your PSU. Within the period, you can claim free-of-cost replacements and repairs for your PSU.

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