Linux Server Monitoring

Linux Server Monitoring

  • Real-time Linux server monitoring.
  • Assured fast, reliable, and secure server performance.
  • Customized notification alerts based on user priority.
  • Proactive features to ensure 99.9% uptime.
  • Timely server audits to eliminate malware.
  • Choose from Multiple Linux server monitoring packages.

Starting @

AED 4,999.00 AED 5,748.00 (-13%)

Linux Servers can be hard to monitor and even the IT experts find it challenging to keep the systems up and running. Therefore, you need professional help to manage your work with the Linux server and monitoring of the systems. If you are facing that trouble too, it’s time to seek help from ServerBasket, one of the leading providers of Linux server monitoring. Using our services, you can be assured about your work as you will be using a solid platform for monitoring your Linux server. 

Get the best service that comes with excellent features, including real-time Linux server monitoring, customized notifications alerts, best uptime with protection against malware, and many more. No need to worry about any data corruption. Choose from different packages which offer a variety of features. Select the one that fits you the best monetarily and as per your business needs.

Real-Time Linux Server Monitoring

Get the real-time view of your Linux Server monitoring with ServerBasket. Our platform offers you an advanced interactive and real-time Linux server monitoring tool. Monitor your container or cloud environments, with the complete picture of your dynamic structure in real-time. Many systems administrators use our services as we offer updated and orderly maintained real-time Linux server processes.

Assured Fast, Reliable, and Secure Server Performance

No more worries about slow Linux service! Take advantage of the fast, reliable, and secure server monitoring services offered by us. Be assured of high speed as we can handle your monitoring operations easily in no time. In simple terms, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the quality of services that we provide to our clients.

Customized Notification Alerts Based on User Priority

ServerBasket works as per the user’s requirements as they are the first priority of our platform. We offer a Linux server monitoring server with notification alerts that can be customized as per the client’s requirements. Never miss a critical notification as you get instant alerts or notifications immediately about everything that is happening.

Proactive Features to Ensure 99.9% Uptime

Enjoy the 99.9% uptime for Linux server monitoring. With the salient pro-active features of our powerful and trusted tools, you get seamless functions. Benefit from the uninterrupted uptime for Linux server monitoring. Get a better idea of your system or Linux server’s reliability with ServerBasket’s 99.9 percent uptime assurance.

Timely Server Audits to Eliminate Malware

Signing up with us for your Linux server monitoring means no more worrying about malware in the function. We provide regular and timely server audits to detect malware. Moreover, we take the responsibility to make Linux server monitoring easy for the users by eliminating the malware if any.

Choose from Multiple Linux Server Monitoring Packages

ServerBasket offers services in UAE which includes multiple packages for Linux server monitoring. The cost of the packages vary as they offer a wide range of features such as

  1. Performance metrics (CPU utilization, Network Interface Adapters, etc.)
  2. Analytical capabilities for the distribution of workload and predict your source utilization.
  3. Wide range of notifications.

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