Cisco SAS HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

Do you need a reliable and efficient HDD for your Cisco server? Get the Cisco SAS HDD for your Cisco server from Server Basket, available in multiple part numbers. The SAS-interfaced HDD with a form factor of 2.5” (SFF) and 3.5” (LFF) delivers maximum data transfer speeds of 6 Gbps and 12 Gbps. The 3.5in Cisco SAS HDDs have a maximum storage capacity of 18TB and maintain a rotational speed of 7.2k RPM. The SFF drives come in 10K and 15K rotational speed variants. These HDDs offer high-speed data transfer, high performance, and are energy-efficient.
Purchase high-quality Cisco SAS HDDs from us at an affordable price throughout the UAE and get excellent discounts on bulk orders. After careful testing only, the product will be dispatched to the client’s location. Please take advantage of our 90 days warranty, rapid and safe delivery, and easy returns. Also, get 24/7 technical and installation help from our experts.

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