16/32Gbps SAN Storage


Do you need a high-performing, reasonably-priced SAN storage server to grow your online business? Server Basket offers a wide range of 16/32 Gbps SAN storage systems from QNAP, HP, Dell, etc., to help you build a robust storage architecture for your organization. These storage servers, designed for cloud computing, backup, file sharing, and data analysis, allow several servers in the network to access storage. You may choose the best model for your needs based on an assessment of its framework, performance, capacity, and features. With many business data services, including de-duplication, thin provisioning, and improved encryption, our in-stock SAN storage solutions optimize block data storage for all your mission-critical applications. Visit Server Basket to choose your company’s ideal SAN storage server at a low price and get superfast delivery, secure warranty, and tech support. Contact us NOW!


Easy Accessibility with Centralized Data Storage

Companies may centralize their storage resources by purchasing 16/32 Gbps SAN storage from SB and connecting several servers to shared pools of storage devices. A Storage Area Network device with centralized storage keeps all data in one place, which is readily accessible. IT admins can carry it out physically and gradually manage it intelligently. 


Several Options for Storage Drives

A wide range of 16/32 Gbps SAN Storage Servers, including  All-FLash Storage, Hybrid Storage, Archive Storage, Object Storage, Open ZEE Storage, File Storage, and Block Storage with SATA, SAS, and NVMe HDD and SSD options are available for purchase when looking for a storage server to boost the data storage capacity at a fair price.

Broad Spectrum of 16/32 Gbps Storage Server Brands

A 16/32 Gbps SAN storage server from different manufacturers, such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Huawei, Supermicro, QNAP, etc., may satisfy your end-to-end IT infrastructure storage demands. At SB, we only provide solutions that have been put through testing and verified Grade A, meeting your needs and improving data management and efficiency.

Save and Utilize Storage Space with Data Deduplication and Replication

Due to features like data deduplication and replication, a 16/32 Gbps SAN storage structure is suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises’ usage. That’s why SANs are so attractive to businesses; you may benefit from features that help to maximize storage space capacity and significantly boost storage resilience.


Launch and Run Fully Managed Files with Open ZFS Storage

We offer a 16/32 Gbps SAN storage configuration screen that lets you connect your device and use the Open ZFS Storage Appliance to establish, operate, and scale fully managed file systems. Using this unified solution, you may combine file, block, and object storage on one platform.


Increased Data Efficiency, Scalability, and Data Backup with SAN Storage

SAN storage servers provide high-performance data transfer across storage devices, servers, and data centers once you’ve chosen what you need. Businesses may grow their storage infrastructure per their demands, thanks to SANs’ easy adaptability to large-scale installation. SANs can efficiently serve backup and disaster recovery scenarios.

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Giving clients the best possible buying experience is Server Basket’s goal. You may order any of our products, including the 16/32 Gbps SAN storage, from anywhere in the world, and we’ll deliver it quickly – usually within 2-3 days.


Warranty and Free Demo Support

For any damage or functioning issues, SB offers all its clients a free and secure repair/replacement warranty. Since we continuously work to build strong relationships with our clients, we also provide a free setup demo of our goods.


24/7 Live Chat Support

You may shop with confidence when you choose SB for your needs while selecting your best SAN storage servers. Our experienced staff is accessible via live chat support around the clock to help with technical issues and promptly assist you with iSCSI storage integration with Linux, MinIO clustering, user access restrictions, etc.

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