NAS Storage Servers

NAS Servers- Ideally Suited for Storing Unstructured Data

Do you require scalable storage and better accessibility for your files and data? Are you in need of an ideal storage solution to handle your information in an orderly fashion? Server Basket has a great collection of NAS servers that cater to all our storage requisites in such a way that users can quickly transfer any number of huge files and retrieve data from the centralized storage systems. These storage servers provide easy data backups, and the data will be stored in a safe and reliable way. They are highly compatible with all RAID levels and offer exceptional reliability to intensive applications and workloads. Enriched with pre-configured storage software, these NAS servers act as a host for your drives, memory, and processors. Apart from storing all your information in one location, these NAS servers provide advanced security and protection so that your data is safe and shielded from any attacks. Server Basket sells high-quality storage servers at the best affordable prices. Contact us right away to buy the high-performance NAS servers and bag the perks of free installation guidance, rigid warranty schemes, and quick delivery services exclusive for our UAE customers.


High Performance NAS Servers

Are you looking for robust servers built with diverse hardware? Improve the level of your customer service by using our NAS servers which are quite simple to operate and provide exceptional performance for your file transfers, media, and data backups. Users can anticipate better productivity with our storage servers, even in tedious work environments. Our low cost NAS servers scale up the workload functionality that helps you meet your long-term objectives in the finest possible way.


Centralized Storage for Branch Offices

If you are planning to centralize the storage of all devices in your numerous workspaces, then the NAS storage servers might be a great help to you. Network attached storage ably provides users with a better infrastructure that aids in storing the data and consolidating the storage in a centralized disk. It enhances the storage connectivity of your organization with multiple branch offices. They are secure, scalable, effective, and low-cost storage solutions for your businesses and enterprises.

Fast Accessibility for Connected Devices

Tired of probing around for the data you need? Spare yourself a considerable amount of time as the NAS storage servers offer better and fast accessibility to your files and data lying in the piles of storage. With everything stored in one place, it is really easy for our customers to get hold of any information and work on it. Businesses, e-commerce, and other organizations can exhibit high responsiveness to their customers using these NAS storage solutions.

Appropriate Storage for Large File

Do you want to own a server that can handle your huge files and media storage without any complaints? The NAS storage servers have immense storage capacities that can undoubtedly perform any number of file and data transfers within seconds with its sizeable storage options. Your heavy files, media inclusive of top quality photos, animations, media, high-intensity design applications, etc., can be stored, accessed, transferred in the fastest and the most reliable way using our NAS storage servers.


Compatible with Several RAID Levels

Are you in search of authentic and fault-tolerant servers? Take a look at our NAS storage servers that are compatible with numerous RAID levels to provide high data security and availability while delivering maximum server performance for your workloads. Our NAS storage servers can support RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 2, RAID 5, RAID 10, etc., to combine your multiple physical disks into an accessible single logical unit to avail data reliability at the next level.


Pre-Configured Software for Storage

Do you want to maintain your server storage exclusively for data storing and file sharing? Our NAS storage servers are engineered with pre-configured storage software that is installed on dedicated hardware. These NAS servers hold the storage disks and drives that are formatted to send the data between various devices and systems. By using this systematic storage software, your data requests will be processed in the right way and avail you better data accessing times.


Scale-Up Storage Easily

Does your workload demand you to upgrade the server storage frequently? Then our NAS storage servers would be perfect for you. You can choose among a wide range of storage options available in our NAS servers that are provisioned. On top of that, adding more storage is relatively easy as these storage servers comply with the hot-swap technology. So users don’t have to replace or upgrade existing storage drives each time their work insists.


Free Support for Installation & Server Setup

Are you unfamiliar with the administration of NAS servers? Server Basket is here for you. We offer a free installation service to all our clients. Our team of expert engineers has complete knowledge of storage servers. They’ll help you set up the server in your workspace in no time. Our engineers are highly talented and will clear all your doubts in a way that even people from a non-technical background totally understand what they are dealing with.


Assured Hardware Replacement Warranty

Server Basket believes in the functioning of the servers they sell. To induce the same confidence in our customers, we put up assured replacement warranty schemes on all our NAS storage servers. If you encounter any problems with our servers’ hardware components like RAM, hard drivesprocessors, etc., in the stipulated warranty period, let us know about the issue. We crosscheck and provide you with an immediate replacement of the faulty hardware within the least possible time.

quick and safe delivery

Safe and Quick Delivery All Over UAE

There is no one place in the UAE our delivery agents can’t reach. We offer quick and secure delivery of the ordered NAS servers to all our customers within 2-3 days. We pack the servers in double-walled boxes after wrapping them in multiple protective layers to protect them during transport. Our reliable shipping agents promptly drop-ship the server at your doorstep, including crowded cities like Dubai, Fujairah, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How Do NAS and SAN Differ from Each other?

Both techniques allow storage to be shared among numerous servers and managed centrally. While SAN (Storage Area Network) is a tightly connected network of numerous devices that is more expensive and difficult to set up, NAS (Network-attached Storage) is a single storage device that serves files via Ethernet and is inexpensive compared to SAN.

Can I get a pre-configured NAS storage server?

Yes, go ahead and purchase a pre-built NAS system if you are uneasy using computers in general and don’t want to deal with manually installing large hard disks. They are extremely good, and we are providing them.

Is the network-attached storage server compatible with all RAID levels?

You may set up NAS servers with various RAID levels to boost speed and benefit from RAID disc fault tolerance. The enterprise-level NAS servers used by large organizations can support RAID 0, 1, 5, and 6 levels as well as various RAID configurations.

Are NAS storage servers suitable for small and medium-sized businesses?

Yes, NAS enables small and medium-sized enterprises to centralize, secure, and make all of their data available from anywhere. A NAS has several uses and may be utilized by businesses of any size for personal or office use, which is one of its main benefits.

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