SAP Hosting Services (Dedicated Server)

  • Cost Effective SAP Hosting
  • Increased Performance & Easy Deployments
  • Secure and Scalable SAP
  • Facility of Automatic Backup
  • High Uptime for SAP Application
  • Bandwidth without Limits
  • 24/7/365 Support by SAP Expert

Starting @

AED 319.00 AED 355.00 (-10%)

Do you want to increase the performance of workflows and achieve desired results for your enterprise? Integration of SAP hosting is the ideal solution that helps to create cost-effective infrastructure with reduced upfront costs on hardware and maintenance. We provide instant deployments for your chosen hosting service, which embeds the latest technologies to improve performance. Our SAP-certified solutions can be scalable according to the business needs and provide data security against hacking or malware attacks. We offer regular automated data backups to avoid data loss that allow us to run uninterrupted business workflows. Your SAP applications can run with ultimate performance and high availability under our SAP-based hosting plans. We facilitate unlimited bandwidth to compute high-end applications with zero downtime. Free demo and expert SAP hosting assistance services are available at Server Basket.

SAP Hosting Services Plans Pricing Table:

DS-1Intel E5-2620 (6C/12T)32GB (DDR3)1TB Storage with Raid 1No Limit
  • AED. 319/-
DS-2Intel E5-2670 V2 (10C/20T)32GB (DDR3)1TB Storage with Raid 1No Limit
  • AED. 419/-
DS-3Intel E5-2670 V2 (10C/20T)48GB (DDR3)2TB Storage with Raid 1No Limit
  • AED. 499/-
DS-4Intel Dual E5-2670 V2 (20C/40T)64GB (DDR3)3TB Storage with Raid 5No Limit
  • AED. 619/-
DS-5Intel Dual E5-2670 V2 (20C/40T)128GB (DDR3)1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 3TB Storage Raid 5No Limit
  • AED. 789/-
DS-6Intel Dual E5-2696 V2 (24C/48T)256GB (DDR3)1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 3TB Storage Raid 5No Limit
  • AED. 987/-
DS-7Intel Dual E5-2673 V3 (24C/48T)512GB (DDR4)1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 6TB Storage Raid 5No Limit
  • AED. 1379/-
DS-8Intel Dual E5-2696 V3 (36C/72T) 512GB (DDR4)1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 8TB Storage Raid 5No Limit
  • AED. 1729/-
DS-9Intel Dual E5-2696 V4 (44C/88T)512GB (DDR4)1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 8TB Storage Raid 5No Limit
  • AED. 2219/-
DS-10Intel Dual Gold 6148 (40C/80T)512GB (DDR4)1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 8TB Storage Raid 5No Limit
  • AED. 2719/-
DS-11Dual AMD EPYC 7742 (128C/256T)1TB (DDR4)1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 8TB Storage Raid 5No Limit
  • AED. 4939/-

Cost Effective SAP Hosting

We provide SAP hosting on a cloud environment that reduces the costs of setup and management. Our SAP hosting is developed based on a pay-per-use model that avoids upfront costs and makes hosting services cost-effective. You need to pay for used services only for your small or medium enterprise.

Increased Performance & Easy Deployments

SAP hosting packages deliver high-end performance in increased responses for queries, instant reporting, and assess the records using advanced technologies. Our SAP-IT professionals will plan and execute the deployments of SAP hosting infrastructure based on your business model, infrastructure, innovation strategy, and other relevant factors.

Secure and Scalable SAP

We ensure that your critical enterprise applications run on a secure SAP platform to protect your customers’ data with trust certifications, vulnerability detection tools, and compliance audits. Our reliable SAP solutions come with a scalability feature that allows you to scale up or down based on demand needs.

Facility of Automatic Backup

It’s essential to have backups for SAP-based applications being the backbone of businesses. We offer automated backups and restore your data and files quickly without interruption to your business operations. Regular backup services are available weekly, monthly or yearly, which assures data security and minimal hacking.

Free SAP Demo

Server Basket provides SAP hosting plans with a free demo that is available for a 7-days trial period. You can decide to choose a long-term plan based on the services. We will resolve hosting issues immediately within these 7-days and don’t charge any extra prices or quit the plan.

High Uptime for SAP Application

SAP applications are hosted at our Tier-4 Data Center built with advanced technologies and redundant hardware and security infrastructure. Your SAP server will always run and provide superior performance with 100% uptime and faster response times. Our hosting system provides stability and availability features that will reduce downtime.

Bandwidth without Limits

Our SAP servers provide unlimited bandwidth with new technologies to reduce network connection problems during peak time. The servers render to meet high computing power and demands with unmetered bandwidth. They suit all kinds of applications from small to enterprise-level businesses under unlimited traffic conditions.

24/7/365 Support by SAP Expert

We hire SAP-certified professionals, who provide excellent technical hosting support on different SAP modules like CRM, FICO, etc. They resolve the issues instantly and help to run smooth business workflows and achieve high-end performance. You can reach out to our experts at any time via phone, chat, or email.

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What is a dedicated SAP hosting service?

A dedicated SAP hosting service allows you reliably host your SAP applications on a physical server isolated for a single tenant. You get dedicated resources, a secure environment, easy scalability, and optimal scalability to enjoy the best business performance.

What benefits does a dedicated server offer for SAP hosting?

For SAP hosting, it offers a range of benefits. Since the server is reserved for a single user, without neighbor traffic, you enjoy maximum uptime with zero latency. It also ensures customization, comprehensive security, expert management, root access, and on-demand scalability for incomparable performance.

What is the uptime guarantee for SAP dedicated server?

Under our Service Level Agreement at ServerBasket, we offer our clients an uptime guarantee of 99.99%. It ensures high server availability for dependable application performance. We seek to eliminate downtime for the best user experience.

Is dedicated SAP hosting suitable for small & medium sized businesses?

Yes, ServerBasket’s SAP hosting services are fit for small & medium-sized businesses. It is competitively priced to ensure that SMB clients get all benefits to run their applications and workloads reliably. Get great deals on this hosting only at SB.

What kind of security measures are taken for data protection?

We feature various security measures to secure your data under our SAP hosting packages. The primary measures include advanced firewall protection, backup and recovery services, and DDoS protection for comprehensive security.

Who offers the best SAP hosting services in the UAE?

In the UAE, ServerBasket offers users with the best SAP hosting services. At low prices, SB guarantees dependable resource availability, desired configuration, 99.99% uptime, and 24/7 customer support to customers. You can thus focus on running your business.

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