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Compatible Hard Drive Caddy for All HP Servers

Hard Drive Tray Caddy for HP ProLiant Servers | All Form Factor Available

Do you have SFF hard drives and want to install them in LFF drive bays? Have you purchased storage drives of other brands and looking to insert them in the HP servers through caddies? Install any brand hard drive in your HP server with high-quality Caddy trays available for a low price at Server Basket. The Caddies we offer are made with superior quality materials and are in good physical condition. Each Caddy comes with 4 screws that help to install the SAS and SATA drives tightly. All the caddies are tested individually before they are packed. Buy HP Server Caddy trays at the offer price and mount the hard drive of your choice in the server without any compatibility issues. These caddies can be quickly installed on your HP servers and help the hard drives to work efficiently without any wear and tear. Order caddies now to avail discounts and receive them within less time at your doorstep as we provide swift delivery to all locations in UAE.

Caddy for HP Servers:

Are you in need of a premium quality caddy with which you can install either SFF or LFF drive in the HP servers? We stock budget-friendly Caddies that are suitable for HP Servers of all generations. If you need Caddy for HP ProLiant Rack servers such as HP DL180 Gen9, HP DL360P Gen8, HP DL380P Gen8 etc. or want it for towers like HP ProLiant ML30 Gen10, HP ProLiant ML350 Gen10 etc. or for any blade server including HP BL460c Gen8 server, Caddies that fit in all types of HP servers are available with us.

Choose From Huge Range:

We have a range of highly efficient Caddies which are exclusively designed for HP Gen6, Gen7, Gen8, Gen9 and Gen10 servers. Based on your HP Server model, you can choose the right Caddy from various models that include HP 3.5″ Hot-Swap SAS/SATA Hard Disk Drive Caddy, 2.5″ Hot-Swap SAS/SATA HDD Caddy, HP 2.5″ Hot-Swap SAS/SATA caddy, HP 3.5″ Hot-Swap-SAS-SATA HDD Caddy HP Gen10 2.5″ Hot-Swap SAS/SATA Caddy and many other models.

Add More Storage:

Now you can easily expand the storage capacity of any HP server by using a Caddy. Connect the hard drive of high storage capacity to the Caddy and insert it into your HP server. In this way, you can scale the storage by connecting a maximum number of storage drives supported by the server. No matter what brand hard drive you purchase, choose a caddy according to the size of drive bays in your server to insert the hard drives successfully.

100% Compatible with SSDs & HDDs:

Whether you are planning to install an SSD or HDD in the existing hard drive bay, we have an extensive collection of low cost caddies that can house SAS HDD, SAS SSD, SATA HDD, SATA SSD. Caddies of LFF (3.5″) and SFF (2.5″) Sizes are available with numbers. So you will be able to buy the model that can be inserted easily into the HP server without any issues.

Thoroughly Tested Before Delivery:

Our in-house engineers have vast experience in handling various types of server hard drive caddies. Before proceeding to the packing process, our team will perform numerous tests by inserting different types of hard drives supported by the Caddy that you purchase. A thorough inspection will be done by connecting the Caddy to the servers with various hard drives to ensure 100% compatibility and high quality.

Instant Delivery All Over UAE:

We treat your order as a top priority and deliver any number of caddies as quickly as possible. Server Basket provides prompt doorstep delivery in every location of UAE like Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, Sharjah, Um Al Quawain Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah and many more. To deliver the Caddy’s safely, we do wrap the caddies separately in bubble wrap and then pack them in a secure carton box.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Are These Caddies Suitable for All Models of HP Servers?

Yes. These caddies offer a great fit for all HP server models. Be it an HP rack, tower, or blade server, these high-quality caddies get seamlessly installed into your server. Thus, your hard drives can function optimally without suffering any physical damage.

How Do I Install the Caddy on Yy HP Server?

Select the right LFF and SFF sizes for your caddy tray. It helps determine if your caddy will install on your HP server without any problem. Ensure that the size is as per that of the drive bays to successfully insert hard drives.

Are these Caddies Compatible With SSDs and HDDs?

We host a wide range of highly economical and versatile caddies. These caddy trays can house SATA SSDs, SATA HDDs, SAS SSDs, and SAS HDDs. It has four screws to keep the hard drives tightly in place.

Do You Provide Hot-Swappable SAS or SATA Caddies?

Shop for hot-swappable SAS/SATA caddy trays only at Server Basket. They have durable metal material and allow excellent heat dispersion capabilities. And, they also come with mounting screws to ensure that the installation is easy and secure.

What Can I Do if I Receive a Damaged Caddy from You?

If you receive a damaged caddy from our side, you can contact us. We will verify the damage and send an immediate replacement at the earliest to help ensure your business continuity. Your convenience and satisfaction are our top priorities.

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