Server Fans

Server fans provide effective assistance for dispersing heat produced by power use, which might damage mechanical parts. These integrated server cooling fans dissipate the heat produced by the operation of servers by continuously blowing air through the server unit. The availability of fan servers with varying cooling capacities according to server requirements ensures better operational control of the server as well as its efficient operation. The server is protected by these cooling fans from potential damage brought on by excessive heat. We have a wide selection of alternatives available, including assembled server fans, HP server fans, IBM server fans, Dell server fans, server blower fans, server chassis fans, and system cooling fans.

HP Server CPU Cooling Fans:

ModelPart NumberInput VoltsAmperageCompatibilityPrice
HP DL360 Gen9 Server Fan775415-001, 792851-001, 792852-001, 873799-00112Vdc2.50AHP DL360 G9AED 95
HP ProLiant DL388 G9 Server Fan777285-001, 777286-001, 777289-001, 777288-001
12Vdc2.39AP DL380p G8p, HP DL380e G8, HP DL380 G8AED 134
HP ProLiant DL380p Server Fan662520-001, 667855-B21, 654577-002, 654577-00312Vdc3.30AP DL380p G8p, HP DL380e G8, HP DL380 G8AED 150

Dell Server CPU Cooling Fans:

ModelPart NumberInput VoltsAmperageCompatibilityPrice
DELL PowerEdge Server R630 FanTGC4J12Vdc1.82AR630, R620, and R610 ServersAED 164
Dell PowerEdge R620 Server FanF1YN7, 2X0NG, 21WNT, 14VG612Vdc1.2AR630, R620, and R610 ServersAED 184
DELL PowerEdge R640 Server FanKG52T, RG2X2, 0RG2X212Vdc1.50AR640 ServerAED 153
Dell PowerEdge R720 Server FanKG52T, 0KG52T12Vdc1.50AR720xd, R720 ServersAED 122

Many Options Available, Choose the Right One:

Due to the vital resources they contain, servers are a crucial business component. Such resources may be lost if the server is damaged by heating issues, which will impede an organization’s ability to work. So, always pick server fans that work with your setup. Select the finest choice from the numerous options we have available.

Suitable for Multiple Models of HP and Dell Servers:

We offer a variety of rack server fans from various brands, including Dell and HP that are suitable for Dell R630, Dell R720, Dell R620, Dell R640, HP DL360 Gen9, HP DL380p, and HP DL388 G9 server models. All of our products can offer the ideal solution to keep your organization on track.

Genuine and Certified Fans:

We create cutting-edge, high-performing server cooling solutions through our design and construction processes. The server fans have been designed to meet the requirements of any type of organization. The cooling fans that we sell are authentic and have been approved by professionals, which significantly improves cooling performance, lowers system noise, and extends server lifespan.

Free Remote Installation Assistance:

Our team will offer you unlimited support and assistance, including system upkeep, software updates, and server performance optimization. We have a team that comprises knowledgeable engineers who identify problems and offer solutions. When the server or any of its components are damaged, you can quickly contact us for assistance.

Assure Optimal Uptime and Reliability:

If the server system is equipped with the correct server fans, it can swiftly cool down if it begins to warm up. A cooling solution is used to raise IT uptime and dependability. A properly maintained server with a cooling system also uses less energy and has a lower failure rate.

Low Price Guaranty:

You can get a server fan online and save a lot of money because our rates are far lower than those of the other vendors in the market. Additionally, take advantage of the discounts we frequently offer to our customers by keeping an eye out for our promotions and deals.


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