Refurbished SAN Storage server Price list

  • HP Storage Works p4500 g2

    • designed for Server and Client Virtualization
    • Easy to Use Highly Scalable SAN Solutions
    • Fast and Easy Data Recovery
    • Embedded with Redundant Power Supplies
    • Simplifies Data Management for Virtualized Environments
    • Hybrid Cloud Backup for Ultimate Data Protection
    • High Performance and Productivity with Latest SANs
    • Certified Storage Systems with Replacement Warranty
    AED 23,750.00 AED 25,000.00

    HP Storage Works p4500 g2

    AED 23,750.00 AED 25,000.00 Add to cart
  • HP StorageWorks P2000 G3

    • Affordable SAN Array Solution
    • Comprehensive Data Protection
    • Ideal for Remote or Local Installation
    • Supports SAS & SATA Drives
    • Redundant Hardware
    • Easy Access to Drives & Enclosures
    AED 12,547.00 AED 13,200.00

    HP StorageWorks P2000 G3

    AED 12,547.00 AED 13,200.00 Add to cart
  • HP StorageWorks P4300 G2

    • CMC for High Performance
    • Snapshots & Replication for Data Security
    • Supports Multiple OS
    • Consolidate Data with Storage Clustering
    • Configure System without Downtime
    • Replacement Warranty & 24/7 Support
    • RAID for Data Availability
    AED 9,320.00 AED 9,800.00

    HP StorageWorks P4300 G2

    AED 9,320.00 AED 9,800.00 Add to cart


Does your company need budget-easy refurbished SAN storage servers that offer high throughput and improved data integrity? Purchase the refurbished SAN storage servers online from the ServerBasket store in UAE; save up to 70% in comparison with brand-new. The refurbished SAN appliances at our store pass stringent multi-stage testing at burn-in condition, promising a like-new performance. Empower your architecture with data replication, deduplication, thin provisioning, effective disk utilization, etc., using the quality-tested SAN storage servers from premium brands such as HP, Dell, Huawei, Supermicro, etc. The refurbished SAN systems offer improved data efficiency, scalability, high availability, and security based on block-level access. Buy high-quality refurbished SAN storage servers with 30 days credit and a hassle-free return policy in the UAE.


Wide Range of SAN Storage Servers for Price & Feature Comparison

Continue to shape your workspace storage configuration with a multitude of products from all major brands. Our collection of SAN storage devices comprises models like – Dell EMC PowerStore 5000, HPE Nimble, IBM Flash System 9500, etc. Buy SAN storage servers from the SB online stores with exceptional offers of easy EMI, multiple payment methods, free performance tests, and so on.


Substantial Cost Savings with Responsive Backup Solutions

Refurbished SAN storage servers are budget­t-friendly and dependable­ for companies planning to reduce operational costs, with temporary needs, serviceability, proven quality, etc. Additionally, the used servers are thoroughly tested and refurbished to meet your specifications, ensuring these servers provide the same reliability and performance as new ones.

Maximize Storage Availability and Reliability with Used SAN Servers

Employ SAN storage se­rvers to boost storage accessibility by leveraging RAID for effective data management through striping, mirroring, parity, duplication and snapshots for backup. Their affordability lets you adapt quickly to growing or ad-hoc data needs with consistent data availability, smooth scalability, and efficient resource utilization.

Rigorously Tested and Certified Refurbished SAN Storage Servers

We test thoroughly every refurbished SAN storage­ server. Our fully qualified te­sting team examines, update­s, and rigorously evaluate every storage system. We use trusted hardware­ for all upgrades; this comprehensive­ process helps meet demanding standards, offering reliable­, high-performing storage solutions for businesse­s.


Excellent Discounts and Offers on Bulk Orders

Serve­rBasket provides you with the best economical way to boost your DC or Enterprise storage with powerful refurb SAN storage serve­rs powered for data efficiency and expandability. On all large orders, we extend discounts on shipping charges and product prices and offer useful spares as add-ons.

Quick Delivery in UAE

Swift Shipping, No-hassle Returns

Our Serve­rBasket delivery service extends all over the UAE, covering major cities like Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, etc, ensuring a safe doorstep delivery in the shortest time. Additionally, we provide a handy 7-day return policy, assuring the best e-commerce experience.


Best Warranty Coverage

SB secures the refurbed San storage systems with a genuine 1-ye­ar warranty assurance for customer trust and peace of mind. At the same time, if there are any issues or something doesn’t work correctly, we’ll fix or swap the faulty piece at ze­ro expense.


24/7 Remote Support

Reachable via live chat, phone call or email, our dedicated te­ch professionals are ready 24/7 to help you with shared folder access controls, SAN incident management, and creating and presenting a LUN.

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