Storage Server Rental

  • DELL PowerEdge R730XD Server Rental

    • Ideal for Data Intensive Workloads
    • High Quality Server with Certified Spares
    • Customize Rental Server as Required
    • Receive Discounts on Long Term Rentals
    • Best Choice for Short Term Projects
    • Save More with Cost-Efficient Rentals
    AED 1,460.00 AED 1,536.00
  • HP Storage Works p4500 g2

    • designed for Server and Client Virtualization
    • Easy to Use Highly Scalable SAN Solutions
    • Fast and Easy Data Recovery
    • Embedded with Redundant Power Supplies
    • Simplifies Data Management for Virtualized Environments
    • Hybrid Cloud Backup for Ultimate Data Protection
    • High Performance and Productivity with Latest SANs
    • Certified Storage Systems with Replacement Warranty
    AED 23,750.00 AED 25,000.00

    HP Storage Works p4500 g2

    AED 23,750.00 AED 25,000.00 Add to cart

Are you looking for a reliable rental service provider to lease storage servers? ServerBasket is one of the top vendors; we provide various storage servers for rent at low prices. You will get various branded storage servers for rent, such as Dell, HP, Supermicro, Huawei, etc. We Customize these storage servers as per your business and project requirements. Users can even extend the rental duration. You can also build a private environment with storage servers, cheaper than cloud storage, and store the data at the block level. Using our storage servers, you can experience cutting-edge technology and security features to run resource-intensive tasks efficiently. Moreover, we provide fast and secure delivery across the UAE with minimal shipping charges, a simple 7-day return policy, and 24/7 technical and installation support. 


Easy Returns on Rental Cancellation

 If you are not satisfied with our products or services, or our product fails to meet your expectations, we provide a 7-day easy return policy. Refunds are subject to ServerBasket’s terms and conditions. To know more about the return policy, contact our sales representative.

Return Window of 10 Days

Faulty Component Replacement support

If you receive a damaged or faulty product, the damaged part will be repaired free of charge. If no solution is found, we will provide a replacement for the product.

24x7 support

Free Demo and Technical Support

ServerBasket services also include free demo assistance and technical support. Contact our sales executive and request free demos to understand the product installation better. We help you resolve tech glitches of Data replication, Data deduplication, SAN switch configuration, iSCSI integration, vCenter plugins, protocol compliance, etc.


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