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hard drive caddy

Buy Hard Drive Caddy for Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco Servers

Are you looking for a Caddy that can securely mount 2.5” or 3.5” HDDs and SSDs within your server? Server Basket is offering caddies for all types of server brands at the very lowest price. All the caddy trays we offer are a great addition to your server. Caddy allows you to install SATA and SAS interface drives into your server very quickly and efficiently without any issues. Our caddies are built from premium components and can handle usage/environmental wear and tear while protecting your storage drives. Instead of purchasing from the hard drives for your server from OEMs who them at higher prices, save more money by buying them directly from the makers and insert the drives in any server using our Grade “A” Quality caddies. We are the leading suppliers of reliable caddies in both hot-swap and non-hot swap variations. Install our Caddy in your server and eliminate compatibility issues, various hassles, and time loss. We can provide any quantity of caddy trays you want. We offer quick delivery, so order now and receive your Caddy within least possible time.

Suitable for Any Brand Server:

Looking for the Caddy to protect your costly hard drives and solid-state drives? Want to install SFF drive in your server that supports LFF drives by using a Caddy? We are selling Caddies that are compatible with all brand servers at offer price. You can easily get a secure caddy that can be connected to any rack tower or a blade server from HP, Dell, IBM, Supermicro, Cisco, Fujitsu brands.

Wide Range of Options:

With us, you get various options to choose from 2.5” and 3.5” caddy trays. We also offer both hot-swap and non-hot-swap variations. Our stock contains various types of caddies, including Dell F238F 3.5″ Hot-Swap SAS/SATA HDD Caddy, Dell 2.5″ Hot-Swap SAS/SATA Caddy, HP 3.5″ Hot-Swap SAS/SATA HDD Caddy, Fujitsu A3C40056861 3.5″ Hot-Swap SAS/SATA and many more. You can either buy a single caddy or a pack of 8, 12,24 and many more. Buy Caddy in bulk from Server Basket and reduce your total IT investment costs drastically.

Scale Your Server Storage:

Boost your server storage by installing the best quality caddies into your server. The high-end caddies available with us allow you to connect a varied range of LFF and SFF drives of higher storage space. With these caddies, you can now create more room for storing your heavy applications and massive databases.

Compatible with HDDs & SSDs:

We offer universal caddy trays that are suitable for almost any server. These Caddies are compatible with HDDs and SSDs from leading brands. Whether you want to connect SAS HDD, SATA HDD, SAS SSD or SATA SSD, these caddies give excellent support for all types of storage drives. Our low-cost caddy trays are sold in a package that includes a caddy tray, mounting screws, extra screws, and drive connectors.

Thoroughly Tested Before Delivery:

Our every Caddy undergoes rigorous testing processes with different types of hard drives of various capacities, speeds, and form factors. All the caddies we sell are 100% genuine and provides ultimate security to the storage drives. Before shipping the Caddy, we make sure that it is inspected on all parameters to ensure that it is free from defects.

Quick Delivery Across UAE:

No matter if you buy a single hard drive caddy or in bulk, we offer speed delivery services. We swift offer doorstep delivery to all our customers across the UAE within 1-2 days. We make safe deliveries to Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and other cities of UAE as fast as possible with no extra shipping cost.

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