Brand New SAS SSD

Brand New SAS SSDs built for data centres

Buy High Quality Certified Brand New SAS SSDs at an Offer Price in UAE | Compatible with Dell, HP, IBM and Other Leading Brand Servers.

Do you plan on switching to better SAS drives to meet your growing storage requisites? Are you thinking about upgrading your server storage with top-notch SAS SSDs? Server Basket has the brand new SAS SSDs of both LFF and SFF in multiple storage capacities priced genuinely and transparently. These SAS SSDs have multiple bandwidth options and provide excessive transmission speeds for your server applications with the least latency rates. They are engineered with various technologies to protect the servers from surprise power leakages. The SAS SSDs are well suited for vigorous work conditions, read-intensive workloads as well as demanding I/O applications and exhibit high-performance with great redundancy and extended endurance. These high-quality SAS drives are strong and user-friendly, uses low energy, and possess commensurate durability. You can use these excellent SAS solid drives in your high-end servers for severe web streaming, VDI, transactional databases, etc. Get in touch with us to buy these SAS SSDs at the finest prices and bag the advantages of installation support, replacement warranty, and on-time delivery deals.

Choose from Wide Range of Brands:

Are you in search of a single store that can avail you of numerous SAS drives of established brands? Server Basket has an eminent collection of new SAS SSDs of reputed brands that include Dell, Intel, AGI, SanDisk, Kioxia, and many more. All these branded SAS SSDs have a perfect size and shape to accommodate your server without any complexities. They are enriched with the best technologies to meet all your storage necessities in any pressured situations.

High Speed SSDs with Various Capacities:

Boost up your server storage as much as you need using the SAS SSDs. Users can choose any of the 2.5″ or 3.5″ SAS SSDs with multiple bandwidth and storage variations for their servers used in businesses and firms. You can add storage capacity ranging from 800GB to 30TB depending on the storage necessity of your works. Customers can make use of these intensified SSDs in both extreme and regular work conditions for better throughputs.

Low Operation Cost & Failure Rate:

Reliability is the top preference for every server storage drive. SAS SSDs promise you that without any doubts. The storage intelligence added to the controller in the SSD helps it to sustain in complex environments for a longer duration without any power leakages. On the contrary, these solid-state drives subside the heat on the servers which maintain the storage drive and increase its life. This significantly reduces the operating costs and failure rates of the SAS drives.

Fast Transfer Rates than HDDs:

Anticipating faster transfer rates? The SAS SSDs you buy for your servers have supreme transfer speeds compared to traditional hard disks. These NAND flash-based storage systems allow you to easily switch through multiple applications with better speeds. Moreover, the SAS SSDs have a higher signal voltage that escalates the speeds of data being processed. This offers exceptional transmission rates and accessibility to your server applications, files, and documents, thereby making them much better than HDDs.

Increase Your Server's Available Storage:

Does your server demand more storage with increasing workloads? Take this chance to enhance your server storage capacity with our brand new SAS SSDs. These solid-state drives use flash memory to securely store your excessive storage. The SAS drives have great capability to endure heavy workloads, and by employing them in your servers, you can work on virtualization, complex computing, data analytics, or any other exhaustive tasks with better efficiency and lesser efforts.

Suitable for Read Intensive Workloads:

If you wish to enjoy enterprise storage features in your servers at a low price, you should certainly go for the read-intensive SAS SSDs. These SAS drives come in handy when you want to work on boot/swap, read cache, web servers, or any other workloads and applications that require high reads. These SSDs typically have less endurance of DWPD and make use of lower levels of over-provisioning while improving the read capacity of the server storage.

Consumes Very Less Power:

Do you want an ideal storage drive with the least power consumption? We suggest you try the SAS SSDs that are especially known for their low power usage rates due to the absence of motors like in HDDs. They have a good performance-to-power rating as they draw lesser energies which helps your server to get more work done efficiently without using excessive power. Considering all these advantages, the SAS SSDs might be quite beneficial for your servers.

Backed by Replacement Warranty:

Are you interested in buying the SSD that is backed up by a reliable warranty? Server Basket offers an assured replacement warranty on all its SAS SSDs. Within the given warranty period, if you come across any dysfunctioning in the SSDs you buy, you can reach out to us claiming for a replacement. We will provide you with a genuine spare SSD as soon as we can so that your workflow is not at all affected.

Avail Remote Support for Installation:

Need aid with installation? Server Basket will be at your service. We have a team of technical experts who will dedicate their time and energy to cater to our customers’ installation and technical needs. They will clearly explain every step of the process and ensure that the SSD is mounted perfectly. You can contact us once you receive your SSD package and we will get back to you immediately to help you with the installation.

Safe & On Time Delivery Across UAE:

Do you prefer faster delivery services? Then you’d definitely not have any issues with us because we offer the quickest and safest delivery to all customers in the UAE. After receiving your SAS drive order, we pack the SSD in numerous protective layers and then seal it carefully before dispatching. We safely deliver your product at your desired destination within 2-3 days wherever you live in the country, including Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, etc.

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