Intel Xeon 12 Core Processors

Intel Xeon 12 Core Processors - Ideal for SMEs & Datacenters

Buy Best Certified Intel Xeon 12 Core Processors At Offer Price In UAE | Best Choice For Dell, HP Servers.

Are you planning to upgrade or replace your server processors? Does your data center need a processor makeover to get back on its feet? Improve your server performance by engineering with Intel Xeon 12 core processors built on the best lithography to offer exceptional performance. With its capability to handle best graphic cards, it can be the best choice for A/V editors and motion graphics. Advancement in technology created an ability to turn the impossible to certainly possible. The scalable processor with multiple cores allows the users to perform high-end computations by consuming the least possible power with the finest heat dissipating technologies.

The Intel Xeon processor offers standard security and reliability while providing an enjoyable experience with its advanced turbo boost and hyper-threading technologies. All these technologies promote effective utilization of this server processor which is certified for its seamless functioning. The processor has excellent memory capabilities and suits best to perform virtualization tasks. Get in touch with us today to buy the certified Intel Xeon processor at affordable prices from intel xeon price list and make the best use of free delivery, installation support and reliable warranty schemes.

Intel Xeon 12 Core Processors Pricing List:

Processor ModelClock SpeedCoresvCPUsCachePrice
Intel Xeon E5-2696 v22.5 GHz122430 MB
  • AED. 159/-
Intel Xeon E5 2678 V32.50 GHz122424 MB
  • AED. 452/-
Intel Xeon E5-2673 v32.4 GHz122430 MB
  • AED. 199/-
Intel Xeon Gold 61363.00 GHz122424.75 MB
  • AED. 2162/-
Intel Xeon E5 4657l v22.40 GHz122430 MB
  • AED. 194/-
Intel Xeon E5 2680v32.50 GHz122430 MB
  • AED. 249/-
Intel Xeon E5 2695 v22.40 GHz122430 MB
  • AED. 199/-
Intel Xeon Gold 51182.30 GHz122416.5 MB
  • AED. 1250/-

Ideal for Video Editing, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics:

If you are looking for a powerful processor that can ideally maneuver your video editing and graphic works at a convenient pace, try the Intel Xeon 12 core processor offering a maximum turbo speed of 3.5GHz. The Intel Xeon processor comes with multiple embedded technologies and supports hyper-threading along with turbo-boost technology which when paired with the best GPUs can be the right fit for working on your video editing, visual effects and motion graphic works.

Enhanced Reliability:

Built-in with multiple security features, the Intel Xeon processor is the most reliable platform to protect your files and applications from malicious software and viruses. The 12 core processor binds strictly to the Intel AES new instructions and is protected by Intel OS Guard along with a security key to strengthen employed encryption algorithms. The processor also comes with Intel trusted execution technology, an advanced feature to protect your data from all unexpected external threats.

Highly Efficient Computing

Experience the greater performance and much highly desired computing with the Intel Xeon processors. The 12 cores of the processor allow the system to run successfully on simpler frequencies to perform calculations at exceptional speeds. The scalable processor delivers the bus speeds upto 8GT/s thereby acting as an ideal platform for performing multiple computations without any hassles. The QPI links between the processor and chip-set acts as a catalyst for high speed data transfer to perform striking computations.

Less Power Consumption:

Server processors are subjected to higher workloads all the time, thereby dissipating heat which affects power consumption. This problem is quickly resolved in Intel Xeon processors as they can handle the case temperatures of up to 86°C which generates less heat promoting complex computing tasks quickly with efficiency by using less power. Engineered with thermal monitoring technologies, the processor reduces the power consumption to the maximum extent and allows the system to operate in permitted limits.

Improved Workload Efficiency:

The Intel Xeon processors are specially optimized to perform intensified workloads without any performance degradation. With a maximum of 768GB of memory size, the Intel Xeon processor offers a memory bandwidth of 59.7GB/s that improves the speed and efficiency of the critical server processor workloads. The high performance clock speeds also play a significant role in boosting the overall efficiency of the workloads, even under unusual work conditions.

Suitable for Dell and HP Servers:

The 12 core Intel Xeon processors are perfectly compatible with Dell and HP servers. Irrespective of the server type, the Intel Xeon processors, with their perfect lithography serves best for the prevailing and long existed generations of the Dell and HP server whichever configuration they might come in. With its extraordinary memory specifications, scalability features, security and power dissipation factors, these processors are the ultimate match for the Dell and HP users.

Free Installation Guidance:

Are you worried about installing the processor? Not installing the processor in its specified slot might lead to its undesired functionality and in some cases device failure. Don’t mull over it. Server Basket is obliged to help its customers. Our trained technicians are always ready to guide you until the installation process is completed. Contact us once you receive your 12 core Intel processor, and we will help you get your work done before you even know it.

Swift Shipping Across UAE:

Are you in a rush? Do you need an immediate replacement or upgrade of your existing processor? Rely on us, as we offer swift delivery of your ordered 12 core Xeon processors within 2-3 days guaranteed. We pack the processor to protect it through its shipping and make sure it reaches its destination before the specified time. With the help of our dealers, we deliver the processors to major cities such as Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and Al Ain.

Assured 90 days Warranty:

We sell scalable processors from Intel that come with an assured warranty of 90 days. Our server processors undergo various tests to prove their rigidness before their dispatch. But in any abrupt cases, we are ready to back up your Intel Xeon processor in case of any unexpected malfunctioning during its warranty period. Might it be any place in the country, Server Basket provides an immediate replacement to save you from any sort of inconvenience.

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