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Get Certified Dell Tower Servers for Mail & Messaging in UAE at Low Cost

Buy Refurbished Dell Tower Servers in UAE | Assured One Year Warranty

Cannot invest much on a new Dell tower server? Then refurbished server is the best solution for you. Are you in doubt of the refurbished server quality and performance? Do you think that the refurbished server may hamper your business productivity? With Server Basket, you don’t have to worry about all the above aspects. Firstly, all the refurbished Dell Tower servers come at a portion of the cost of a new server that will reduce your total cost of ownership. Then, the server is multi-level tested that ensures its reliability. Server Basket offers additional discounts on all its refurbished Dell tower servers and provides instant door step delivery for any number of servers. The profitable part is you also receive a range of services such as tech support, installation assistance, detailed quote and pre sales guidance for free.


Huge Collection of Refurb Dell Tower Servers

Choose from a huge list of refurbished Dell tower servers available with Server Basket. Boost your data center activities with the most sought-after refurbished tower servers such as Dell T610, T620, T720, T820 and many more. You even get the option to customize the tower server to your preferred configuration depending on your business needs.

Low-Cost Alternatives to New Servers

When you are low in budget, refurbished dell tower server is the best alternative to the new servers. The best part is that you get the similar performance, reliability and agility as of the New Server. If you buy the refurbished Dell Tower servers from Server Basket, you can save more on your investments. Server Basket beats the price when compared to other retailers.

Low Cost Alternatives to New Servers
Rigorously Tested to Ensure Optimal Performance

Assembled with Genuine Hardware Parts

Our Refurbished Dell Tower servers are valued for their genuinity. Depending on your preferred configuration, we provide you the genuine Dell-certified spare parts. You can check the internal component labels to know their brand and genuinity. Buy the refurbished Dell Tower server in UAE from Server Basket to get the genuine server at a very affordable price.

Rigorously Tested to Ensure Optimal Performance

Our servers go through a stringent refurbishment process. The process consists of testing the tower server on various parameters, then comes rectification and damaged spare parts replacement process, cleaning and then final QA testing. Refurbished Dell Tower servers are re-engineered to offer optimal performance during normal to heavy workloads.

Free Support for Server Installation

We believe in providing great customer satisfaction. And so, offer a range of services that would enhance the performance of your data center, one of them is a free installation help. Our engineers would assist you throughout the installation procedure so that your server is set up in the right way. The right server setup enables it to deliver a good performance.

Best Prices on Top Quality Servers

Even if you are opting for the Dell tower servers with the highest configuration, you will get it at a lower price only from Server Basket. With us, you save exceptionally even on top-quality refurbished tower servers . Enjoy more attractive discounts by purchasing Dell tower servers in bulk quantities.

24/7/365 Access to Tech Support Team

We have a team of trained engineers who are constantly educated on the recent server updates. This helps them to deliver the right support and give you instant solutions. Our technical support service is available 24/7 and 365 days. No matter, in what time zone you work, you can get your issue resolved instantly with us.

Covered by Warranty for One Year

We are known for the product and service quality we offer. The refurbished Dell Tower servers are extremely reliable, and you won’t face any issue. But, just in case due to some external factors, if any issue occurs, we would offer you either free repairs or free replacement of spare parts within the one-year warranty period.

Quick Delivery Service Anywhere in UAE

Server Basket is partnered with well-organized logistics systems that help to deliver you’re your refurbished Dell tower servers anywhere in UAE within less possible time. Whether you are located in Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi or some remote place, we would reach you as quickly as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Do Refurbished Dell Tower Servers Perform as Well as the Brand New Ones?

The refurb Dell tower servers offer the same performance as the new ones and are cost-effective at the same time. These are reliable and can last longer with the least maintenance. These also come with a warranty like the new ones to protect against potential issues.

Can I Get My Refurb Dell Tower Server Customized?

Yes, you can customize the refurbished Dell tower server according to your business needs to attain high performance. You can also scale it up based on the growing business needs. You can choose the RAM, drives, memory capacity, and RAID to build the server of your choice.

Does this Tower Server Come With Genuine Spare Parts?

Yes, this refurb Dell tower server comes with genuine spare parts that assure the best performance and help you carry out computing tasks efficiently. These are affordable and can be replaced or returned if there is any issue during the warranty period.

How are Refurbished Tower Servers Tested?

There are different types of tests that are conducted on the refurbished tower servers, which include visual inspection, hardware testing, stress testing, and performance testing. After carrying out all the tests, the data is also erased to make it a new server.

Why Choose Server Basket for Purchasing Refurb Dell Tower Servers?

The main reasons why Server Basket stands out from the other dealers when buying refurbished Dell servers are due to the many benefits it offers such as incredibly affordable prices, remote installation support, genuine spare parts to replace the old or worn-out components, 1-year warranty, and free delivery.

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