Dell EMC PowerVault NX3340

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  • Ideal for Large Businesses
  • Dual Socket Server
  • Enhanced Performance
  • High Capacity Storage
  • Quick Deployment
  • Simplified Management
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  • All Currencies Accepted
  • Grade ‘A’ Refurbished Condition
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Do you need high storage capacity with RAID level protection for your large business? Are you looking for a dual-socket server with quick deployment and simplified management? Then count on Dell EMC PowerVault nx3340 and get one point solution for all your storage-related problems. Enjoy more flexibility with Dell EMC NX3340 in addition to high availability and built-in clustering. It is perfectly designed to support SMB and NFS files with block protocols such as iSCSI. The PowerVault NX3340 is an effective yet affordable solution, especially when looking for Microsoft Windows Server with the enhanced power of Dell EMC servers. Get both, I.e., simplicity and high potential with Dell EMC PowerVault nx3340. Server Basket offers NX3340 in ready to deploy state to minimize customer efforts. Get a high-quality power vault from us and improve overall business performance through NAS gateway. The best part is it offers streamlined remote work with troubleshooting capabilities.


Suitable for Large Businesses

Dell EMC PowerVault NX3340 offers power, enhanced flexibility, easy to deploy and use storage solutions for the immense organizational data of large enterprises. It enables coherent and adaptable sharing of data with easy access capabilities. No matter how complex and large files you need to store, share and access, it becomes pretty easy with the presence of PowerVault NX3340.

Dual Socket Server with Multi-Core CPUs

With the support of multi-core CPUs, this dual-socket server offers ultra-fast performance. You can execute multiple processes simultaneously and, at the same time, can access boosted processor performance. With the capability of handling more complex tasks, the power vault nx3340 offers absolute processing power. Get more features at low power consumption.

Improved Performance with the NAS Gateway Option

If you are looking for more storage space to increase overall server efficiency, rely on Dell EMC PowerVault nx3340. The NAS gateway option offers central file access and storage, automated backups, easy setup, and reduced hardware costs. With quick access and storage of data, get improved performance for the ongoing tasks.

High Capacity Storage with All Around RAID protection

Do you need expanded storage capacity with RAID level protection? Then count on Dell EMC PowerVault nx3340. With immense storage capacity, it offers an internal PERC H730 internal raid controller with an optional PERC H840. It is capable of supporting two 2.5” HDDs specifically for RAID 1 and four 2.5” HDDs for RAID 5.

Quick Deployment with Simplified Management

Server Basket offers PowerVault NX3340 with the pre-installed operating system to support easy and quick deployment. The pre-installed MS storage servers allow simplified and rapid deployment. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the monitoring and maintenance part as our team is readily available for all such tasks.

Integrated with Dell Remote Access Controller

Are you looking for top-notch storage solutions with remote access capabilities? The Dell NX3340 is precisely designed to offer uninterrupted remote access with the presence of a Remote access controller. It provides an optimum storage solution specifically for remote offices in addition to branch offices. The presence of BranchCache and DFS replication enable reliable data synchronization between the data center and remote office.

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Dell EMC PowerVault NX3340

Form Factor

1U Rack


Dual Processor

Max RAM Capacity

64 GB

Max Storage


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How can I retrieve data in PowerVault NX3340?

Powered by the NAS gateway, the NX3340 offers high availability for simple data management. In case of any loss or damage of data, the data management features like data reduplication, FCI (File Classification Infrastructure), and FSRM (File Server Resources Manager) will help you recover all your lost data easily.

Does PowerVault NX3340 offer a NAS gateway option?

The Dell PowerVault NX3340 is a reasonable Windows NAS appliance, controlling the Window Storage Server 2016. It comes with a NAS gateway option for huge external expansion. It is easy to use and control through a cluster configuration of up to 64 nodes using CSV (Cluster Shared Volume).

How many hard drives can it support?

The 1U Window Storage System NX3340 server supports all instances of SATA and SAS hard drives. The system ships with up to eight 2.5" SAS and SATA hard drives along with an optional optical drive. Depending on the speed and efficiency, the system has two or four hot-swap drives for the OS.

Will I get a pre-installed operating system with this storage array?

In the PowerVault NX3340 Network Attached Storage System, the operating system is pre-installed and has been separated. For fast and easy deployment, the system’s features can be managed without booting into the OS. There are options available to manage pre-operating system applications, such as system setup, lifecycle controller, boot manager, and PXE.

Do I get any warranty for this product?

Yes, you will get 3 years of basic hardware repair warranty offered by Dell for this product. But if you buy Dell EMC PowerVault NX3340 today with ServerBasket, you will enjoy the benefits of quick doorstep delivery, free server installation, and fixed warranty schemes.

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