Juniper Switches

Do you want to install switches that meet the security and performance requirements of your network? Discover our vast collection of Juniper switches available at the lowest prices possible only here at ServerBasket. Designed for branch, enterprise campus, and data center networks, these switches offer sophisticated functionalities. Specifically, the switches have Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity, redundant power supplies, field-replaceable fans for high availability, and switch-to-switch encryption for ease of operation. Furthermore, Juniper switches apply Flow-Based Telemetry for enhanced traffic analysis and detection of unusual activities. Select from the EX4300 series, EX4100 series, EX2200 series, and more with the options of speed, form factor, and features. ServerBasket provides customers in Dubai (Riyadh, Jeddah, and Mecca) instant delivery, best deals, and installation services. Order now!

Open network architecture for integration purposes

Juniper switches come with a flexible architecture for campus and data center environments. It offers Layer 2 and 3 integration to facilitate efficient control and uniformity of the network path. It supports microsegmentation through group policies and guarantees a high level of access control. Juniper switches deliver unique features of unparalleled simplicity and performance with a cloud-ready portfolio.

Flexible payment options

Secure your purchase with better confidence only at In this integration, we provide multiple payment channels with a single interface. There is a possibility to pay with credit or debit cards, using EMI, or through NEFT and other methods, ensuring secure purchases. There are also 30-day credit options and a price-match assurance to provide customers with the utmost satisfaction.

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