HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen11 Server

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  • Offers Flexible Deployment Options
  • Features AMD Processors for Enhanced Performance
  • Supports Up to 6 TB of DDR5 Memory
  • HPE’s Smart Update Technology
  • Features HPE’s Smart Update Technology
  • Features Advanced Security Options
  • Round the Clock Tech Support
  • Free Worldwide Shipping
  • All Currencies Accepted
  • Grade ‘A’ Refurbished Condition
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Buy HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen11 Server at Best Price:

If you are serving a highly advanced data center, you just need a server that combines modern technology with integrated security and flexibility. If you missed out on the HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen11, now is your chance to utilize this highly powerful solution for any workload.

This 2U rack-optimized server is designed to deliver outstanding performance, high data transfer rates, and enhanced memory capabilities. Additionally, you will see a moderated use of technologically advanced fourth-generation processors that support multiple cores, elevated Gen5 PCIe input and output, SSD configurations, and GPUs. And the benefits don’t end there; you will also get an advanced level of security features that are combined with HPE’s trust value. Overall, it is a perfect combination for organizations that work with AI, ML, and Big Data analytics workloads. So, what are you waiting for? Just grab the best deal at ServerBasket today.

Experience the Speed of Advanced Processor:

In terms of hardware, HPE introduced the DL385 Gen11 server, which is powered by two AMD EPYC fourth-generation processors. With the capability of up to 96 cores and next-generation 5nm technology, experience the high-speed processor that is designed to manage secure installation and visualization, and memory protection.

Designed to Handle Heavy Tasks:

The HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen11 provides the best possible solution for large data analytical applications and demanding computing tasks of design and virtualization. It is basically designed as a perfect server solution for those who need computing and data storage for heavy workloads along with high storage and I/O scalability.


Advanced RAID Controller for Secure Data:

The HP server are used by many companies because of its great security features and manageability of data storage. An ideal 2U/2P system, the HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen11 server offers hot-pluggable RAID M.2 boot options and HPE Tri-Mode storage controllers, providing you with a high level of security for your data.

Up to 6TB Capacity DDR5 RAM:

HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen11 provides you with 12 DIMM slots per CPU and DDR5 memory with a total of 6TB capacity. It will improve memory throughput and efficiency at a lower cost. It enhances I/O performance and lowers latency, thanks to faster network quality and enhanced speed for data transfer.

Upgrade Your Data Center Efficiency & Reliability:

Expand your IT infrastructure with the new HP DL385 server portfolio with a higher level of performance and efficiency, giving you an enhanced solution for both hybrid and cloud environments. You will also have secure access and be able to monitor and manage facilities from anywhere, which will definitely upgrade your data center.

Configure to Fit Your Business Needs:

It makes no difference to us whether you are running a large organization or working with a small business. In any case, you can request a customized configuration of your DL385 G11 server and its hardware to handle all workloads in accordance with its intended purpose.

24/7 Chat and Call Support:

We always want to maintain a trusting relationship with our clients. However, if you have any problems with the installation of HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen11 or other technical issues, you can contact our team or have a chat with them, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Get a free Quote:

You decided to choose a ProLiant gen11 server for your data center, but what specifications best fit your business needs? Don’t be a thinker anymore and just request a free quote. Send us your requirements, and we will be back to you with the perfect server solution.

Get Fast and free Delivery:

If you buy the HP DL385 Gen11 server online with us, you are very likely to get the lowest price compared to other vendors. Furthermore, your product is immediately delivered to your doorstep safely and securely, at no extra cost. Also, all the products we deliver are genuine and certified.


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Which brand of processors is compatible with the HPE DL385 G11 server?

The HPE DL385 G11 server is compatible with the 4th Generation AMD EPYC 9004 series CPUs. The power-efficient processor family maximizes up to 128 cores with 400W power, 1152 MB L3 cache, and speeds up to 4.4 GHz for enhanced multi-tasking and computation. Some of the compatible models include the 9124 3.0GHz 16-core, 9224 2.5GHz 24-core, 9334 2.7GHz 32-core, 9454 2.75GHz 48-core, 9554 3.1GHz 64-core, 9634 2.25GHz 84-core, 9654 2.4GHz 96-core, 9734 2.2GHz 112-core, and 9754 2.25GHz 128-core, with respective part numbers are P53702-B21, P58540-B21, P53712-B21, P53708-B21, P53700-B21, P53705-B21, P53696-B21, P60465-B21, and P60463-B21. Altogether, these latest AMD processors offer significant increases in processing performance and efficiency for high-end workloads.

What is the maximum memory offered by the DL385 G11 server?

The HPE DL385 Gen11 server has a maximum memory capacity of up to 6TB of 4800MT/s DDR5 modules across 24 DIMM slots. This extensive memory capacity allows running heavier in-memory workloads, thus processing faster. The compatible modules are as follows - DDR5-4800 (CAS-40-39-39) EC8 single-rank memory of 16GB and 32GB with part numbers P50309-B21 and P50310-B21 respectively, as well as dual-rank options of 32GB and 64GB (1x64GB) with part numbers P50311-B21 and P50312-B21. Furthermore, the 96GB (1x96GB) CAS-46-45-45 module with part number P66676-B21, a CAS-46-39-39 Quad Rank 128GB (part number P50313-B21), and an Octal Rank 256GB module with part number P50314-B21 fit into the platform. The DDR5 memory offers a higher bandwidth and lower latency. ECC ensures resilience by providing error checking and correction. To sum up, this massive memory configuration enables performance advantages for memory-intensive applications.

How many and what kind of storage drives does the HPE DL385 Gen11 server support?

This HPE Gen11 server supports up to 3 PCIe Gen5 NVMe drives, 12 (LFF) SAS/SATA drives plus up to 4 optional LFF mid drives, 24 small form factor (SFF) SAS/SATA/NVMe drives plus up to 8 optional SFF mid drives and 2-optional SFF rear drives, and up to 36 EDSFF drives for configuring a max storage of 522.24 TB. Here are some of the compatible drives: 12G SAS - SFF HDDs ranging in capacities of 300GB, 900GB, and 1.8TB with part numbers P28028-B21, P40432-B21, and P53562-B21 respectively, as well as LFF HDDs available in capacities of 8TB, 12TB, and 14TB with part numbers 834031-B21, 881781-B21, and P09155-B21 respectively. Furthermore, 12G SAS - SFF SSDs of 960GB, 1.92TB, 3.84TB, and 7.68TB with part numbers P40506-B21, P40507-B21, P40508-B21, and P40509-B21 respectively and NVMe Gen4-SFF-SSD drives 1.6TB, 3.2TB, and 6.4TB with part numbers P50227-B21, P50230-B21, and P50233-B21 are also usable.

How many power supplies does the HP DL385 Gen 11 server have?

The HPE DL385 Gen11 server has up to 2 redundant, flexible slot power supplies to ensure efficient operation for AMD EPYC dual processors and high-performing components. Recommended power supply options are HPE 1600W -48VDC & 800W Flex Slot Platinum models (part numbers P38997-B21 and P38995-B21), Titanium variants of 1000W, 1800W-2200W (part numbers P03178-B21 and P44712-B21), and  -48VDC option of 1600W (part number P17023-B21)

Which security features does the HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen11 Server provide?

The DL385 Gen11 server leverages the embedded AMD Secure Processor to enable security features like secure boot, memory encryption, FIPS 140-3 validation, Advanced Encryption Standard, Commercial National Security Algorithms, Triple Data Encryption Standard, rollback firmware, Bezel Locking Kit, Tamper-free updates, TPM (Trusted Platform Module) 2.0  and secure virtualization. HPE builds on this with its silicon root of trust baked into the firmware, creating a digital fingerprint for pre-boot validation. Together, these protect against firmware attacks and help ensure secure operation.

What management software does the HPE DL385 Gen11 server come with?

The DL385 Gen11 system comes with the new HPE Integrated Lights-Out 6 (iLO 6) server management software. iLO 6 enables comprehensive monitoring and control of servers locally and remotely. Key capabilities include health monitoring, firmware updates, restore backups, power and thermal optimization, advanced security features, and more. iLO 6 provides robust tools to manage and maximize the uptime of HPE servers.

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