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Are you looking for affordable network routers? All businesses need to connect their offices and facilities with the rest of the world over the internet. A router plays an important role here. It is a physical or virtual device that is engineered to receive, interpret, and then forward the data packets between different networks. A router can be used in small networks as well as large-scale networks. We, at Server Basket, have routers from various popular brands that can provide a reliable and stable network for all types of workloads. They can offer protection to your network against network storms and always keep your operations up and running.


Create Multiple Networks with One Router

A router can be used to connect multiple switches, each with its own network, to create a larger network. It chooses and provides the most efficient route for data to be forwarded in a network. With just one router, you can build several networks in a single area or across multiple sites. A router allows your business to connect and interact with the world.

Connect Various Devices Simultaneously

Network routers can be used to connect multiple devices such as computers, printers, mobile phones, etc. By definition, a router can have 254 devices connected to it but practically it can support around 250 connected devices. It can be connected internally with other routers and you can create zones that run independently. You can use a router to establish a secure connection among all your office IT hardware and devices.

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Can be Used in LAN and WAN

A router can be used in local area networks (LAN) as well as wide area networks (WAN). LAN routers provide connectivity between multiple hardware assets, for example, in an office. It can establish connections with other networks on a WAN. A router allows your local network to interact with other networks on a WAN and also gives you features like traffic monitoring, etc.

Different Types of Routers Available

There are many router types and network router brands like Cisco, HP, Juniper, D-Link, etc., available with us. Wireless routers use antennas to transmit data whereas wired routers share them through cables. Virtual routers are software that allows computers and servers to behave as routers. Edge routers share data packets between multiple networks but not within an individual network. Core routers share data packets within individual networks, but not between different networks.

Support VPN Pass-through Functionality

Most of the routers are designed in such a way that they can support VPN pass-through functionality. The VPN passthrough function allows two secured networks to connect over the internet. It assists the system within the firewall of your router to access a remote network. Basically, the VPN pass-through allows VPN traffic to pass through your router easily by establishing an outbound VPN connection.

Data Transfer in Form of IP Packets

Routers have got their unique name due to the fact that it “routes your data across a network or networks”. They share your data in the form of IP packets. Firstly, a router examines the IP packet headers by looking at the destination IP address and the routing table. The routing table specifies which connection or connections the IP packets should be sent to next.

Protection Against Network Storms

Network storms can significantly tamper with the performance of your network and can even shut it down instantly. It happens when an unusually high number of broadcast packets are flooded into a network within a short interval of time. This consumes a large number of network resources and slows the traffic transferability of your network. Good-quality routers come with the capability to provide protection against such network storms.


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