Server Rental In Ajman

dell hp and cisco servers for rent in uae

New Servers on Rent for Startups & Small Businesses in Ajman, Save Your IT Budget

Create your best IT infrastructure with affordable rented servers only from Server Basket. Now make your processor-intensive workloads run smoothly and efficiently. The rented servers we offer are of known brands and high-quality hardware. We provide all types of servers from basic configurations, mid-level to enterprise-grade servers. The rented servers have unimaginably lower prices and are ideal for start-ups and small businesses. Choose from the rack, tower, and blade server without worrying about the upfront cost. We provide servers on lease, starting from a minimum time period of 6 months to a maximum unlimited period. With us, you will have to pay a very lower price when compared to our competitors and market price.

All Top Brand Servers for Rent:

With us, get guaranteed assurance of quality and top brands. We offer brand new servers on rent of top brands such as Dell, IBM, HP, Cisco, and others. Get the best brands with an array of processors, memory, and storage options. The big server brands are of high quality and provide you with increased business productivity.

Upgrade to Latest Model at Any time:

With us, server rentals for start-ups get easier and affordable. As the business grows, you need a higher configuration server. Server Basket is the only online retailer in Ajman that provides you with Server upgrades to the latest model depending on your business and application needs.

Save Money on Expensive Servers:

Save the upfront costs and thus your IT budget with the Server basket. Rent GPU server for small businesses and start-ups in Ajman at a very lower price. With servers on rent, much of your investment cost is reduced while you receive high-end servers that deliver heavy performance and increases your business productivity.

Best Quality Rental Severs:

Server Basket offers the most efficient technology that exactly fits your IT needs. The servers on rent are of high quality and offer an ideal platform for eCommerce stores, high-traffic websites, big data analytics, and applications with high-load databases or file storage. These low-cost, efficient servers offer guaranteed top-notch performance.

Instant Hardware Replacement:

If you face any issue with the server or you want an upgraded server, then we are the one-stop solution. With us, you won’t face a longer wait time. You will receive instant hardware replacement and a higher-configuration server at the very lowest price and within less time.

Reasonable Rental Rates:

Our price is the lowest in the market. Depending on the server models, configuration, and add-ons you choose, we offer you the lowest priced package when compared to our competitors. Our pricing is based on a monthly or yearly package. Whether you are opting for basic or high-end servers, our price is the lowest.

Fast Delivery to Any Location in Ajman:

You won’t have to worry about the server delivery if you are located in Ajman. We are associated with the best logistic companies of Ajman, who allow us to deliver the servers within the least possible time.

Free Installation and Tech Help:

With lower-priced servers on rent in Ajman, you also receive free installation help and 24/7 technical support. Installation support includes hardware configuration, software installation, and testing. During the normal server working condition, if you face any issue, then our team of technical experts would guide you and resolve your issues within very less time.

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