8Gbps SAN storage


Do you need a high-quality storage server with ultra-speed data transfer and advanced security features? Server Basket is a reliable online store; we provide SAN storage servers for all sizes of businesses requiring higher storage capacity and performance. The 8 Gbps storage server from our store gives better scalability to store, access, and recover vast data with features enabling quick, reliable, and cost-effective data storage and management. Buy the best SAN storage systems in SSD, SAS, and NVMe variants from our No. 1 digital store and avail yourself of benefits like 24/7 technical assistance, assured warranty, and free repairs and replacements. Reach out to us for more info on our products, including sales support, returns policy, free demo, etc.


Extensive Range of 8 Gbps SAN Storage Server Brands and Models

We at Server Basket provide a wide range of SAN storage servers with 8 Gbps speed at ultimately low costs. Our extensive collection includes multiple brands like QNap, Lenovo, HP, Dell, IBM, Cisco, etc., in various models like HPE MSA SAN Storage, Dell EMC PowerVault ME4084, HPE 3PAR, Dell EMC PowerVault ME4012, and more.


Scale Storage with Multiple Storage Drive Options

The 8 Gbps server supports scalable NVMe, SSD, and SAS configurations for your particular application or workload. SAS and SSD drives will adequately manage medium-duty workloads; NVMe is the best suited for data-intensive applications. These storage options help to enhance the efficiency and performance of a server.

Achieve Optimized 8Gbps FC Network for Fast Access

Fiber channel network in an 8 Gbps storage server supports data replication and backup. It is very flexible and allows faster data transfer and access. It is suitable for IT professionals who require cost-effective, reliable information storage and delivery at higher speeds.

Compatible with Multiple OPerating Systems

Our store’s 8 Gbps SAN servers are compatible with operating systems like OpenStack Cinder, Citrix, Veeam, Android, Linux, Windows, and more. It enables you to increase productivity and customize your user experience. Select the best-suited OS for your SAN storage to meet your needs. 


Safeguard Data with Secure Boot and Firmware Validation

Firmware validation in SAN storage helps safeguard local device information’s secrecy from hardware attacks. Secure boot is a security solution that finds related threats to which devices are exposed. These valuable security features will help to save your system and data from malware.


Improved Data Efficiency and Resource Availability with Clustering

The significant benefits of the clustered feature in SAN storage servers are increased resource availability, enabling access to required data without downtime. Highlighting features include higher scalability, performance, flexibility, availability, decreased IT costs, and a personalized infrastructure.

Return Window of 10 Days

Trouble-free Return Policy

We strive to offer high-quality services to our customers in the UAE to meet their business requirements. If you are unsatisfied with your product, we will facilitate a hassle-free return.


Warranty Support

With our extensive experience and reputation, you can confidently purchase. We genuinely provide an assured warranty service on storage servers. We help you make easy returns and replacements within the warranty period without any additional charges.


Around-the-Clock Technical Support

To help you get started, we help you with easy setup and offer 24/7 technical support. We assist you with vCenter Plugins, SAN incident management, creating and presenting a LUN, and snapshots.

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