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Do you want to buy a Windows storage server from an authorized and credible online store in UAE validated by multi-level testing and a simple returns policy? Stop worrying! Buy brand-new and refurbished Windows storage servers to build scalable, data-optimized, and highly available storage solutions for your SMBs, Enterprises, and Data centers in UAE from the ServerBasket online store. Find Windows-run Storage servers from all brands on sale at the SB store at pocket-friendly prices. Upgraded with cutting-edge security features like secure boot, encryption, etc., the Windows storage servers flawlessly protect your storage data from unauthorized access, ransomware, brute-force attacks, etc. They bring you the benefits of easier deployment, management, and backup and promote profitable economics. We assist you in customizing the Windows storage appliance of your choice per your business requirements for more significant cost savings, infrastructural optimization, and improved productivity. Additionally, you can experience high availability and scalability by deploying Windows storage servers in your work environment.


Choose from Various Editions of Windows Storage Server

Buying reliable, customizable Windows storage servers is now simple and cost-effective. Discover a wide selection of data center-ready Windows storage servers from leading brands like Dell, HP, Supermicro, and Huawei, offered with easy EMI on ServerBasket. The easy-to-set-up and maintain Windows servers optimize your data performance with excellent QoS and allow seamless expandability.


High Availability Solutions, Optimized for NAS Devices

Explore highly available Windows storage servers that offer improved storage solutions for your businesses. They feature Failover clustering to ensure data remains accessible even during server failures and are designed to meet NAS storage needs. Ideal for organizations requiring 99.9 % uptime, the Windows servers combine redundancy, efficiency, and simplified management.

Data Replication, Data Preservation with Archive Storage

Effectively manage long-term data storage and accessibility by employing Windows Storage Servers as Archive storage appliances with robust archival, storage, and retrieval capabilities. By replicating copies across multiple sites and preserving your crucial data, it remains securely stored and readily retrievable when needed, even years later.

Scalability, Fast Recovery and Reliable Backup

Experience high scalability, fast recovery, and reliable backup with the best Windows storage servers, now available at affordable prices from ServerBasket. Customizable to fit business needs, the servers enable data replication and advanced snapshot features for quick data recovery and minimal downtime in case of failure.


User Access Rights Configuration to Maintain Security

Windows storage servers allow admins to configure user access permissions and restrictions with a pre-defined policy. The feature helps prevent unauthorized users from accessing confidential data that could harm your business prospects or identity. Control over access allows you to permit trusted users while restricting harmful third-party access that puts sensitive information at risk.


Support for iSCSI, Fibre Channel, SBM, NFS, ReFS Protocols

Build block, file, hybrid, all-flash, Open ZFS, etc storage with the Windows-based storage servers from SB. They support protocols like iSCSI, SMB, NFS, and more for efficient data access, storage, and exchange. The multi-protocol support and compliance enable the administrators to detect and resolve data corruption issues. Shop now for customizable, resilient Windows storage servers with rapid recovery capabilities.

Quick Delivery in UAE

Quick & Safe Delivery

ServerBasket is one of the top suppliers; our delivery services extend all over UAE, including all popular cities, such as Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al-ain, and more. We provide swift and safe shipping no matter where you are. In addition, we also offer a 7-day return policy.


Installation, Configuration Support

ServerBasket comforts you with free installation and configuration support. Our skilled technical support team helps install software or hardware on your server remotely and assists you in configuring LUN, user access permissions, protocol compliance, KVM, etc.


24/7 Troubleshooting Help

In an emergency or problem, contact us quickly through live chat, call, or text. Our technical support experts provide 24/7 troubleshooting assistance for issues like ESXI snapshot integration, Health checks, Security lapses, etc.

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