10Gbps NAS storage


Will switching to a 10 Gbps NAS server give your company the best possible performance and high-speed networking? The answer is yes. Extending 10 GbE connectivity to a wider variety of product lines, including residences, small companies, and high-end corporations, is Server Basket’s mission. We provide ISCSI NAS storage with an integrated 10GbE connection, which is quick, dependable, and economical. It is perfect for transferring, storing, and backing up massive files. We provide all compatible operating systems and flawless hardware with 10Gbps speed for your NAS server. These servers also help eliminate performance bottlenecks, boost workflow efficiency, and enable smooth workload across several workstations. Do you need help selecting your next networking storage solution? Server Basket is all you need. Get in touch with us right now.


Broad Selection of 10Gbps NAS Storage Servers

Visit ServerBasket.ae to explore the wide collection of 10GbE NAS systems if you need help deciding which NAS storage device is perfect. We offer server models from companies like HP, Dell, Huawei, and others, that provide centralized, shared data storage for your corporate teams.


Run Effectively on Multiple Operating Systems

We provide professionally tested 10Gbps NAS storage server solutions that are compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Linux and Windows. Samba is also used for file sharing across OSs via SMB protocol, and it has additional strong characteristics for I/O intensive jobs, mission-critical corporate applications, and rapidly expanding data storage requirements.

Synchronize Data Quickly and Securely with Cloud Sync

Server Basket offers the best enterprise NAS storage solution, which makes it possible for you to swiftly and securely find and synchronize your data while setting up your company’s cloud server. Using an internet-connected NAS system, you may transfer data between your local NAS and public cloud or on-premises storage.

Granular Security Features for Convenient Backup, Recovery

Granular recovery is possible with NAS storage and ease of backup production. As a result, companies can restore certain files, folders, or data items, and individuals may quickly retrieve particular files and objects using image-based backups. Granular security features make it easy to back up and retrieve data.


Lower Costs, SimpleOperation of NAS than Other Storage Devices

As our self-hosted NAS systems are efficient, scalable, and have a large capacity, they are preferred by any enterprise. Although NAS has many benefits, we designed it cheaper than other storage devices with all-flash, NVMe, and SAS interfaces, which may also provide logical storage organization for easier performance.


Safe, Reliable Centralization of Data Storage for Authorized Users

As you might expect, our primary goal is to provide authorized users with the most appropriate and dependable centralized data storage system possible. The advantage of centralized data storage is that it allows for safe, one-stop access to information while preventing unwanted access by keeping it available from several locations.

Safe and quick delivery in uae

On-time Delivery Across UAE

You may purchase networking anywhere in UAE to get 10Gbps NAS storage for your data center at no additional cost. When you buy from SB, your products will be delivered swiftly, safely, and securely to your address.


Best Warranty and Replacement Support

You receive trust value when you purchase a 10 Gbps NAS storage server from SB. A secure warranty covers each item against damage and malfunctions. If something breaks, this guarantee covers replacement components or repair services.

Free Remote support

Free Demo, 24/7 Technical Assistance

To be sure the 10 Gbps NAS Storage will operate with your current IT setup, ask for a trial before purchasing. Our experts and specialists are also available for contact; they will promptly address any technical issues like FTP configuration, firmware validation, and vCenter plugins.

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