Dell Blade Servers

dell blade servers

Do you need a fine server that could fit in your undersized workspace? Longing for a potential server that can reduce your power and maintenance costs? The Dell blade servers are one of their kind to provide you a power-packed service in very little space. These servers are earmarked for their lesser cabling, easy management, and low power usages. They are utterly favorable for the people who work on virtualization, high-performance and grid computing, small or in-house data centers, IT offices, e-commerce, and other organizations. They are packed with scalability and performance in terms of storage, memory, processors, and other factors as well.

Server Basket is the most trustworthy seller of these eminent Dell blade servers and enclosures. We have a wide range of pre-configured and customized servers tested and certified stocked up in our warehouses. We price all these Dell servers considering the prevailing market prices that will be frequently updated to avail you of the legit prices. Contact us to know more about these Dell blade servers that come along with free technical and installation help, assured seller warranty, and prompt delivery to any corner of the UAE.

Huge Range of Blades & Enclosures

Are you in search of a reliable platform that sells the server blades and blade enclosures at the most reasonable price? Server Basket has a huge and high-quality collection of Dell blade servers and PowerEdge blade enclosures that are ready to be deployed. They are highly manageable and level down the complexity and cost of your server control. We have numerous Dell blade servers and enclosures that include Dell M640, M830, M630, M1000e, and many more.

More Processing Power in Low Space

One of the many best reasons to buy these Dell blade servers is that they are compact in shape and can offer the enhanced performance and productivity compared to other server models. With the help of these blade servers, you can execute and run critical and loaded applications in a fast and efficient manner. Users can be benefited from more processing power in less space when employed these Dell servers in their business, organization, or IT offices.

Add Servers Based on Demand

Does your business or organization demand frequent server configuration upgrades? Stop wasting your money on traditional server models and lighten your workspace with our Dell blade servers. They offer flexible scaling options by allowing you to add any number of server blades whenever your work demands. Using these Dell blade servers is exceptionally beneficial for users with tight and busy schedules as they slice up the deployment times to a great extent saving your time and energy.

Best Option for Grid Computing

If you are looking for an imperishable server to run your grid computing workloads, then the Dell blade servers would certainly entice you. Our Dell servers are enriched with coordinated resources that proffer interoperability and integration facilities to your workflows. These servers form a consolidated platform to provide users with excellent computing and storage solutions. Every resource availed by these blade servers will be utilized entirely for the grid computing tasks to impart efficient and anticipated outputs.

Suitable for Virtualization & HPC

Are you in need of a powerful server that can handle and run your complicated high-end workloads effectively? Try the Dell blade servers that are optimized to comply with your numerous virtual platforms and high-performance computing works. With the reduced downtime, enhanced power and cooling efficiency, super-easy management and deployment, large memory and storage capacity, and high-density form factor, these Dell servers will ideally support your virtualization and HPC workflows efficiently at all possible times.

Reduces Management Hassles & Power Costs

Do you want to own a server that is both user-friendly and economically-favorable? The Dell blade servers will undoubtedly help your businesses and organizations minimize the management hassles whilst allowing them to stay competitive and energized. They are notable for cutting down the power costs as they consume up to 20% less power in comparison with other regular servers. Users can decrease their operational expenses to a great extent by employing these magnificent Dell blade servers in their workspace.

Customized & Pre Designed Blade Servers

Buy the highly potent Dell blade servers that are configured the way you anticipated. Server Basket puts forth the pre-designed and customizable blade servers, and you can choose a model that fits your work requirements. Our pre-designed Dell servers are equipped with the most in-demand hardware configuration that is approved by in-field experts. If you couldn’t find the configuration you are searching for, then we will customize the Dell blade server depending on your needs in no time.

Requires Less Cabling

Are you fed up dealing with the pile of server cables? Switch to the Dell blade servers that proffer its users with better cable reduction. The blade server chassis of this server can aggregate the cable of up to 10 servers at once, which significantly untangle the cabling process. The Dell blade servers are quite handy as they are engineered with fabric switches, integrated KVM, and a simple cable management system, thereby captivating all the modern server users.

Installation Support & Remote Support Included

Don’t know exactly how to handle these Dell blade servers? Don’t worry. Server Basket will take care of that as well. We have a team of trained technicians who have complete knowledge about the Dell servers. They will guide you through the entire installation procedure and ensure that the server is up and running. We also offer a free of cost technical support to all our customers where our team will be available round-the-clock to answer your queries.

All Covered Under Seller Warranty

Concerned about the working of the Dell blade servers you buy from us? Server Basket is very cautious when it comes to selecting its servers. Every Dell blade server you buy from us will be accompanied by an infallible seller replacement warranty that covers all physical and functional issues you encounter with the server during the mentioned warranty period. Our technical team will identify the faulty hardware hampering your workflows and replace it with genuine spare parts immediately.

Fast & Safe Delivery Across UAE

Server Basket is very careful when it comes to delivering its products. We provide our users with prompt and secure delivery of the ordered Dell blade servers. After enveloping them in multi-layered corrugated boxes, we seal the package tightly and ship them to our reliable delivery agents. They will drop-ship your Dell server at your desired destination in less than 3 working days to any city in the UAE, including Ajman, Al Ain, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is the Difference Between Dell Blade, Rack and Tower Servers?

Dell rack servers can fit several servers into the standard rack enclosure. The blade server contains shareable memory, CPU, and network controllers and can be installed in smaller spaces. Tower servers occupy more space but offer better performance.

What are the different Dell Blade Server Models?

Different Dell blade server models that are available include – Dell m620, m630, Dell Poweredge 1955, m610, m640, m520, m910, m600, m1000e, m420, m710, m820, m830, and so on.

What are the Advantages of Dell Blade Servers?

Dell blade servers are easier to manage, assure excellent performance, are good to be used for virtualization and HPC applications, consume less power, offer higher processing power, and are scalable to add the blades besides costing you less.

Are these Blade Servers Compatible with Blade Enclosures of other Brands ?

No, these blade servers are not compatible with the blade enclosures of the other brands.

What is the Basic Price of a Dell Blade Server?

The basic price of a Dell blade server starts from AED 10,000. However, there are different server models available The Dell blade servers can be customized according to the specifications you want to meet your computing needs and fit your work requirements. These servers are equipped with in-demand hardware configurations, delivering enhanced performance.

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