Intel Xeon 6 Core Processors

Latest Intel 6 Core Processors Compatible with Wide Range of Servers and Workstations

Buy Best Quality Genuine Intel Xeon 6 Core Processors At An Offer Price In UAE | Best Choice For Dell, HP, IBM and Top Leading Brand Servers.

Do you need to renovate or alter your data center server processors with better versions? Craving for super-fast processing speeds? Prepare to be astonished as we have an outstanding collection of Intel Xeon 6 core processors of all models that can fit in any of your branded servers. The processors are optimized for providing a splendid all-around functioning for all your diversified, data demanding, networking, and complex work applications. Users can work on multiple industry-level graphical, multi-cloud, and visualization applications with the help of these Intel Xeon processors. With their flexibility, agility, rigidness, and scalability, these Hexa core processors will highly benefit your servers beyond your imagination.

Built-in with amazing advanced technologies, these scalable processors commence offering better reliability with the least power consumption rates. Users can enjoy top-notch performance speeds even in adverse conditions, thanks to these Intel Xeon processors. Contact us today to know more about our affordable deals on the 6 core processors to give the best to your servers. Feel free to make the best out of our quick delivery, remote installation, and solid warranty schemes exclusively available for our customers in the UAE.

Intel Xeon 6 Core Processors Pricing Table:

Processor ModelClock SpeedCoresvCPUsCachePrice
Intel Xeon X56702.93 GHz61212 MB
  • AED. 105/-
Intel Xeon X56503.03GHz61212 MB
  • AED. 76/-
Intel Xeon X56903.46 GHz61212 MB
  • AED. 156/-
Intel Xeon E5 1650v33.50 GHz61215MB
  • AED. 249/-
Intel Xeon E5 2643v43.40 GHz61220MB
  • AED. 249/-
Intel Xeon X56803.33 GHz61212 MB
  • AED. 84/-
Intel Xeon E5 2620v32.10 GHz61215 MB
  • AED. 249/-
Intel Xeon E5 2609 v33.50 GHz61215 MB
  • AED. 249/-
Intel Xeon E5-1650v23.50 GHz61215 MB
  • AED. 129/-
Intel Xeon E5-1650v33.50 GHz61215 MB
  • AED. 249/-

Choose from Multiple Models:

Are you looking for better processors for upgrading your servers? Take a quick tour through the amazing Intel Xeon 6 core processors collection we have and choose the model that fits your work necessities. We have a vivid cluster of New Intel Xeon Bronze, Intel Gold, Intel E, Intel W, and Intel D family processors like E5 2690E5 2696 v2E5 2673 v4E5 2630 v3Intel Xeon X5670X5650, etc. with multiple memory and clock speed options. You can expect extraordinary potential from these Xeon processors, and that’s a guarantee.

Suitable for Wide Range of Servers:

When it comes to compatibility, Intel Xeon processors have always been one of their kinds. The Intel Xeon 6 core processors you buy from us can be employed in any of the servers within your data center/in-house servers. They show a great affinity towards major server brands that include HPDell, Cisco, IBM, Fujitsu, etc., and perfectly fit in either rack or blade or tower forms with their ideal shape and desired lithography.

Speed Up Your Server Performance:

Do you want to relish the advantages of exceptional performance speeds? Bid a good-bye to your slow processors and mount the Intel Xeon 6 core processor in your server to enable better frequencies and bus speeds for all your high-end server applications without interruptions. By employing these multi-core processors in your servers, you can improve the productivity of your servers and deliver the application outputs with great efficiency in any kind of work pressure.

Features Intel Virtualization Technology:

If you are trying to get hold of a server processor that undoubtedly complies with your virtualization workloads. In that case, it follows that you require a processor that supports Intel virtualization technology, which is at hand on the Intel Xeon 6 core processors. This Intel processor features VT-x with EPT and VT-d technologies with sufficient memories, thereby designing a perfect ergonomic space for running and supporting up to 12 virtual platforms.

Multiple Advanced Technologies on Board:

In search of high-end processors to enhance the performance of your data center servers? The Intel Xeon 6 core processor is engineered with a huge number of advanced technologies to provide ultimate security and functionality with intensified frequencies for your network, storage, graphical, and business workloads. The Intel hyperthreading, turbo boost, speed shift, thermal monitoring, identity protection, SpeedStep, and other virtualization technologies come on board with the Intel Xeon 6 core processor to support your workloads.

Ideal for Creating VMs:

Are you planning to create virtual machines to improvise your works? Then the Intel Xeon 6 core processors will be the ideal choice as they come with a great memory and excellent core count to provide you with enough flexibility in running your instructions. The processor effectively handles your enhanced virtual server loads even at breakthrough performing levels. They offer high reliability and security to manage and run each virtual machine you create on your server.

Free Remote Installation Assistance:

Do you not have enough technical knowledge to carry out the installation process of the Intel processor? Among many other rules, we abide by providing free installation assistance is the most important one. We have a team of experts who walk you carefully through all the steps of installing the Intel processor. With our assistance, you can effortlessly mount the 6 core processor in your server within no time.

Assured 90 Day Replacement Warranty:

Server Basket is the only platform in the UAE that offers highly reliable Hexa core processors with an assured warranty of 90 days. The Intel processors we sell you are tested prior to their shipping, and if you still face any issues with its functioning in the warranty period, you have all rights to claim the product warranty. We covenant to replace this Intel processor with a genuine spare as soon as possible without disturbing your work patterns.

Quick Delivery Across UAE:

We understand your urge to get your hands on our high-quality processors. So we dispatch our products as soon as we receive an order confirmation after packing it in multiple protective layers and sealing it tightly. We have tied up with the best delivery agents. They will safely deliver your Intel processor at your destination by 2-3 days maximum no matter wherever you live in the UAE, inclusive of Dubai, Sharjah, Abudhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, Fujairah, etc.

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