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Whether you are a startup with low budget looking to rent an HP server on a long term basis for your IT projects or a well-established firm planning to set up a rental server in your remote office or a client location for short term projects, Server Basket is here to help you by offering HP servers on rent in UAE at a very reasonable price. Renting is less expensive and saves you from depreciation costs. If you are a new business running with less financial resources, it is essential to rent the servers to save the money. The saved money can be invested in other purposes such as R&D or inventory, which can be later converted into profits. Right now, Server Basket is providing various models of HP servers on rent, including RackTower, and Blade servers, with your preferred configurations at the lowest rental rate. Our rental plans are flexible; you can continue using our server as long as your project is live. Server Basket provide HP server rental service across all locations in UAE.

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Be Competitive with Less Investment:

If you are a startup, it can be a very tough challenge to make a name for yourself and compete with the other well-established companies in your industry. Therefore, having the right servers that are suitable for your business can enable you to gain a competitive edge in the market. By choosing to rent high end HP server, you will have access to the latest servers with up to date hardware, which helps you give a tough competition to your rivals. Instead of purchasing these expensive servers, you can lease them at a reasonable rental rate.

Grade “A” Servers Quality on Rent:

Server Basket offers an incredible range of Grade “A” quality certified HP servers on rent in UAE that gives you high performance and speed required to run your projects. We inspect each and every hardware component of the server before it is being installed. We only quality tested HP servers that are built with certified spare parts. You can select any server on rent from an extensive collection of HP servers that includes HP DL380p GEN8 server, HP DL360p GEN8, HP DL180 Gen9, HP DL380 Gen7, HP BL460c Gen9 server etc.

Avoid Depreciation Costs:

When you purchase a server, its value gets depreciated as time passes on. Maintaining a server for a longer time and the money that you invest in reselling the server after the end of its usage may be more than the actual cost of your server. As the value gets depreciating, it becomes touch to recover the investment made on your server. But if you lease an HP server, you don’t have to worry about the depreciation costs as you can return it back to use after the end of the rental period.

Choose Your Own Configuration:

Did you sign up for any short term project recently? Renting the servers is the best solution for any of your temporary or seasonal projects. Our cost affordable rental plans on the Dell R620 servers helps you get your work done successfully alongside saving you a lot of money. With perfectly functioning hardware and enhanced performance, the server can ideally meet your work demands with instant upgrades whenever you need.

Save More with Budget-Friendly Rentals:

Whether you want a basic configuration or high end configuration, we can provide HP servers on rent with any configuration as per your choice. With us, you will have two options. You can select from the configurations listed here, or you can ask us to configure the HP server to fit your needs. Submit the specifications you need to our pre-sales team; they will get the HP server configured based on your requirements.

Best Rental Rates in UAE:

Now you no need to invest huge amount to make use of enterprise grade servers, hire HP servers in UAE at best rental rates from Server Basket. We provide affordable rental plans for short term as well as long term contracts. Our additional discounts on long term rentals allows you to save more. We will not increase the rental rates unless and until when you upgrade to higher configuration from the existing one.

Free Installation Help:

Upon choosing our HP server on rent, you will receive free installation support from professional engineers. Based on the configuration you select, our in-house team will install all the hardware parts, including hard drivesRAMProcessors, etc. along with the operating system and test it thoroughly before sending the server to your address.

Save Your Investment:

Are you planning to rent an HP server to save your company’s initial expenses? Then Server Basket is offering the best rental plans with powerful configurations that enable you to save some cash for your business activities. Why invest more in a new server when you have the change to get high end HP servers on rent in UAE at a nominal monthly rental rate. By leasing the HP server from us, you will save a pretty decent amount that can be invested anywhere else for your business development.


Need Help? Chat with our product experts to configure the server as per your exact requirement.

Fast Delivery in and Around UAE:

When you rent HP servers from Server Basket, you don’t have to worry about the delivery delays as we have sufficient stock in UAE that makes to deliver the servers on time. We can quickly reach any corner of the UAE, including Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, etc. Your server will be delivered in a multilevel package where the server will be covered with various layers of bubble wrap ad foam. We place it in a tightly sealed carton box to ensure safe delivery without any breakages.

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12 Reviews For This Product

  1. 12

    by Asma Najjar

    We were unwilling to buy a server for our branch office, but the workload was daunting, and we needed a perfect solution. Rented the needed HP server from the server basket at a modest cost, and it was delivered within three business days.

  2. 12

    by Khadeeja Guler

    I rented a powerful performance with my rented server. The server basket even offered a configuration option on the rented servers. Best platform for fulling the IT needs of any business.

  3. 12

    by Fasiya Saleem

    Our business needed a server but not 24/7, so wasting a huge amount on the purchase was just a bad idea. So then we decided to rent an HP server from the server basket at an affordable price.

  4. 12

    by Fanan Maloof

    I had a short term project with a client, but it required an efficient server. I didn’t want to lose the project, so I rented a server from the server basket for a few months until the project was completed.

  5. 12

    by Lulwa Nazari

    As a startup, we couldn’t have afforded a brand new server as we did not have enough budget. But the feature of renting a server made the server basket the best option for us.

  6. 12

    by Aadab

    As we are a four-member team and wanted to start a small business, the rental option was the only choice. We took a rental for the HP DL180 G9 server and experienced good performance results.

  7. 12

    by Aafiya

    I was required to complete some short-term projects. I got the HP dl360 g10 server on a rental and achieved the goals within a particular period.

  8. 12

    by Ikramullah

    Due to my budget limitations, I opted for short-term rental plans for the dl160 gen9 server and saved myself from t investment costs.

  9. 12

    by Rayan

    My experience with the rented HP ProLiant ml150 gen9 server was good and I wanted to upgrade to a higher configuration. I ordered it and hope it will deliver high-end performance.

  10. 12

    by Anwaruddin

    There were no problems with the server hardware of HP dl180 gen9 during my rental period. Its performance outputs and quality are top-notch!

  11. 12

    by Ahmed Tijani

    Our short-term project needs were greatly fulfilled with the rental option for HP ml350 gen9 server. I saved a lot of money by not purchasing a new server.

  12. 12

    by Azimullah

    No worries about installation. The team deployed my dl180 g9 server, and it worked great. I reached the desired results for small designing projects.

What kind of servers do you offer for rent/lease?

We offer different configurations of HP servers from 6th Gen to 10th Gen processors on the rental or lease. The servers of different specifications, including HP 12 core, 16 core, 24 core, etc. You can choose your required server based on the application needs like VMware, SAP, and clouds.

Do you provide customized servers?

You can find customized HP servers that match your business needs. You can order the required configuration and model of HP servers according to your budget and requirements, like processors, memory, and storage. After your order is approved, we immediately ship the server without regarding the desired capabilities.

Do I have to pay an extra amount for the extension of the rental period?

If you want to extend the leasing period for an HP server, you’re required to pay extra charges based on the rental plan. We facilitate the extended period for leasing the servers. You can select a suitable rental plan from the available plans ranging from high to low.

How do you ensure the safety of my data?

As we provide the servers with reliable and robust hardware secure infrastructure, they have various advantages like data security. Our professional team deploys the server appropriately so that no one couldn’t access the data except the people allowed to operate the functions or IT enterprise tasks.

How can you help if my application is down due to some technical issues?

We have a technical team who is always available round-the-clock via chat, phone, or email to assist when you’re facing issues with the downtime of applications. Our engineers’ team would help resolve the problems instantly and strive to bring back the server to the optimal conditions.

How will my application run if there is any problem with the uptime?

We provide a high availability infrastructure for all servers under server maintenance services that makes the system up-to-date and provides data security. We ensure the servers come with data backup and recovery services to run smoothly, although there is a problem with server uptimes or any disasters occurred.

Can I scale the server configuration between the plans?

Yes, you can scale the configuration of servers even on rental plans. We offer the best choice of configurations on the online website and upgrade the plan as per your business requirements or demands. You can contact us to support switching the plans from the existing configuration.

How long will your team take to provide me the access?

Once the server is deployed at your site location, we immediately access the server and start processing your business applications. Our high-quality and genuine HP servers allow you to focus more on productivity than managing the server operations. It provides reliable and desired outcomes for all business workloads.

What kind of workloads do these servers support?

HP servers support running all kinds of business applications relevant to the private cloud, VDI, machine learning, artificial intelligence, complex computing, HPC workloads, etc. According to the specific requirements involved in your IT business, choose the server model and configuration and enjoy the high-end performance results with minimum downtimes.

Do they also support virtualization?

Yes, you can run the virtualization applications smoothly using our HP servers. They are supporting the VDI or VMware vSphere virtualization and computing operations and cloud applications. They ensure reliable performance outputs when deploying into the IT infrastructure while minimizing the team efforts and maximizing productivity.

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