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Are you longing for high-capacity GPU servers for your HPC and AI workloads? Do your growing projects demand a scalable server? Server Basket is a single-stop solution for your vivid server requirements. Our GPU servers offer excellent storage, uninterrupted connectivity, majestic processing speed, loads of memory, high-powered graphics cards, and impeccable bandwidth to your workflows for longer durations. Utilize the computing power offered by them to minimize your workflow complexity. The GPU servers are the best choice for your 3D rendering, simulation, designing, deep learning, machine learning, and any such tangled tasks. Server Basket takes its pride in offering multiple GPU-configured servers that avail you of a secure server platform to carry out your creative workflows effortlessly. Each of these GPU servers is one of a kind and is certified for its quality and performance after rigorous testing. We price our GPU servers most reasonably and provide the finest value compared to any other merchant in UAE. Get in touch with us to know all about our efficacious GPU servers and bag the advantages of an iron-clad warranty and quick delivery to any location in the UAE.

Optimized for 3D Rendering & Simulation

If you are a designer working on 3D rendering and simulation works, you can stop searching for better servers as we have the best for you. The GPU servers will cater to your designing needs and support your rendering workloads. They are specially optimized to lessen the complexity of your typical simulation work. Our GPU servers are built on advanced graphics cards to aid you to create, design, render, and simulating your media or graphics efficiently and quickly.

Offers Huge Computing Power

Are you in need of high computational power for running your critical applications and complex calculations? Check out our first-class GPU servers that come with a huge core count and splendid computing power to support your diversified workloads without any interruptions. Our GPU servers help you run your applications at a higher pace and program detailed models of technology. With our servers, you can seamlessly work on tremendous amounts of data without any fear of downdrifts and performance degradation.

Optimized for 3D Rendering & Simulation
Powerful Servers for Deep Learning

Powerful Servers for Deep Learning

Server Basket offers excellent server solutions to users who are looking forward to working on deep learning workloads. With the help of our GPU servers, you can operate on the most demanding deep learning frameworks with better magnitudes compared to other traditional servers. Our GPU servers are enriched with enterprise-grade hardware components that are capable of designing, training, and validating any deep neural networks by supporting cutting-edge frameworks on a high-level programming interface.

Designed for HPC and AI Workloads

If you are in search of robust server solutions for your accelerated computing workflows, then you should definitely take a look at our GPU servers, as they are designed to deal with the most demanding HPC, AI, and hyper-scale workflows. GPU servers deliver the power required to run bigger simulations and complex computations with a speed that is never witnessed before. Our GPU-accelerated server platforms will certainly avail you of industry-level performance providing the power you need.

Scalable Servers with Certified Hardware

Are you looking for a powerful server that can keep up with your growing workloads? Consider our GPU servers that can be easily scaled up at any time. These servers are built with high-quality hardware components that are certified for their effective performance, even in the most demanding work conditions. We highly recommend you choose our GPU servers as they can meet your prevailing and upcoming work requirements without compromising on the productivity of the work being done.

Configured with High End GPUs

Do you want to own a server that is engineered with high-end graphics cards to support your demanding workflows? Server Basket has an impressive collection of eminent servers that are configured with GPUs, which are considered supreme by the leading professionals in the field. Numerous graphics cards of diversified capacities can be mounted on our servers such as NVIDIA Quadro, AMD FirePro, AMD Radeon, NVIDIA NVS, or a combination of them to successfully attain the users of the output anticipate.

SB Assured Replacement Warranty

All the GPU servers you buy from Server Basket are sturdy enough to keep up with any tedious workflows. Presuming that you come across any problems with our server, either physically or functionally, in the given warranty period, contact us immediately. We abide by our rules and provide you with a replacement of the faulty hardware with genuine spare parts. Our team will make every effort to deliver you the spares on time so that your workflows remain undisturbed.

Fast & Safe Delivery Throughout UAE

Server Basket is recognized for the fast and secure delivery of its servers. We will pack the GPU servers you order in multiple layers and enclose them in rectangular corrugated boxes. The package will be sealed tightly, and our trustworthy delivery agents will drop-ship the server to any place in UAE, inclusive of Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, etc., in 2-3 days. We take all possible measures to deliver the GPU server safely to your desired destination.


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What is a GPU Server Used for?

A system produces and renders data using GPUs. GPU servers effectively help to reduce CPU stress by further dividing duties. This enhances visual perception while also lowering the load on the server as a whole.

What Brand of GPU Servers Does Server Basket Offer?

You can choose from a wide range of GPU servers from brands like HP, Dell, Cisco, Lenovo, Fujitsu, and Supermicro. These companies have a strong market presence and only provide the best products and services to their clients.

Do these Servers Support NVIDIA Graphic Cards?

NVIDIA graphic cards, which offer the power required to conduct more complex simulations faster than ever before, are supported by the GPU servers. Additionally, NVIDIA GPUs offer the best performance and user density for your workstations, applications, and virtual desktops.

Which GPU Server is Suitable for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses?

High-performance computing can be sped up while occupying less space with an appropriate GPU server, such as the ASUS ESC8000 G3 server. Additionally, HP and Dell both provide server solutions, from those suitable for small organizations to those employed by enormous corporations.

How Do You Test the Server Before Dispatch?

Before being shipped, every server will undergo extensive quality testing. For your satisfaction with its dependability and performance, our professionals will remotely test every server and show you how it works. The best place to get servers with quality assurance is Server Basket.

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