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Buy Genuine SAS HDDs For Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco, Fujitsu Servers At Best Price In UAE

Need a hard drive for your entry-level or enterprise-level server? Want to run high-end or mid-level business applications? Then get a range of SAS HDDs fulfilling your various business needs at one single place. Browse through a range of hard drives from leading brands like Dell, Seagate, HP, etc. with varying costs and flexibility. Server Basket provides the option of both refurbished and new SAS HDD. Get HDDs of different form factors at very affordable prices only at Server Basket. Are you looking for specific Brand SAS HDDs? Then don’t worry, Server Basket has all the server hard drive brands available at a very economical price. With the lowest price, also enjoy free sales-guidance, remote installation support, and quick shipping.

Suitable for All Brand Servers:

No matter which SAS HDD brand you like or prefer, we have it all. Check our website to get the new and refurbished hard drives for DellHPIBMFujitsuCisco, and other server brands. Our SAS HDD are highly compatible with all servers, provides higher storage density and excellent speed performance.

Wide Storage Range to Choose From:

Server Basket offers various storage range SAS HDDs as depending on your budget. If you have lower storage needs, then you can opt for a 300GB storage drive. If your business has huge databases to store, then you can opt for SAS HDDs that come with a maximum storage capacity of up to 10TB.We do have SAS HDDs of all storage capacities such as 600GB, 900GB,1.2TB,1.8TB2TB4TB, 8TB etc.

Withstands 24/7 Workloads:

Whether you are buying a new or refurbished SAS HDD, it is engineered to withstand tough workloads and the environment. The SAS HDD comes with best-in-class power efficiency, stability, and flexibility that helps it to run 24/7 workloads. The high-end SAS HDDs offer higher performance and tested in various environment to assure its ruggedness while running 24/7.

Multiple Models Available:

We have a wide range of SAS HDDs available that can fulfill your basic to advanced computing and storage needs. With us, you can opt for either 2.5” or 3.5” form factor storage drives. The SAS HDD comes in various spindle speeds starting from 7.2K RPM, 10K RPM, and 15K RPM. You get the flexibility to choose from various data transfer speeds, such as 6GBps, and 12GBps, etc.

Upgrade Storage with Low Cost SAS HDDs:

Looking for the best and affordable SAS HDDs to upgrade your server storage? Then Server basket is your one-stop solution. With the best performance level, the SAS HDDs also come with the very lowest price tag. If you don’t believe us, then compare our prices with any of the retailers in the UAE. You will know that the Server Basket offers Brand New SAS HDDs at very economical prices.

Thoroughly Tested for Best Performance:

We sell genuine and certified hard drives that come with Grade-A-Quality tag. The low-cost SAS HDDs undergoes a various intense testing process to eliminate OS and firmware incompatibilities. The drives of various brands available with us are thoroughly tested and verified to maximize its compatibility and functionality.

Free Pre-Sales Guidance:

Get free advice on which hard drives would fit your server, business need, and budget. We have the sales experts who would suggest you the right server SAS HDD in your specified budget. Also receive quotes for a single and bulk SAS HDDs, so that you can compare the hard drive prices in the UAE market.

Faster Throughput and Low Latency:

The SAS HDDs come in different spindle speeds, such as 7200 RPM, 10,000 RPM, and 15KRPM. Throughput of an HDD is decided by the rate at which the data is moved, read, written or processed. The Hard Disk Drives we offer come with higher throughputs and don’t have any latency issues.

Standard Warranty:

Server Basket only sells certified and Brand approved SAS HDDs that come tagged by warranty coverage, so you can rest assured with your purchase. We provide 90 days warranty on our certified Refurbished SAS HDDs, you can avail warranty services for up to 1-year from the date of purchase on Brand new SAS HDDs. In case of any damages or issues, you can claim free of cost repairs or replacement during the warranty period.

Remote Installation Support Available:

We have repeat clients because of our lowest price, the best quality products, and the services we offer. All the SAS HDDs are backed by free remote installation support. Our highly trained engineers would provide you step by step guidance to install the hard drive to your server.

Instant Shipping in UAE:

We are the only online retailers who can quickly deliver the SAS HDDs quickly to any place in UAE. Whether your data center is located in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, AI Ain, Fujairah, or any other remote places in UAE, we assure you to deliver the hard disk drives safely in a secure package within 2-3 business days.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is the Difference Between a SAS and SATA HDD

The functionality of both these HDDs is similar but they are built with a different set of hardware components. A SAS HDD is faster and widely used in servers and in heavy computer workstations whereas a SATA HDD is quick at writing data and used mostly for storage.

Which SAS HDD has the Highest Storage Capacity and Spindle Speed?

SAS HDDs are of two types which help in transferring data from and to the hard drives. Out of two types, one is 10k and the other is 15k. Here, K refers to the rotational speed. The storage capacities that are offered by SAS HDDs from different brands range from 300GB to 900GB

Which Brands of Hard Disk Drives Does Server Basket Offer?

The following are the different brands of hard disk drives that are available with Server Basket. Dell, Seagate, HPE, Cisco

What is the Warranty Period for These HDDs?

There is a 1-year warranty offered on HDDs that are purchased from ServerBasket. If there is any malfunctioning or damage caused to any of the components inside the HDDs, ServerBasket will replace or repair the HDD free of cost.

How Long Do You Take to Deliver the Hard Disk Drives?

Once you have ordered for the hard disk drives, it takes only 2 to 3 working days for you to receive the order from the booking date.

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