Linux NAS Server


Do you need a device that stores your data efficiently and continues operation uninterrupted, even during disk failures? A Linux NAS server is the best solution for you. Server Basket provides premium brands of Linux NAS Servers, like Huawei, Dell and HP, which are the most effective data storage methods due to their excellent scalability. NAS Linux is the implementation of a storage system that allows users to centrally manage data across a network using an operating system based on Linux. You may now share and access files, media, and other data from a range of network-connected devices by purchasing our Linux NAS server. It has a user-friendly interface, supports several media streaming apps, and enables snapshot backups. Our support team is available 24/7 to assist you in monitoring and management of your NAS server. We can accommodate a variety of your business’s data storage requirements when you choose us to get a Linux NAS server.


Inventory of Top Brands of Linux NAS Servers

Try Server Basket if you’re looking for enterprise-grade Linux NAS servers to set up your storage infrastructure quickly and reliably. We have each leading brand, so you can get Linux NAS servers for files from Huawei, Supermicro, Dell, HP, and Lenovo, offering a tonne of innovation and reliable features.


Cost-effective Storage Solution for SMBs with Customization Flexibility

Our Linux NAS Server with configurable ability is worth it for your small business if you seek to enhance cloud data storage and backup options. You’ll discover that you have the most efficient and safest method yet for storing and securing the data of your small and medium-sized business.

Centralized Storage for Easy Access

We provide specialized Linux NAS server services with the advantage of centralized storage, all while keeping your company goals in mind. Coordination and access are now easy because the data is all in one location, depending on your needs. SSD, NVMe, and SAS storage interfaces support clients of all sizes.

Scalability for Managing Growing Traffic and Data

Your system must scale in size to support more users or resources. To do this, your company requires cloud connectivity and scalability facilitated by NAS servers to expand storage capacity by upgrading existing drives or adding more. Handle abrupt increases in network traffic and rapid changes in data expansion swiftly and effectively.


Support for Most Standard Network Protocols

The most popular network protocols, such as SMB/CIFS, FTP, TFTP, NFS, AFP, SSH, iSCSI, RSync, and others, are supported by our Linux NAS server, a reliable platform with plenty of amazing features. Anyone with a basic understanding of storage may install this incredibly easy-to-use and straightforward out-of-the-box solution.


Advantage of Linux and NAS Security Features

To reduce the difficulty of handling widely dispersed data, you must investigate our portfolio of all-flash, hybrid, block, and archive storage available with Linux and NAS servers. With password protection and encrypted data storage, our specialists developed our system with utmost security, making the data safer.


Configuration and Technical Support

Our goal is to facilitate the expansion and smooth functioning of your storage infrastructure. In addition to setup help, our certified personnel help you in configuring and troubleshooting Data encryption for data at rest and in transit, iSCSI, Cloud sync, Health checks, etc.

Quick Delivery in UAE

Speedy Delivery, Easy Returns

Try Server Basket, the leading platform, if you’re still not convinced how easy it will be to have a Linux NAS Server delivered to your doorstep/ we are best at providing any item quickly and making returns of any defective goods simple.

covered by best warranty

Assured Warranty

A guaranteed warranty for the product’s repair/replacement is what you get with the Linux NAS server from us at the lowest possible price. You can be sure your data is secure when you invest in Server Basket’s dependable goods since we consistently wow our customers.

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