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  • Inspur Rack Servers

    • Optimized for AI, ML, DL, HPC and Big Data Workloads
    • Assured High Performance in All Work Conditions
    • Highly Efficient and Cost-effective
    • Energy Efficiency and Low Power Consumption
    • Most Advanced Security Features for High Protection
    • Huge Discounts on Market Price by SB
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    Inspur Rack Servers

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inspur servers

If you are looking for an innovative server that provides and empowers cloud computing solutions, Inspur is the right choice. Inspur is among the top 3 service providers globally, making it a leading global data center. The Inspur service providers are known for delivering robust and performance-optimized platforms. They are purpose-built platforms that have provided services to major data centers globally. Inspur has also successfully addressed the need and importance of the emerging field and applications. They offer intelligent manufacturing, customized hardware design, and are a trusted supply chain.

Multiple Options to Choose From Our Collection

Inspur offers a wide range of servers for all types of requirements. There are multiple options to choose from, from the Inspur collection at ServerBasket. You can select the most apt, useful, and good-quality Inspur servers, which come with efficient storage and other features. The different Inspur servers can be used as per your specific requirements. The Inspur Servers collection includes their rack servers, rack-scale and multi-node servers.

Accelerates AI, Deep Learning & HPC Workload

Get the most powerful service that accelerates AI, along with deep learning and efficient HPC workload applications. Inspur is bringing an all-new ‘industrial HPC Revolution’ with NVIDIA A100 server. This will bring breakthroughs in deep learning and will contribute to computing acceleration. ServerBasket delivers Inspur’s intelligent computing solution and provides the best power and speed needed to tackle AI applications.

Improved Performance with More GPU Cards

Enjoy the services of the global leader in GPU technology. Inspur constantly works to develop the fastest and the most powerful servers, which can be consolidated with a decent number of GPUs as required. You can get more GPUs, 4 or more, to be precise. If you want to benefit from improved performance and GPU accelerated servers, Inspur is the answer for you. With ServerBasket, you can achieve your goals in no time with customized GPU cards. With the salient features of GPU cards, you can achieve training, deep learning models, and AI insights in hours.

Flexible Memory and Storage Configurations

Inspur delivers customer-oriented storage. With the constantly enriched, updated, and improved storage product line, you can enjoy flexible memory and storage configurations. Inspur understands that every business has its requirements, and hence, it has launched different product lines as per the customer’s ever-changing requirements. Therefore, every Inspur server model has specified memory built as per the needs of the customers and the job it is meant to do.

Advanced Auto Protection on Power Failure

No more worrying about losing your data at the time of power failure! Inspur servers provide you with advanced auto protection in such circumstances. With the advanced architecture, there is no single point failure in Inspur servers. The servers by Inspur support data protection for abnormal power-down. Moreover, the intelligent software function includes three types of local data protection. The cloud tiering technology of these servers effectively protects the customer’s data.

Secure & Manage Your Workflows Without Interruptions

Are you looking for secure servers globally? Get the Inspur servers to achieve secure workflows without interruptions globally. Be it in UAE or any other country, Inspur offers uninterrupted services and workflows to its customers. If the workload is heavy, Inspur servers can provide you a smooth workflow without any glitches or interruptions. Enjoy zero service interruption, even when there is a corrupt data copy. The active storage feature of Inspur servers offers zero data loss and negative interruption.

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