Refurbished 2U Supermicro Rack Servers

Supermicro 2u

Meet the growing demands of virtualization and high computing applications with innovative and powerful Supermicro 2U rack servers. Our collection includes an exceptional Supermicro 2U 4 node server with 8 DIMM slots supporting 2TB DDR4 memory per node. We also have Supermicro 2U 8 bay, Supermicro 2U 12 bay, and Supermicro 48 models that can accommodate 8, 14 and 48 storage drives respectively.

supermicro 2u rack server

Supermicro 1U rack serverProcessorRamSSDPriceBuy Now
Basic PlanIntel® Xeon Processor E5-2673 v3
(2.30 GHz/20-core/50 MB/135 W)
128GB, DDR42 x 480GB SATA

  • AED. 4401/-

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Reliable PlanDual Intel® Xeon Processor E5-2673 v3
(2.30 GHz/20-core/50 MB/135 W)
128GB, DDR42 x 480GB SATA

  • AED. 5,166/-

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Standard Plan(Dual Intel® Xeon Processor E5-2696 v3
(2.30 GHz/20-core/50 M/135 W)
256GB, DDR42 x 480GB SATA

  • AED. 7,505/-

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Powerfull PlanDual Intel® Xeon Processor E5-2696 v4
(2.30 GHz/20-core/50 MB/135 W)
256GB, DDR42 x 480GB SATA

  • AED. 7,969/-

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High-end 2u rack servers

These servers are enabled with green computing features and building block technology to provide high-end performance. They’re powered by Intel Xeon and AMD processors for precise and faster computing. They have compatibility with 2.5 and 3.5’’ hot-swappable drives and configurable DDR3 and DDR4 memory for future expansions.

Optimized power and cooling

Embedded with unique energy management and cooling systems, these servers improve power efficiency and heat dissipation. Their redundant platinum and titanium levels for power supplies (1280W, 920W, and 740W) enable you to save much power. Liquid-cooling provides faster and more efficient heat removal so that the server can function efficiently.

2u rack
strong and scalable

More than 200 configuration options

At Server Basket, you can find various configurations to choose from and customize as per your application needs. Whether it is data center management, virtualization, cloud computing, or business analytics, you can find suitable Supermicro solutions here. If there is a specific combination required, you can have it specially customized.

Powerful & scalable

Under Supermicro 2U server chassis, Supermicro 2U 48 bay and Supermicro 2U 24 bay models can be configured with up to 48 and 24 drives respectively. Additional PCI slots for I/O expansions are there. Universal I/O enables the addition of 6 add-on cards, scalable to 20 when used with a riser card.

Upgrade at any time

Keep upgrading the storage and memory and energy-efficient components at convenience. Hot-swappable storage drives are easily fixable and other components can be removed when you need them. Slide rails and other system components for easy installation are readily available for upgrade. Get the help of our best engineers, give us a call today!

Hassle-free maintenance

Coming from one of the leading server manufacturers, Supermicro 2U racks servers are designed with energy efficiency systems, platinum redundant power supplies, and include building block solutions. Reduce or eliminate system downtime with redundant components. Moreover, Supermicro servers are optimized in performance and quality and lessen the total ownership expenses.

Free Delivery

We aim to provide quick and worry-free product deliveries to our clients, without adding any additional charges. Server Basket is aligned with trustworthy shipping and delivery companies who will safely deliver your server to your doorstep. Our delivery service extends to Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Sharjah, and other UAE cities.


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