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    IBM Servers Price List

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Scalable IBM Blade Servers for Sale at Low Price

Are you looking for a high-performance server with low operational costs? Do you want to own a robust server that can indefinitely meet your space, power consumption, and management requirements? The IBM blade servers are the most reliable, flexible, and powerful servers that offer the utmost potential for your workflows compared to other server models. You can cram a lot more computing and processing power in a small space by using these blade servers. They can be scaled up just by adding blades and also have a non-complex cabling system. These IBM blade servers possess a centralized and easy management system that benefits its users to handle the server at all times effortlessly.

We have a huge collection of these impeccable IBM blade servers, both pre-configured and to be customized that are tested & certified before stocking in our warehouses. Server Basket is very considerate with its prices, and these prices will be updated frequently depending on the existing market value. Get in touch with us to know more about blade servers that tag along with unerring replacement warranty, quick delivery, free installation, and technical support.

Multiple Models of Enclosure & Blades

Select the IBM blade server and blade enclosure from a wide range of blade server models available at Server Basket. We are the sole providers of high-quality IBM blade servers and enclosures at the most reasonable and affordable prices. They can be easily employed in your work area and won’t take much of your time. We have a huge number of these excellent blade server models available, including IBM BladeCenter HS23, HS22V, HC10, HS20, HX5, HS23E, and many more.

Huge Computing Power in Less Space

Are you in search of an innovatory server that can provide more power and productivity in your confined workplace? Our IBM blade servers can perfectly make the room even in a small place and provide you with huge computational power. Users can execute and run as many complex computations as they need and expect prompt and efficient outcomes from these servers. On top of that, these blade servers render enhanced power and performance with their simple upgrade options.

Scale Up Configuration Based on Requirements

In need of a scalable server to support your workflows? Check out these eminent IBM blade servers that offer easy upgrades by simply adding more blades to your enclosure for updating your server configuration. Compared to other traditional server models, the blade servers consume less of your time and energy while scaling up the server. This is the reason why users with packed and tangled schedules choose to install IBM blade servers over any other server models.

Reliable Option for Grid Computing

Do you want a powerful server that can support and handle your grid-computing workflows? The IBM blade servers are equipped with several interconnected resources that aid you to coordinate and interoperate your diverse computing workflows. These blade servers offer the storagememory, power, and other server provisions evenly to all your grid computing machines so they can function productively for longer durations without any interruptions by utilizing them to deliver efficient outputs.

Save More Operational costs

Worried about increasing operational costs? Switch to the substantial IBM blade servers that consume less power to deliver the outputs you anticipate and help you stay energy-driven and ambitious with minimal maintenance. These thrifty blade servers share the available server resources to lower your server operational costs significantly. Just like other data centers, IT offices, and organizations, you can enhance your work performance by saving your operational costs after employing these IBM servers in your workspace.

Centralized & Easy Management

Managing, monitoring, and maintaining your servers is not a hassle anymore as Server Basket proffers you with the industry-renowned IBM blade servers that avail its users with a more productive, effective, and less complicated server environment. You don’t have to spend hours dealing with deploying, updating, and troubleshooting your servers as this IBM blade server comes along with a great number of centralized management tools and resources to manage your server in an effortless way.

Pre-Configured & Custom Designed Blades

Do you want to buy an IBM blade server that exactly fits your variable workloads? We never let our customers leave empty-handed. You can find what you are looking for at Server Basket among a cluster of IBM servers that we pre-configured with the most appreciable hardware components of varying in-demand capacities. If you couldn’t find a server that suits your needs, then our technical team will customize a blade server with your desired specifications without any delay.

Redundant Hot Swappable Servers

Are you in need of high-end servers with simplified and redundant maintenance features? With our IBM blade servers, you don’t have to worry about excessive traffic, unexpected downtimes, power outages, or failures. The blade servers are extremely easy to manage as they can be mounted by the hot-swapping method whenever users require excessive blades to improve their performance without disturbing their prevailing workflows. Users can expect uninterrupted support from these IBM servers at all times.

No Complex Cabling

If you plan to reduce the cable complexity in your server space, there is no better and more efficient option other than the IBM blade servers. These servers are known for their lesser cabling features. They are enriched with advanced features like switches and integrated circuits to minimize the complexity of the traditional server cabling methods. The IBM blade servers are easy to manage and offer better performance and productivity to your works, even with reduced cabling.

Free Hardware Installation & Remote Tech Support

Don’t have much knowledge about the server installation? Let Server Basket help you with the installation. We offer free of cost hardware installation support to our users in which a team of technical experts will guide you through the whole installation procedure and make sure that the IBM blade server is installed and functioning correctly. Remote technical help will be provided to customers who face any technical issues or doubts regarding the IBM blade servers.

Quick Delivery Anywhere Across UAE

Are you excited to work with your new IBM blade servers? Server Basket delivers your servers before that excitement fades. We offer prompt delivery of the IBM servers to all places in the UAE, inclusive of but not limited to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Ajman, Sharjah, etc. We wrap the servers in numerous protective layers and hand them over to our delivery agents, who will safely drop-ship the blade servers to your doorstep in less than 3 working days.

Hassle-Free Replacement Warranty

Our warranty deals are as reliable and as strong as our servers are. Every IBM blade server you buy from us will be backed up by an assured replacement warranty. If you face any physical or functional issue with the IBM server in the given warranty period, contact our team, and we will provide you with a genuine replacement of the faulty hardware troubling your server. We ensure that you receive the replacement in the least possible time.

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