Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before purchasing anything from Server Basket as it contains important information regarding your legal rights. You need bound to these Terms and Conditions of the sale if you are about to buy anything from our site.

Pricing for Products:

Server Basket always helps customers to save money while getting the best quality products/service. We always strive to offer any product or service for the lowest possible price. The prices mentioned on our website are not constant and are subject to change at any time. Server Basket reserves the right to change the prices without giving prior notice. If the price of any product/service is not specified fully or it is incorrect, Server Basket will contact you to inform about the price or may cancel the order and intimate you in case of order cancellation. If we cancel the order after the completion of the payment, then we will refund back the amount to the account from which the payment is being made. All the price that we have mentioned on our website are final, so there is no scope for negotiation.

Order Confirmation:

When customers place an order, a confirmation message will be sent to the customer only when the order is accepted by us. We will accept the order after verifying the details and make sure that the products are dispatched to the customer’s doorstep in a secure package. Your order remains accepted until and unless we cancel it or if a customer cancels the order on his/her own.

Safe and Secure Delivery:

Products ordered by the customers will be delivered securely to the address given by them while placing the order. Server Basket will verify the shipping address along with the pin code given by the customer before accepting the payment. We deliver to almost all locations in UAE, in case if your delivery location is not in the place where our delivery can’t reach, then we would request you to provide an alternate location that we expect to be in our shipping partner’s list.

No matter where ever in the world you are, you can place the order and collect the order at your shipping address in UAE. If you order two or more products at a time, we ensure that you receive all the products together at a time.

Order Cancellation/ Change Policy:

We deliver genuine and high-quality servers to the customers as per their preferred choices. We strive to deliver the products at the customer’s doorstep within the least possible time after placing the order. We test each and every product before dispatching to ensure you get the superior quality product from us.

In case if you request to cancel or change the order after the dispatching has been done, we will not accept your cancellation request. Server Basket will not cancel the order or initiate a refund if you have changed your mind after finding the same product at a lower price anywhere else. Hence, we advise you to go through all the details and have a look at the preview of the order before confirming it.

Return and Replacement Policy:

If you decide to return the product for any genuine reason after speaking to us, then you must pack it securely as you received and then send it to the correct address. No matter what the reason is, whether you have received a damaged product or not satisfied with the performance, you can return back the product within the specified period by pack it properly. Return back policy is applicable only for the spare parts according to the guidelines mentioned in the invoice.

It is entirely your responsibility to hand over the product safely to us in a secure package without any scratches or damages. You are solely responsible for the loss of the products or any damages that occur if you transport through other shipping companies than using our delivery partners.

Refund Policy::

In order to claim refund, you must return the product to us within 2 days from the date of purchase with original invoice.

24/7 Tech Support:

Rely on our round the clock tech support solutions that guarantee constant support at any time. We provide easy, instant access to our expert support engineers via chat, email and phone. Not all products are backed by 24/7 support, you need to check the details under the product carefully. For some products, you can avail technical support directly from the manufacturer.

Payment Modes:

Choosing the right payment mode is very crucial while purchasing the products from Server Basket. We accept all forms of payments. Once the payment is made, we will pack the product and ship it to your address with the help of our courier/shipping partners.

Warranty Conditions:

All the products we sell come backed by a strong warranty. Manufacturer warranty applies to all the new products whereas the refurbished products come with our own warranty. The warranty cover of one manufacturer may differ from the other. You can avail free of cost repairs or replacement during the warranty period. Actual warranty starts on the day when you purchase the product from us.

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