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Buy Server Hard Drives in UAE at Lowest Prices with 90 Days Warranty:

Looking for a hard drive that gives you ample storage and quick access to data as well as a lower latency rate? Then check the huge list of our Server Hard drives in UAE. From low cost normal to higher configuration HDDs, whether you want to buy refurbished SSD Drives, SAS or SATA HDD, get everything at one single place. Get the exact reliability, performance and response time as per your business demands from our range of varied configuration hard drives. Server Basket offers the best quality server hard drives of top brands that are compatible with any Server brand. Want to buy the right HDD that can fulfill all your business demands? Then check out our website today. Server Basket is the ultimate destination in UAE for the best and most affordable Hard drives. Trust us, you won’t get the best hard drives anywhere in UAE at such a discounted price with a powerful warranty.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Price List:

Storage CapacitySpindle SpeedData Transfer Speed Interface TypePrice
1TB7,2K RPM12GB/sSASAED.230/-
1.2TB10K RPM12GbpsSASAED. 1,566/-
1.8TB10K RPM12GbpsSASAED. 250/-
1TB7.2k RPM3GbpsSATAAED. 150/-
2TB7.2K RPM12GbpsSASAED. 320/-
2TB7.2K RPM6GbpsSASAED. 320/-
4TB7.2K RPM12GbpsSASAED. 380/-
2TB7.2K RPM12GbpsSATAAED. 238/-
8TB7.2K RPM12GbpsSASAED. 2,025/-
600GB15K RPM12GbpsSASAED. 100/-

Solid State Drives (SSDs) Pricing List:

Storage CapacityData Transfer Speed Interface TypePrice
AGI 512GB SSD550MBpsSATAAED. 405/-
960 GB AGI SSD6GbpsSATAAED. 700/-
Intel 1.6 TB SSD450MBpsSATAAED 1,630/-
800GB Sandisk6GbpsSASAED. 1,100/-
Dell 1.6TB64GBpsNVMEAED. 2,549/-

Full Range of Capacities and Speeds:

Choose from a range of spindle speed that includes 7200 rpm, 10K rpm, or 15K rpm. We have a huge collection of hard drives with capacities starting from 256GB and goes up to a maximum of 12TB. We suggest you buy a higher capacity enterprise-grade hard drive as it helps your server to run at maximum speed and deliver top-notch performance. From us, you get the best deals on enterprise grade hard drives.


Huge Collection of Brand New and Refurbished Hard Drives:

Server Basket is one of the leading providers of low-cost hard drives in UAE. We offer a comprehensive range of hard drives depending on your size of business needs and budget. Whether it’s a Brand New HDD or Refurbished Hard Drives, we sell only branded hard drives. Our refurbished server hard drives are multi-level tested and rebooted before being dispatched to our customers.

Upgrade Your Server's Storage:

With us, you can easily upgrade your server storage space as per your business demands. Upgrade your server with several terabytes of hard drive and boost your internal storage capacity and performance drastically.


Choose from Multiple Brands:

Whether you are looking for SATA HDD, SSD or SAS HDD, we sell only branded server hard drives. Choose from a range of brands such as Dell servers, HP, Supermicro, and IBM. Both the new and refurbished server hard drives at best price in uae that we sell are of higher quality and provide guaranteed performance.


Various Form Factors Available:

Starting right from 1.8”, 2.5”, and 3.5” hard drives, Server Basket sells the hard drives of all form factors. Let us know your storage requirement, and we suggest you which form factor and hard drive connector would be ideal for your business environment.


Lowest Price in UAE:

Get the best deals on both new and refurbished hard drives from Server Basket. We offer higher discounts on the original MRP of new hard drives. While the refurbished hard drives come at a portion of the cost of new drives. Trust us, we offer the lowest market price that helps to reduce your investment cost drastically. Lower price doesn’t mean we compromise on the product quality. With us, you get the best quality and branded Server Hard Drives.

Best class warranty

Best Warranty Support:

Our brand new and refurbished Hard drives are business class products and are warranty covered. Depending on the brand, most of the new hard drives come with up to one year warranty whereas the refurbished server hard drives are covered under 90 days warranty. The occurrence of any issue or failure within the warranty period allows you to claim for product replacement or repairs if possible.

safe delivery

Instant Delivery Available Across UAE:

Our logistics partners allow us to manage the whole shipment process with ease. We instantly ship the hard drive on the same day of your payment, and our logistics partner make sure that the low-cost hard drives reach you within 2-3 business days. Instant shipping will be done to all locations in UAE including Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, Al Quoz, Al Ain, Ajman, Fujairah etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What are the different types of hard drives?

A. SATA: It is the most common hard drive interface for desktop and laptop computers. B. SSDs are completely composed of non-volatile flash memory and do not contain any moving parts. C. NVMe: It can be quite helpful in situations where high disc throughput is required.

What is the distinction between SAS and SATA hard drives?Refurbished

SAS offers a wider variety of connectors and is quicker at reading and writing data during a continuous computer session; it is ideal for usage in servers and workstations. On the other hand, SATA can write data quickly, and the hardware is affordable for small organizations, which makes it excellent for storage.

Which hard drive brands do you offer for sale?

Regardless of the server brand that your business uses, we have the best selection of hard disc drives for servers from all the leading manufacturers, including HP, Dell, Fujitsu, Cisco, and many more, at the most affordable prices on the market.

Do you provide any warranty on hard drives? If yes, for how many days?

Apart from the manufacturer warranty for any new hard drive, we provide a warranty for a minimum of 30 days after the date of purchase. During this time, if there is an issue with the item you bought, we will fix it or replace it.

Does the data on refurbished hard drives work as efficiently as that on the brand-new ones?

Without a doubt, you may purchase refurbished hard drives from ServerBasket as well as any other item. Our products go through a process and are examined by professionals to ensure they function as intended—just like a brand-new product.

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