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Intel Xeon Processors Price List

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AED 1,000.00 AED 1,111.00 (-10%)


Do your servers need high capacity processors that effortlessly support heavy workloads? Want to upgrade your servers with cost-efficient processors? We have a wide variety of Intel Xeon processors that can suit well for DellHPIBMCiscoFujitsu, and other brand’s servers. In this price list, CPUs are categorized based on their price, core count, other specifications, and technologies supported. We have created this Intel Xeon processor Price List page to ensure that we display all server processors we sell without leaving any product behind. Users can work on complicated workloads with these top-notch Intel processors. These processors will boost up your servers with their powerful features. Server Basket is offering discounts on all the Intel Xeon processors. Their well-intended technologies and remarkable versatilities help users to achieve their goals with ease and perfection. We are providing discounts on all processors compared to any other server vendors in the market to fulfill our customer requirements. Contact us to know all about the offers available on Intel Xeon processors and enjoy the benefits like free installation support, surprising offer prices, and assured replacement warranty.

Intel Xeon Processors Pricing Table:

Processor ModelClock SpeedCoresvCPUsCachePrice
Intel Xeon X56702.93 GHz61212 MB
  • AED. 105/-
Intel Xeon X56503.03GHz61212 MB
  • AED. 76/-
Intel Xeon E5 1650v33.50 GHz61215MB
  • AED. 249/-
Intel Xeon E5-2630 V33.2 GHz81620 MB
  • AED. 249/-
Intel Xeon E5 2650 v22.60 GHz
81620 MB
  • AED. 129/-
Intel Xeon Silver 42082.10 GHz81611 MB
  • AED. 1,199/-
Intel Xeon E5-2640v23.50 GHz81620 MB
  • AED. 129/-
Intel Xeon E5 2640 v32.60 GHz81620 MB
  • AED. 249/-
Intel Xeon E5 2670 v22.50 GHz102025MB
  • AED. 149/-
Intel Xeon Silver 4210R2.40 GHz102013.75 MB
  • AED. 1,099/-
Intel Xeon E5-4620v32.00 GHz102025 MB
  • AED. 249/-
Intel Xeon E5 2470 v22.4GHz102025MB
  • AED. 149/-
Intel Xeon E5-2696 v23.3 GHz122430 MB

  • AED. 159/-
Intel Xeon E5 2678 V32.50GHz122430 MB
  • AED. 319/-
Intel Xeon E5-2673 v32.4 GHz122430MB
  • AED. 199/-
Intel Xeon E5 4657l v22.40 GHz122430MB
  • AED. 194/-
Intel Xeon Gold 51182.30 GHz122416.5 MB
  • AED. 1,250/-
Intel Xeon Gold 61363.00 GHz122424.75 MB
  • AED. 2,162/-
Intel Xeon E5-2699v32.30 GHz183645 MB
  • AED. 399/-
Intel Xeon E5 2695 v42.10 GHz183645MB
  • AED. 399/-
Intel Xeon Gold 61482.40 GHz204027.5 MB
  • AED. 2,360/-
Intel E5 2696 v42.2 GHz224455MB
  • AED. 1,499/-
high end intel processors

CPUs for All Leading Brands Servers in Stock:

Are you looking for powerful Intel processors for your servers? Look no further because we have our warehouse filled with Intel Xeon processors that are compatible with major branded servers, including Dell, HP, IBM, Fujitsu, Cisco, etc. Our processors are certified by expert professionals for their perfect lithography and ideal die area that can help them perfectly fit into the compatible servers. These Intel processors are known to deliver exceptional potential to any server workloads.

Low to High Core CPUs at Offer Prices:

If you are searching for an online store that is selling high-quality Intel Xeon processors at reasonable prices, take a look at our Intel processor Price List, which includes multiple Xeon processors ranging from low to high core CPUs at offer prices. Different applications and workloads require a different range of processors. At Server Basket, you can certainly find the scalable processor with your desired specifications.

Affordable CPUs High Benchmark Rating:

The Intel Xeon processors you find on our website come with high benchmark ratings and will definitely be a better competition for upcoming processors. Available at the most affordable prices, these Xeon processors can withstand adverse workloads and meet your performance expectations. Our Intel Xeon processor Price List helps you to pick the best processor for your server according to the number of cores needed as we have listed the process name and the number of cores offered by it along with the discounted price.

Budget Friendly CPUs Leading Brands Servers:

Do you want cost-effective processors for your branded servers? Then Server Basket is the relevant place for you. We have an eminent collection of a wide range of Intel Xeon processors tagged with budget-friendly prices, which will be frequently updated by considering the current market values and processor trends. You can expect better speeds and performance of your workloads without any interruptions using the high-quality Intel Xeon processors that are priced genuinely without any oversight.

Create More VMs with Little Investment:

Are you interested in creating more virtual machines to support your high-end computing tasks? Our Intel Xeon processors can aid you with that. Enriched with advanced virtualization technologies such as Intel VT-x, VT-x with EPT, and VT-d help the processor to create and support multiple virtual machines by establishing a better environment for hypervisors. The servers employed with these Intel Xeon processors will undoubtedly comply with your complex virtual workloads providing the speed and efficiency they need.

Excellent Offers on All Processors:

Server Basket is the best choice when it comes to pricing. No matter whichever Intel Xeon processor you choose, you can reap the benefits of excellent offers we put on them. Every Intel processor in our inventory offers anticipated productivity to your workloads and comes with generous offer prices. By choosing our Intel Xeon processors, you can not only own a powerful processor but also save a decent amount of money out of your investments.

Includes Wide Range of Advanced Technologies:

Does your work demand modern technologies for effective outcomes? The Intel Xeon processors offer great support to multiple advanced technologies that improve the efficiency of your server workloads. All the processors feature multiple advanced technologies that include Intel Hyper-Threading technology, TurboBoost technology, Enhanced SpeedStep technology, etc. that allow customers to uninterruptedly work on modeling, virtualization, data analytics, etc.

No Charges for Remote Installation Support:

Are you planning to hire someone to install your processor within your server? You don’t have to as we provide free remote installation assistance to all our customers. We have a team of professionals who have hands-on experience with every Intel Xeon processor. This team will dedicate their time to guide you through the installation process by clearly explaining each step, and they’ll make sure that the processor is installed correctly in the server.

Wide Ranged Listed as Per Pricing:

Server Basket has a list of all available Intel processors, which are categorized based on their prices to ease up the selection process for its customers. This Price list comprises a wide range of industry-leading Intel Xeon processors that include scalable gold, silver, bronze, platinum, D, W, E series processors. These processors, including Intel Xeon 2696 V2 ProcessorIntel Xeon X5650, Intel Xeon 2678 V3, and Intel Xeon 2673 V3 CPU, etc. are listed along with their cost and specifications so that users can choose a processor that fits their cost and technology preferences.

Free Replacement Warranty:

Do you prefer the processors that have a strict warranty on them? Server Basket comes up with the most assured warranty on each of its processors, i.e., 90-day warranty for pulled and 1-year warranty for new processors. We guarantee that the Xeon processor will be free from defects and workmanship in the stipulated warranty period, and any faults in the processors will be taken care of by us. We will send our team to immediately replace the faulty piece with a new and genuine spare processor.

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15 Reviews For This Product

  1. 15

    by Aasal Azimi

    Great initiative!! With the help of this Intel Processors Price List, I was able to compare the specification of multiple processors in one place. Making the decision was easy with this list.

  2. 15

    by Bandar Mustafa

    I easily compared the specifications of Intel Xeon 10 core and Intel Xeon 12 core processors to find which is more suitable as per my office requirements. As a result, I didn’t have to hop on multiple pages.

  3. 15

    by Rahman Abdulla

    Got a perfect server with ultra-fast processing power within minutes. Compared the prices of many processors and got the one within my budget. So I would say quality processor and highly compatible with all servers.

  4. 15

    by Azahar Jamail

    I purchased my Intel Xeon 20 core processor at a very cheap cost. It is handling my demanding application workload with ease. I would never have got this at such low prices.

  5. 15

    by Mukhtar Nassif

    I needed high-end computing with the support of running multiple virtual machines. Server basket’s tech team recommended me to improve processing power by offering more cores to your server. It worked!!

  6. 15

    by Abd almuhsin

    I found a huge collection of processors. The required Intel Xeon processor was ordered and it has given great outputs.

  7. 15

    by Furozan Anjum

    Our enterprise server delivers satisfied outcomes after installing the processor. I could have performed the data analytics and virtualization tasks easily.

  8. 15

    by Jaaved Khan

    The list of processors with different prices and configurations made me choose the suitable one for my server. I deployed it on the server and provided desired results.

  9. 15

    by Turfa Begum

    I was hesitating to buy the processor as I didn’t know how to install it. Bought it after knowing the free installation services. The team guided me in the installation and fitted well.

  10. 15

    by Liaquat Malik

    The team responded immediately when I had claimed for replacement. They provided the new processor and it delivered excellent outputs.

  11. 15

    by Md Rashid

    This smart array raid controller has provided excellent results for our HP servers. It handles the computing operations efficiently.

  12. 15

    by Mohammed Abbas

    I could have controlled the storage drives easily using this RAID controller. I bought this one at a reasonable price and it worked great.

  13. 15

    by Nosheen Sultana

    The advanced technologies of the RAID controller make the server always available and experience minimum downtimes. No problems with the functionalities.

  14. 15

    by Afshin Afroz

    It allows our team to extend the RAID volumes and fulfil our business requirements easily. The data wasn’t lost.

  15. 15

    by Latifah Malik

    It helps my server to keep on running and provides data security. Thank you for your team efforts to provide such high-quality controllers.

Why Should I buy processors from Server Basket?

We sell Intel processors at the lowest prices than the competing vendors. Additionally, we provide free technical and installation support services and delivery of the ordered products across the UAE, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc.

Which server brands do these Intel processors support?

Intel processors support all server brands like HP, Dell, IBM, Fujitsu, etc. We have a huge collection of processors at affordable prices. You can contact our sales team to purchase the Intel processor for your server models.

Should I be concerned about the quality of these processors? Do you test them?

We provide high-quality and great processors. We provide the processors to our clients after performing multiple quality checks and rigorous tests only. Our processors ensure that the server operates with uptime and perform the operations at robust speeds.

Can these processors handle heavy loads?

Yes, these Xeon processors deal with complex or high-end business applications. The embedded features of processors are ideal in handling heavy workloads and provide exceptional processing speeds that lead to improved business outcomes and productivity.

Can you suggest the processor model for me based on my requirements?

Yes, we recommend the best processor type with its price once you share the specific requirements with us. We provide a suitable model based on your business needs and budget constraints. We will proceed further after your approval.

When can I expect the delivery of my processor after placement of order?

Server Basket delivers the ordered products within 3 to 5 business days. Once your order has been placed, our team immediately starts the shipping process and delivers the processor to your destination site without any delay.

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