• AutoCAD Workstations

    • Wide Range of Workstations
    • Suitable for Design Engineers
    • Create Complex 2D & 3D Models
    • High End GPUs for Graphical Workflows
    • Huge Storage and Scalable Memory
    AED 3,040 AED 3,200
  • Dell Precision T5810 Workstation

    • Processor: Intel Xeon E5-1600 v4 Series CPUs
    • Memory: DDR4
    • Max RAM: 256GB
    • Max Storage: 12TB
    • Best Discount Prices
    • Special Prices On Bulk Orders
    AED 4,845 AED 5,100
  • Refurbished Dell Precision Tower 7810 Workstation

    • Best Workstation for AI & Graphic Designing
    • Supports Advanced Dual Processors
    • Large Memory for Handling Multiple Applications
    • Excellent Storage with HDDs & SSDs
    • Rigorously Tested & Certified by ISVs
    • Any Configuration Readily Available
    AED 6,960 AED 7,330
  • Refurbished Dell T3600 Workstation

    • Affordable Workstation for Design Engineers
    • Mid Range Workstation with ISV Certification
    • Scalable Memory Architecture
    • Suitable for Geologists
    • Accelerated by Powerful Processors
    • Order Customized or Pre Configured Workstations
    AED 2,661 AED 2,801
  • Refurbished Dell T5600 Workstation

    • Best Option for Complex 3D Modelling
    • Excellent Performance for Scientific Analysis
    • Affordable Workstation with ISV Certification
    • Powered by Two Intel Xeon Processors
    • Multiple Storage Options for Backups
    • Huge Memory for Smoother Multitasking
    AED 3,382 AED 3,560
  • Refurbished HP Z420 Workstation

    • Affordable Workstation for Architects & Designers
    • Supports Advanced Video Editing Softwares
    • Multiple Hard Drive Options for Backups
    • Good Memory for Seamless Multitasking
    • Massive Performance with Intel Xeon CPUs
    • Compatible with Low to High End Graphic Cards
    AED 2,860 AED 3,010
  • Refurbished HP Z440 Workstation

    • Best for Architects and Video Editors
    • Multiple Number of Cores
    • Efficient graphics from AMD & NVIDIA
    • Massive Memory Configuration
    • Ability to link 8 displays
    • Customized Configurations Available
    AED 4,085 AED 4,300
  • Refurbished HP Z620 Workstation

    • Optimal for Post-Production Video Editing
    • Massive Core Count
    • Various Storage Options
    • Supports Several High End GPUs
    • Checked & Certified by ISVs
    • Custom Configurations Available
    AED 3,515 AED 3,700
  • Refurbished HP Z640 Workstation

    • Perfect Workstation for Video Editors
    • Powerful System for Data Analysis
    • Supports High End GPUs for Rendering
    • Huge RAM for Hassle Free Multitasking
    • Suitable for Designing & Simulation
    • Tested & Certified by Top ISVs
    • Customized & Pre Designed Solutions
    AED 4,845 AED 5,100
  • Used Dell Precision T7910 Workstation

    • Form Factor: Workstation
    • Processor Series: Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4/v3 CPU Family
    • Max Memory: 1TB DDR4
    • Max Storage: 16TB SATA HDD or 8TB SATA SSD
    • Low Price Guarantee
    AED 7,268 AED 7,645
  • Used HP Z820 Workstation

    • High Density Workstation
    • Ideal for Graphical Workloads
    • Certified Refurbished HP Z820 Workstation
    • Impressive Expansion Potential
    • Variety of Configurations and Options
    • Good on Power Consumption
    AED 4,608 AED 4,850

Buy High Quality Workstations in UAE from Server Basket

Buy Genuine Workstations Of Dell, HP, Lenovo, Cisco Top Brands | Upgrade to Higher Level of Performance

Convert your ideas into reality with the affordable workstations from Server Basket. Designed with the latest innovation, best performance and reliability, the workstations are worth the buy. Whether you need a brand new or refurbished workstation, we have it all. Choose from the top brands such as DellHP, Lenovo, etc. The workstations we have comes with the power, flexibility and capability to manage mission-critical workloads. Fulfill your graphics needs and maximize your productivity with the most genuine workstation available with us. Server Basket offers highly-reliable workstations at a very high-discounted price like nowhere else. With the best price, also get the option of workstation customization and quick product delivery.

Best in Class Warranty:

Maximize ROI and sharpen your competitive edge as we offer the best-in-class warranty coverage of 1 year for refurbished workstations and 3 years for new workstations. Our warranty itself states that the workstations are free from any defects and would deliver unceasing high-performance. But by chance, if you face any hardware issues, then we would offer you instant free repairs or replacement services.

ISV Certified Workstations Available:

All the workstation brands we offer are rigorously tested by independent software vendors which ensures that high-performance applications would run smoothly and efficiently. ISV certified workstations meet the requirement to run high-end graphics applications. It also helps in reducing costs while increasing productivity and efficiency.

Built for Top Performance:

With industry-leading technologies, performance, innovation and reliability, your job becomes easier. The highly affordable workstations available with us are engineered with high-end processors, memory modules, storage drives and graphics cards. Our unique workstation brands are designed to deliver the best workstation experience.

Genuine and Tested Workstations:

Whether you are buying a new or refurbished workstation, it is of the genuine brand. The workstation undergoes rigorous testing processes, to know if it’s reliable to run high-end graphical applications. After going through various parameter and quality checks, it is then approved as a high-performing workstation.

Ideal for Professionals in Engineering and Designing:

We provide workstations with the best features, streamlined management, faster deployments and advanced technology. Our high-end workstations deliver everything a professional need in engineering and designing projects. Run your most demanding applications smoothly and without any delays.

Customize to Your Requirements:

You need your system to work in synchronization with your work? We help you customize the workstation that exactly fits your business and budget needs. Let us know your application details, and we provide you with a customized platform in your budget.

Lowest Price in UAE:

Achieve more while you spend less with our high-performing workstations No matter what brand workstation and configuration you choose, we guarantee the best price for any model you want. Check out our price list and compare it with other retailers. You will know that our price is the lowest when compared to other retailers in the UAE.

Quick and Safe Delivery in UAE:

We aim to make the entire shipping easy, quick and safe. And so, have partnered with the best shipping companies in and around UAE. They help us to deliver the workstation within 2-3 days without any extra freight charges. Get the workstation delivered in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ajman, AI Ain, Dubai and other cities of UAE as quickly as possible.

Choose from Leading Brands:

Whether you are looking for an entry-level workstation or a high-end workstation, we have the required stock. Dell Precision T7910 Workstation, Dell Precision T7920 Workstation, Dell Precision T7400 Workstation, Dell Precision Tower 7810 Workstation, Dell Precision Tower 7820 Workstation, Dell Precision 7740 Mobile Workstation, Dell Precision T7500 Workstation, Dell Precision T5500 Workstation, Dell T3600 Workstation, Dell Precision T7600 Workstation or any other work stations. Server Basket deals only in top-brand products. Choose from Dell, Lenovo, HP brand workstation at a very affordable price. We sell only genuine and grade A quality workstation.


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