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network switch

Do you want to buy affordable, certified, and reliable network switches for your business? Server Basket is a one-stop store for a large selection of network switches from a range of manufacturers, capable of meeting the requirements of small, medium, as well as large enterprises. Network switches are used to link multiple devices to a network and they can be deployed in different ways depending on the way you need to use them. They provide centralized communication among all the connected devices while also providing high network availability and speedy data transmission. They also offer a security layer that provides network protection.


Connect Multiple Devices in a Network

In a business environment, network switches can be used to connect several devices within a network. They can connect different types of devices that are widely used in offices such as printers, servers, wireless access points, computers, and many others on the same network within a building or facility. With the help of switches, these devices can communicate and share information with one another.

Can be Deployed in Different Ways

Depending on your needs, network switches can be deployed in a variety of ways. They can be used as the backbone for smaller networks or can be deployed at the edges of a wider network. They can be used to set up IP phones, high-performance routing, multicast management systems, servers, and remote video kiosks, or as distribution switches.

Connect Multiple Devices
Various Types and Models of Switches Available

Various Types and Models of Switches Available

At Server Basket, you will get various types and models of genuine network switches from popular brands such as Cisco, HP, etc. High-quality KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) switches, managed and unmanaged switches, and PoE switches are listed on our website at very reasonable prices. We also sell smart switches that are used by many growing businesses and startups.

Centralized Communication Among Connected Devices

These switches provide a means for centralized communication among the devices connected to a network. Administrators can configure and control these switches to improve the process of data transfer. Businesses can use these switches to link their computer systems, printers, and other devices to a common local area network (LAN) and seamlessly transport data between them.

High Network Availability and Speed

The network switches provide high availability which means they facilitate redundantly and fault tolerant network communications. With their intelligent and splendid design, these switches offer reliable performance with any outages or downtime. These network switches can allow your network to transfer data at a really high speed thereby offering low latency functioning.

Security Layer for Network Protection

Keeping the data secure during communications over a network is really necessary. Most network switches, especially the managed ones provide a security layer for network protection. They can monitor and keep control over events in a network. They are capable of quickly detecting and shutting down threats, and preventing unwanted access by encrypting communication.


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