Brand New Storage Servers


Is your server not sufficiently scalable for storing your business data and applications? Why not buy a storage server and achieve better storage capacity, disk utilization, data access, and performance? We at ServerBasket offer brand-new storage servers from brands like Lenovo, Dell, HP, Supermicro, and Huawei. Every new storage server purchased from our store comes with instant shipping, warranty, and technical and installation support. All these servers can store vast amounts of data and are suitable for large business applications to manage data securely and efficiently. We offer servers built on SAN, NAS, and DAS technologies from top brands that can run in media, entertainment, cloud computing, and data center environments. These servers can be used for all-flash, hybrid, block, and object storage with SSD, HDD, and NVMe build.


Extensive Collection of New Storage Servers at ServerBasket

We have a gamut of new storage servers at ServerBasket to allow organizations to find the servers that meet their business needs. HP, Dell, Supermicro, Huawei, you name the brand, we have it. All the servers we sell are scalable, efficient, secure, and cheaper than cloud storage.


Optimize Performance with All-Flash Storage Solutions

All flash storage solutions have flash memory drives to optimize the server’s performance, enabling the hosted application acceleration. The best thing is that they consume less power and produce less noise. They can also boost performance by 50 times and offer outsized performance for businesses irrespective of size.

Simple File/Data/Application Recovery Techniques

The storage servers have application, data, and file recovery techniques to safeguard the corrupted or lost data during disasters or disk failures. The presence of RAID, mirroring, and data replication will offer disaster recovery options to protect the confidentiality and sensitive data. 

High-performing Servers for Data-centric Tasks

With 1000 TB or more storage capacity, these high-performing storage servers are ideal for data-centric operations and archiving historical data records. These servers protect data and allow applications to run smoothly while keeping all digital operations under your control. They defend sensitive information from prying eyes and cyber threats.


Greater Capacity for Vast Data Storage and Backup

The storage servers with more disk space let you store huge volumes of data, archive them, and perform backups to retrieve them in case of data loss. These servers are efficient and durable. Our storage servers have different storage capacity options and write speeds to meet your needs.


Improved Functions for Complete Data Protection

The advanced data protection options will secure the data from security vulnerabilities and ransomware attacks using encryption, deduplication, and thin/thick provisioning. The servers are engineered with bulletproof security to deliver scalable IT security. Users can keep the data loss risks at bay by choosing the data redundancy option.

Free Shipping

Quick, Secure Shipping

We offer the best experience for our customers by shipping the servers securely and quickly to their destination within the promised date and time. We have expert delivery partners to ensure your servers reach safely.


Assured Product Warranty

We offer genuine warranty coverage of a year on every storage server, irrespective of the model and brand you buy from us. If there are any power or configuration issues, we handle them and ensure to restore the server. If the server is beyond repair, we replace it for free during the warranty period.


Setup & Technical Assistance by Experts

We have a team of technical experts who can take your queries and server issues around the clock and quickly provide you with the best resolution. We set up the server and troubleshoot issues with vCenter plugins, SAN switch configurations, KVM setup, etc.

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